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Dooling League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1213Will Nicholas20129
2 (tie)196George Dooling20129
 196Brian Banks201314
4194Ted Kiracofe20131
5192Joan Edwards20139
6 (tie)189Kevin Lythgoe20134
 189Kirk Jacobs20135
 189Arick Basquez20134
9 (tie)188Erik Wintrich201315
 188Willy Edwards20131
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
130Adam Chiappini20107
231Erik Wintrich20084
336Tom Kiracofe200612
439Danny Delano20087
5 (tie)40Mike Previte200810
 40Ted Kiracofe20088
 40Brian Banks201010
841Ted Kiracofe20118
942Dennis Danforth201012
10 (tie)43Danny Delano200813
 43Ted Kiracofe20065
 43Joan Edwards20117
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
153Jared Krug20087Henry Scoles (53-46)
256Mike Previte20108Anthony Zandonatti (56-50)
359Willy Edwards201115Erik Wintrich (59-55)
4 (tie)60Rich Gonzalez20088John Dooling (60-48)
 60Tom Kiracofe20117Erik Wintrich (60-52)
661Henry Scoles20089Rich Gonzalez (61-58)
763Jett Danforth20116Anthony Zandonatti (63-47)
864Mark DeBenedetti20101TJ McCall (64-48)
965Danny Delano20107Adam Chiappini (65-30)
10 (tie)66Rich Gonzalez200613Gabe Dooling (66-59)
 66Anthony Nazario20083Erik Wintrich (66-51)
 66John Dooling20082Rich Gonzalez (66-64)
 66Joan Edwards201112Kevin Lythgoe (66-59)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1171Anthony Nazario20134Arick Basquez (171-189)
2168Kirk Jacobs201314Spirit Messingham (168-170)
3162Danny Delano20131Brian Banks (162-174)
4153Johnny Ray Flores201311Dennis Danforth (153-170)
5152Gabe Dooling20131Anthony Nazario (152-170)
6151Linda McCall20134Dennis Danforth (151-152)
7150Justin McMurrich20122Eseosa Elaiho (150-167)
8149Mike Previte20134Johnny Ray Flores (149-155)
9 (tie)148Dennis Danforth20136Kirk Jacobs (148-156)
 148Tom Kiracofe20122Scot Pickerill (148-162)
 148Jon Merchen20138Gabe Dooling (148-170)
 148Jett Danforth201311Tory Williams (148-153)
Most Combined Points
1360Arick Basquez vs Anthony Nazario (189-171)20134
2 (tie)338Spirit Messingham vs Kirk Jacobs (170-168)201314
 338Ted Kiracofe vs Scot Pickerill (194-144)20131
4336Brian Banks vs Danny Delano (174-162)20131
5332Kevin Lythgoe vs George Dooling (189-143)20134
6328Willy Edwards vs Tory Williams (188-140)20131
7323Dennis Danforth vs Johnny Ray Flores (170-153)201311
8322Anthony Nazario vs Gabe Dooling (170-152)20131
9321Brian Banks vs Tom Kiracofe (196-125)201314
10320Deandre Foster vs Eseosa Elaiho (178-142)20134
Fewest Combined Points
195Danny Delano vs Adam Chiappini (65-30)20107
299Jared Krug vs Henry Scoles (53-46)20087
3106Mike Previte vs Anthony Zandonatti (56-50)20108
4108Rich Gonzalez vs John Dooling (60-48)20088
5110Jett Danforth vs Anthony Zandonatti (63-47)20116
6 (tie)112Mark DeBenedetti vs TJ McCall (64-48)20101
 112Tom Kiracofe vs Erik Wintrich (60-52)20117
8113Joan Edwards vs Greg Brydle (68-45)20105
9 (tie)114TJ McCall vs Anthony Zandonatti (67-47)20094
 114Willy Edwards vs Erik Wintrich (59-55)201115
Victory Margin
1127Joan Edwards20139Tony Rondinella (192-65)
2119Sean Shields201310Deandre Foster (177-58)
3116Will Nicholas20129Jeff Dauenhauer (213-97)
4 (tie)97Rich Gonzalez201311Eseosa Elaiho (180-83)
 97Spirit Messingham201213Justin McMurrich (176-79)
6 (tie)95Mark DeBenedetti200612Tom Kiracofe (131-36)
 95Jason Plane20131Mike Previte (177-82)
894George Dooling20128Willy Edwards (175-81)
993Rich Gonzalez20126Jon Merchen (154-61)
1092Sean Shields20134Tony Rondinella (187-95)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Gabe Dooling200811Kevin Lythgoe (70-69)
 1Danny Delano20062George Dooling (93-92)
 1Danny Delano20124Johnny Ray Flores (140-139)
 1Mike Previte20138Jennifer DiMaggio (125-124)
 1Dennis Danforth20133Spirit Messingham (129-128)
 1Dennis Danforth20134Linda McCall (152-151)
 1Ted Kiracofe20095Scot Pickerill (68-67)
 1Ted Kiracofe20127Dennis Danforth (135-134)
 1Rich Gonzalez200812Justin McMurrich (108-107)
 1Tom Kiracofe20102Dennis Danforth (79-78)
 1Tom Kiracofe20126Thurman Pierce (91-90)
 1Erik Wintrich201316Dennis Danforth (109-108)
 1Anthony Nazario200813Mike Sicola (93-92)
 1TJ McCall20061Mike Sicola (78-77)
 1TJ McCall20108Justin McMurrich (91-90)
 1Brian Banks20137Erik Wintrich (128-127)
 1Jake Munoz20062Rich Gonzalez (75-74)
 1Henry Scoles20081Kevin Lythgoe (68-67)
 1Jared Krug200810TJ McCall (114-113)
 1Scot Pickerill20109Erik Wintrich (84-83)
 1Joan Edwards201312Deandre Foster (134-133)
 1Arick Basquez200911Justin McMurrich (100-99)
 1Willy Edwards20125Joan Edwards (107-106)
 1Adam Chiappini20103Ted Kiracofe (79-78)
 1Sean Shields201311Joan Edwards (104-103)
 1Jett Danforth20125Kirk Jacobs (114-113)
 1Spirit Messingham201311Jennifer DiMaggio (130-129)
 1Deandre Foster20137Eseosa Elaiho (111-110)
 1Sean Brevaire20128Craig Truitt (79-78)
 1Hector Encinas20136Gabe Dooling (128-127)

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