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Ravenwood Fantasy League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1220.71Bakersfield Bandits202111
2202.05Dittmer Doom Crew202012
3195Baltimore Bombers201616
4193.51KC Kamikazes202012
5 (tie)190Baltimore Bombers200714
 190KC Freight Trains20184
7187.07KC Kamikazes202117
8187Dittmer Doom Crew20195
9 (tie)186Carson City Cougars200514
 186Dittmer Doom Crew201612
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Boston Patriots202110
 0KC Freight Trains202016
 0KC Freight Trains202116
 0KC Freight Trains202117
 0St. Louis Tigers199116
 0St. Louis Tigers199314
 0St. Louis Tigers20219
 0OC Hillbillies201811
 0OC Hillbillies202115
 0Anchorage Huskies19941
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)10Oakland Athletics19936Boston Penguins (10-5)
 10Tulsa Twisters19939Oakland Athletics (10-6)
3 (tie)11St. Louis Tigers199312Jersey Juggernauts (11-2)
 11Anchorage Huskies19923Toads (11-0)
 11Danger Boys199110Carson City Cougars (11-6)
612Jersey Juggernauts19933Bakersfield Bandits (12-10)
713Miami Stingrays199313Jersey Juggernauts (13-8)
814OC Hillbillies199215St. Louis Tigers (14-13)
9 (tie)15Bakersfield Bandits199217Miami Stingrays (15-14)
 15Miami Stingrays19902Danger Boys (15-8)
 15Miami Stingrays199010One Bad Pig (15-12)
 15Miami Stingrays19926Danger Boys (15-12)
 15Miami Stingrays199311OC Hillbillies (15-13)
 15Toads19928Anchorage Huskies (15-10)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1154.35Mexico City Smugglers20205Dittmer Doom Crew (154.35-155.99)
2152.29OC Hillbillies20202Bakersfield Bandits (152.29-163.93)
3150Baltimore Bombers200910Bakersfield Bandits (150-152)
4149.61Baltimore Bombers20203KC Freight Trains (149.61-171.33)
5148Bakersfield Bandits200413St. Louis Tigers (148-173)
6147Mexico City Smugglers20195Tempe Turtles (147-176)
7146.99Bakersfield Bandits202011Fearsome Frogs (146.99-151.75)
8145.65Bakersfield Bandits20201Baltimore Bombers (145.65-174.85)
9145Baltimore Bombers20079Miami Stingrays (145-155)
10 (tie)144Bakersfield Bandits200617KC Freight Trains (144-156)
 144Baltimore Bombers201110KC Kamikazes (144-151)
 144Dittmer Doom Crew201712KC Freight Trains (144-147)
Most Combined Points
1346.54Bakersfield Bandits vs Dittmer Doom Crew (220.71-125.83)202111
2325.95KC Kamikazes vs Bakersfield Bandits (193.51-132.44)202012
3323Tempe Turtles vs Mexico City Smugglers (176-147)20195
4321St. Louis Tigers vs Bakersfield Bandits (173-148)200413
5320.94KC Freight Trains vs Baltimore Bombers (171.33-149.61)20203
6320.5Baltimore Bombers vs Bakersfield Bandits (174.85-145.65)20201
7317.21Dittmer Doom Crew vs Mexico City Smugglers (177.39-139.82)20215
8317Baltimore Bombers vs Miami Stingrays (190-127)200714
9316.22Bakersfield Bandits vs OC Hillbillies (163.93-152.29)20202
10310.34Dittmer Doom Crew vs Mexico City Smugglers (155.99-154.35)20205
Fewest Combined Points
111Anchorage Huskies vs Toads (11-0)19923
213St. Louis Tigers vs Jersey Juggernauts (11-2)199312
315Oakland Athletics vs Boston Penguins (10-5)19936
416Tulsa Twisters vs Oakland Athletics (10-6)19939
5 (tie)17One Bad Pig vs Toads (17-0)19919
 17Danger Boys vs Carson City Cougars (11-6)199110
7 (tie)21St. Louis Tigers vs Tulsa Twisters (19-2)199411
 21Miami Stingrays vs Jersey Juggernauts (13-8)199313
 21Losers vs Danger Boys (17-4)19903
10 (tie)22Rich Hill Rattlers vs Anchorage Huskies (22-0)19941
 22Jersey Juggernauts vs Bakersfield Bandits (12-10)19933
Victory Margin
1136.85Fearsome Frogs202016KC Freight Trains (136.85-0)
2136.21Baltimore Bombers202115OC Hillbillies (136.21-0)
3130Baltimore Bombers20078Omaha Jets (170-40)
4116Bakersfield Bandits20158St. Louis Tigers (182-66)
5107.96Dittmer Doom Crew202012Miami Stingrays (202.05-94.09)
6107Carson City Cougars200514Boston Patriots (186-79)
7 (tie)104Carson City Cougars20024Tempe Turtles (154-50)
 104Baltimore Bombers20096St. Louis Tigers (185-81)
9 (tie)103Baltimore Bombers20142Tempe Turtles (161-58)
 103Dittmer Doom Crew201413St. Louis Tigers (167-64)
Least Victory Margin
10.06Fearsome Frogs202013St. Louis Tigers (108.67-108.61)
20.24KC Kamikazes20202Baltimore Bombers (126.46-126.22)
30.34St. Louis Tigers20206OC Hillbillies (91.47-91.13)
40.41Boston Patriots20203Miami Stingrays (135.03-134.62)
50.59KC Freight Trains20213Baltimore Bombers (126.13-125.54)
60.70Bakersfield Bandits202115Fearsome Frogs (93.22-92.52)
70.95Tempe Turtles20202Fearsome Frogs (113.18-112.23)
8 (tie)1Bakersfield Bandits19991Mexico City Smugglers (88-87)
 1KC Kamikazes200310Omaha Jets (61-60)
 1KC Kamikazes200013Mexico City Smugglers (64-63)
 1Carson City Cougars200013Miami Stingrays (71-70)
 1Baltimore Bombers19965Seattle Cyclones (17-16)
 1Baltimore Bombers20067KC Freight Trains (130-129)
 1Tempe Turtles20028Bakersfield Bandits (76-75)
 1Tempe Turtles200011Miami Stingrays (89-88)
 1Tempe Turtles200612OC Hillbillies (106-105)
 1Miami Stingrays20007KC Kamikazes (81-80)
 1Miami Stingrays200411KC Kamikazes (81-80)
 1Miami Stingrays200210Tempe Turtles (113-112)
 1Boston Patriots20015Mexico City Smugglers (56-55)
 1Boston Patriots20064St. Louis Tigers (101-100)
 1KC Freight Trains200414KC Kamikazes (109-108)
 1St. Louis Tigers20036Bakersfield Bandits (59-58)
 1St. Louis Tigers20059Omaha Jets (69-68)
 1St. Louis Tigers200110Miami Stingrays (99-98)
 1Mexico City Smugglers20027Jersey Juggernauts (70-69)
 1OC Hillbillies20037Tempe Turtles (61-60)
 1OC Hillbillies20055KC Kamikazes (72-71)
 1Birmingham Bisons20002Mexico City Smugglers (67-66)
 1Carolina Cougars19956Higginsville Howdies (29-28)

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