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Too Many Leagues FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1225.9Killer Chihuahuas200711
2224.95Killer Chihuahuas20139
3220.15Golden Gophers20096
4218.75Cincy Slammers201315
5217.75Real Men of Genius20113
6216Killer Chihuahuas20078
7210.25The 700 Level201210
8 (tie)208.5Cincy Slammers20099
 208.5Top Dawg20107
10207.5Blue Streaks20076
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
142.25Chocolate Thunder20106
258.2Voltron (BigMike)20078
360.55Chocolate Thunder20085
560.7Mac Attack20108
660.75Chocolate Thunder20109
760.95Chocolate Thunder201115
861.25Real Men of Genius20123
961.4Mac Attack201014
1062.6Real Men of Genius20133
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
163.6Golden Gophers20085Chocolate Thunder (63.6-60.55)
270.85THEEOhioState20117Chocolate Thunder (70.85-64.4)
373.4The 700 Level20133Real Men of Genius (73.4-62.6)
478.45Boiler Up20084Chocolate Thunder (78.45-62.95)
589.2Mac Attack20095The 700 Level (89.2-87.2)
690.25Top Dawg20125Cincy Slammers (90.25-76.15)
790.7Top Dawg201110THEEOhioState (90.7-60.6)
891.35The 700 Level20137Chocolate Thunder (91.35-90.7)
991.45Chocolate Thunder200812Boiler Up (91.45-80.25)
1092.85Voltron (BigMike)201110Chocolate Thunder (92.85-74.75)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1176.35Blue Streaks201215Mac Attack (176.35-187.45)
2172.6Killer Chihuahuas201011Mac Attack (172.6-192.95)
3170.2Boiler Up20134Mac Attack (170.2-175.95)
4168.9Real Men of Genius20072Golden Gophers (168.9-187.05)
5163.25The 700 Level200813THEEOhioState (163.25-168.7)
6161.05Killer Chihuahuas20077The 700 Level (161.05-163.6)
7158.7Real Men of Genius20127Mac Attack (158.7-169.35)
8158.6Chocolate Thunder20076Blue Streaks (158.6-207.5)
9157.55Top Dawg201011Killer Chihuahuas (157.55-172.6)
10157.35Blue Streaks201313Chocolate Thunder (157.35-177.25)
Most Combined Points
1366.1Blue Streaks vs Chocolate Thunder (207.5-158.6)20076
2365.55Mac Attack vs Killer Chihuahuas (192.95-172.6)201011
3363.8Mac Attack vs Blue Streaks (187.45-176.35)201215
4356Cincy Slammers vs Top Dawg (218.75-137.25)201315
5355.95Golden Gophers vs Real Men of Genius (187.05-168.9)20072
6355.3Golden Gophers vs Real Men of Genius (220.15-135.15)20096
7348.2Killer Chihuahuas vs The 700 Level (224.95-123.25)20139
8346.15Mac Attack vs Boiler Up (175.95-170.2)20134
9344Golden Gophers vs Cincy Slammers (191-153)20097
10343.8THEEOhioState vs Mac Attack (206.7-137.1)20139
Fewest Combined Points
1124.15Golden Gophers vs Chocolate Thunder (63.6-60.55)20085
2135.25THEEOhioState vs Chocolate Thunder (70.85-64.4)20117
3136The 700 Level vs Real Men of Genius (73.4-62.6)20133
4141.4Boiler Up vs Chocolate Thunder (78.45-62.95)20084
5151.3Top Dawg vs THEEOhioState (90.7-60.6)201110
6152.4Boiler Up vs Chocolate Thunder (110.15-42.25)20106
7161.45Top Dawg vs Blue Streaks (97.1-64.35)20139
8163.9Blue Streaks vs The 700 Level (95.1-68.8)20081
9164.05Golden Gophers vs Mac Attack (103.35-60.7)20108
10165.8Voltron (BigMike) vs Mac Attack (104.4-61.4)201014
Victory Margin
1131.45Killer Chihuahuas200711Boiler Up (225.9-94.45)
2129.1Killer Chihuahuas20078Mac Attack (216-86.9)
3124.65Real Men of Genius20113THEEOhioState (217.75-93.1)
4116.2Killer Chihuahuas200711Top Dawg (225.9-109.7)
5110.85Voltron (BigMike)200812The 700 Level (191.45-80.6)
6109.25Boiler Up201314THEEOhioState (187.15-77.9)
7108The 700 Level20115Boiler Up (174.85-66.85)
8106.8Cincy Slammers200910Mac Attack (192.65-85.85)
9105.15Golden Gophers20135Chocolate Thunder (200.85-95.7)
10101.7Killer Chihuahuas20139The 700 Level (224.95-123.25)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Chocolate Thunder200910Real Men of Genius (104.55-104.45)
20.25Boiler Up20109Voltron (BigMike) (105.3-105.05)
30.50Chocolate Thunder200913Blue Streaks (116.3-115.8)
40.55Golden Gophers200716Voltron (BigMike) (104.45-103.9)
50.65The 700 Level20137Chocolate Thunder (91.35-90.7)
6 (tie)0.95Killer Chihuahuas20094Real Men of Genius (146.85-145.9)
 0.95Golden Gophers20106Real Men of Genius (101.15-100.2)
8 (tie)1.05THEEOhioState20094Cincy Slammers (139.65-138.6)
 1.05Boiler Up201311Chocolate Thunder (144.45-143.4)
101.15The 700 Level20107Golden Gophers (95.45-94.3)

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