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Gordie Lockbaum Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1284Highlanders (Glen)20221
2 (tie)268The Whizzinators (Shane)20215
 268Baby got Dak (Eric & Mike S)202114
4266Highlanders (Glen)20193
5260Ron Burgandy (Chad)20078
62551776 (Mike B)202215
7251Ron Burgandy (Chad)202017
8 (tie)247Highlanders (Glen)20184
 247Highlanders (Glen)20189
10246Highlanders (Glen)20215
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
138Large Marge (Chris)20078
247Large Marge (Chris)200714
352Triple D (Robert)200817
456Red Shirt Freshman201410
557The Whizzinators (Shane)201716
6 (tie)59The Whizzinators (Shane)20179
 59Highlanders (Glen)20065
863Ron Burgandy (Chad)200613
964ShockaFunk (Joe)20138
1065Triple D (Robert)200717
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
182Large Marge (Chris)200617Wheels On The Bus (Lott) (82-75)
287Wheels On The Bus (Lott)200515Triple D (Robert) (87-86)
388Triple D (Robert)200910Wilson Balls (Keith) (88-78)
489Revenge of the Boz (Kevin)200814Balboa's Boys (89-71)
591Spidermen (Harry)20075Ron Burgandy (Chad) (91-73)
6 (tie)92Triple D (Robert)200913Large Marge (Chris) (92-74)
 92Ron Burgandy (Chad)20145Red Shirt Freshman (92-77)
894Large Marge (Chris)201717Spidermen (Harry) (94-89)
9 (tie)95Revenge of the Boz (Kevin)200517Highlanders (Glen) (95-92)
 95Large Marge (Chris)20096Spidermen (Harry) (95-75)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
12451776 (Mike B)202017Ron Burgandy (Chad) (245-251)
2226Scorpions (Richie)202214Highlanders (Glen) (226-228)
3213The Whizzinators (Shane)20131Wilson Balls (Keith) (213-237)
4209The Whizzinators (Shane)202016Revenge of the Boz (Kevin) (209-226)
5208Revenge of the Boz (Kevin)201413Large Marge (Chris) (208-229)
6207Spidermen (Harry)202111776 (Mike B) (207-233)
72061776 (Mike B)20219Highlanders (Glen) (206-207)
82041776 (Mike B)20216Scorpions (Richie) (204-229)
9 (tie)203The Whizzinators (Shane)201916Gabe & Tim (Gabe & Tim) (203-219)
 2031776 (Mike B)20193Highlanders (Glen) (203-266)
Most Combined Points
1496Ron Burgandy (Chad) vs 1776 (Mike B) (251-245)202017
2469Highlanders (Glen) vs 1776 (Mike B) (266-203)20193
3454Highlanders (Glen) vs Scorpions (Richie) (228-226)202214
4450Wilson Balls (Keith) vs The Whizzinators (Shane) (237-213)20131
5447Highlanders (Glen) vs Baby got Dak (Eric & Mike S) (284-163)20221
64431776 (Mike B) vs Gabe & Tim (Gabe & Tim) (255-188)202215
74401776 (Mike B) vs Spidermen (Harry) (233-207)20211
8437Large Marge (Chris) vs Revenge of the Boz (Kevin) (229-208)201413
9435Revenge of the Boz (Kevin) vs The Whizzinators (Shane) (226-209)202016
10433Scorpions (Richie) vs 1776 (Mike B) (229-204)20216
Fewest Combined Points
1156Triple D (Robert) vs Large Marge (Chris) (118-38)20078
2 (tie)157Large Marge (Chris) vs Highlanders (Glen) (98-59)20065
 157Large Marge (Chris) vs Wheels On The Bus (Lott) (82-75)200617
 157Spidermen (Harry) vs Triple D (Robert) (105-52)200817
5 (tie)159ShockaFunk (Joe) vs Ron Burgandy (Chad) (96-63)200613
 159Spidermen (Harry) vs Large Marge (Chris) (112-47)200714
7160Revenge of the Boz (Kevin) vs Balboa's Boys (89-71)200814
8164Spidermen (Harry) vs Ron Burgandy (Chad) (91-73)20075
9 (tie)166Triple D (Robert) vs Wilson Balls (Keith) (88-78)200910
 166Triple D (Robert) vs Large Marge (Chris) (92-74)200913
Victory Margin
1158Ron Burgandy (Chad)20078Spidermen (Harry) (260-102)
2 (tie)133The Whizzinators (Shane)20215Large Marge (Chris) (268-135)
 133Turd Ferguson (Tyler)201712Gabe & Tim (Gabe & Tim) (226-93)
 133Baby got Dak (Eric & Mike S)202114Scorpions (Richie) (268-135)
5125Large Marge (Chris)202081776 (Mike B) (232-107)
6124Gabe & Tim (Gabe & Tim)202116Triple D (Robert) (230-106)
7121Highlanders (Glen)20221Baby got Dak (Eric & Mike S) (284-163)
8 (tie)119Triple D (Robert)20167Gabe & Tim (Gabe & Tim) (216-97)
 119ShockaFunk (Joe)20189Scorpions (Richie) (198-79)
10 (tie)118Revenge of the Boz (Kevin)20198Spidermen (Harry) (221-103)
 118Triple D (Robert)20128Large Marge (Chris) (198-80)

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