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Vegas Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1156.62Deuces Wild20216
2149.54Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town20214
3145.18Y U No?20215
7136.78One Eyed Jacks202116
8136.02Deuces Wild20213
9135.72The Truffle Shufflers202114
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
152.3That Younghoe KooL202110
253.68Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town20211
456.28Chasing 2008 Lions20219
659.66Scorpio Aces202113
1064.66Deuces Wild20219
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
175.04Scorpio Aces20219Deuces Wild (75.04-64.66)
275.56Chasing 2008 Lions20211Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town (75.56-53.68)
379.2Iggles202112The Truffle Shufflers (79.2-78.58)
482.4Deuces Wild202113Juniors (82.4-69.3)
582.74Iggles202110Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town (82.74-81.52)
682.98Y U No?202114Scorpio Aces (82.98-79.64)
785.22Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town20219BuzzSaw (85.22-64.2)
885.94Chasing 2008 Lions202110That Younghoe KooL (85.94-52.3)
987.2Chasing 2008 Lions202113BuzzSaw (87.2-84.42)
1087.34Iggles20218That Younghoe KooL (87.34-65.76)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1134.4BuzzSaw20212Iggles (134.4-140.28)
2118.88The Rookie20211BuzzSaw (118.88-140.96)
3118.08One Eyed Jacks20216BuzzSaw (118.08-129.46)
4114.26Deuces Wild202116One Eyed Jacks (114.26-136.78)
5111.6Y U No?20211That Younghoe KooL (111.6-111.96)
6111.12Chasing 2008 Lions20214Scorpio Aces (111.12-121.32)
7 (tie)110.58That Younghoe KooL20215Y U No? (110.58-145.18)
 110.58Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town20215Chasing 2008 Lions (110.58-132.84)
9110.56One Eyed Jacks20211The Truffle Shufflers (110.56-133.92)
10110.34Chasing 2008 Lions20216The Rookie (110.34-118)
Most Combined Points
1274.68Iggles vs BuzzSaw (140.28-134.4)20212
2259.84BuzzSaw vs The Rookie (140.96-118.88)20211
3255.94Deuces Wild vs That Younghoe KooL (156.62-99.32)20216
4255.76Y U No? vs That Younghoe KooL (145.18-110.58)20215
5251.04One Eyed Jacks vs Deuces Wild (136.78-114.26)202116
6247.54BuzzSaw vs One Eyed Jacks (129.46-118.08)20216
7244.48The Truffle Shufflers vs One Eyed Jacks (133.92-110.56)20211
8243.42Chasing 2008 Lions vs Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town (132.84-110.58)20215
9239.82The Truffle Shufflers vs Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town (135.72-104.1)202114
10234.24Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town vs Juniors (149.54-84.7)20214
Fewest Combined Points
1129.24Chasing 2008 Lions vs Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town (75.56-53.68)20211
2138.24Chasing 2008 Lions vs That Younghoe KooL (85.94-52.3)202110
3139.7Scorpio Aces vs Deuces Wild (75.04-64.66)20219
4149.42Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town vs BuzzSaw (85.22-64.2)20219
5151.7Deuces Wild vs Juniors (82.4-69.3)202113
6153.1Iggles vs That Younghoe KooL (87.34-65.76)20218
7156.52The Truffle Shufflers vs Chasing 2008 Lions (100.24-56.28)20219
8157.78Iggles vs The Truffle Shufflers (79.2-78.58)202112
9162.62Y U No? vs Scorpio Aces (82.98-79.64)202114
10162.9The Truffle Shufflers vs Juniors (94.2-68.7)20218
Victory Margin
174.18Deuces Wild20213BuzzSaw (136.02-61.84)
270.72BuzzSaw202114That Younghoe KooL (137.32-66.6)
368.16The Rookie202116Scorpio Aces (133.14-64.98)
467.46One Eyed Jacks202113Scorpio Aces (127.12-59.66)
564.84Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town20214Juniors (149.54-84.7)
663.58One Eyed Jacks202110Juniors (119.1-55.52)
757.3Deuces Wild20216That Younghoe KooL (156.62-99.32)
856.7Scorpio Aces202112That Younghoe KooL (127.98-71.28)
949.84Juniors20215Scorpio Aces (126.2-76.36)
1049.48One Eyed Jacks20219Iggles (107.26-57.78)
Least Victory Margin
10.36That Younghoe KooL20211Y U No? (111.96-111.6)
20.44The Rookie20217Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town (108.28-107.84)
30.62Iggles202112The Truffle Shufflers (79.2-78.58)
41.22Iggles202110Badest Man In The Whole Darn Town (82.74-81.52)
51.64Y U No?20217BuzzSaw (96.18-94.54)
62.78Chasing 2008 Lions202113BuzzSaw (87.2-84.42)
73.34Y U No?202114Scorpio Aces (82.98-79.64)
83.72The Rookie202110Scorpio Aces (95.8-92.08)
93.74Deuces Wild20212The Rookie (96.86-93.12)
103.82Scorpio Aces202115Deuces Wild (110.72-106.9)

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