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GLPFFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2195.65* RLM-490200711
3186.6*Whiskey Dogs200711
4180.9*Q's Legion of Doom20073
5178.2*AMERICA'S TEAM200711
6172.65*AMERICA'S TEAM200710
7169.7*Induce Vomiting20078
10167*Upstate SacTech20079
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
247*S & G Express20075
361.9Night Owls20076
567.15*Platinum Playmakers20075
667.85*Oregon Green200710
767.9*Whiskey Dogs20071
869.65*Oregon Green20078
970.2*Mighty Mofos20085
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
175* RLM-49020075*S & G Express (75-47)
281.2*BrownsROCK200710Night Owls (81.2-77.05)
382.75*Oregon Green20075*T-Birds (82.75-46.95)
484*S & G Express20088*Rolling Rock (84-81.75)
588.25*GIANT RAT20087*Oregon Green (88.25-86.75)
688.4*GIANT RAT200812*Johnnynine (88.4-83.45)
789.15*Q's Legion of Doom20078*CATS PATS (89.15-75.45)
890.35*Victorious Secret20078*BrownsROCK (90.35-80.55)
990.75*Careless Navigators IV20089*GIANT RAT (90.75-84.4)
1094*Upstate SacTech200811*S & G Express (94-88.45)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1156.45*Induce Vomiting20072*Victorious Secret (156.45-166.65)
2145.9*Warp Speed Warriors200815*BrownsROCK (145.9-154.45)
3145.55*Q's Legion of Doom20079*BrownsROCK (145.55-149.75)
4143.2*Q's Legion of Doom20077*Induce Vomiting (143.2-163.3)
5142.8*San Francisco 49ers200711*Upstate SacTech (142.8-149.65)
6140.85*STEEL CURTAIN200812*Mighty Mofos (140.85-141.6)
7137*Johnnynine20077* RLM-490 (137-160.95)
8136.75*Rolling Rock20079*S & G Express (136.75-138.7)
9136.3*Heads Up20082*BrownsROCK (136.3-136.7)
10135.9*AMERICA'S TEAM20071*BUMS (135.9-137.05)
Most Combined Points
1323.1*Victorious Secret vs *Induce Vomiting (166.65-156.45)20072
2314.45*SteamRollers vs *Oregon Green (218.35-96.1)20073
3308.1*Q's Legion of Doom vs *Victorious Secret (180.9-127.2)20073
4306.5*Induce Vomiting vs *Q's Legion of Doom (163.3-143.2)20077
5302.75*AMERICA'S TEAM vs *Platinum Playmakers (172.65-130.1)200710
6301.85*SteamRollers vs *Rolling Rock (169.3-132.55)200713
7300.35*BrownsROCK vs *Warp Speed Warriors (154.45-145.9)200815
8297.95* RLM-490 vs *Johnnynine (160.95-137)20077
9297.5*AMERICA'S TEAM vs *Victorious Secret (178.2-119.3)200711
10295.3*BrownsROCK vs *Q's Legion of Doom (149.75-145.55)20079
Fewest Combined Points
1122* RLM-490 vs *S & G Express (75-47)20075
2129.7*Oregon Green vs *T-Birds (82.75-46.95)20075
3158.25*BrownsROCK vs Night Owls (81.2-77.05)200710
4164.6*Q's Legion of Doom vs *CATS PATS (89.15-75.45)20078
5165.75*S & G Express vs *Rolling Rock (84-81.75)20088
6169.5*S & G Express vs *SteamRollers (103.1-66.4)20084
7170.9*Victorious Secret vs *BrownsROCK (90.35-80.55)20078
8171.85*GIANT RAT vs *Johnnynine (88.4-83.45)200812
9173*San Francisco 49ers vs *T-Birds (102.6-70.4)20076
10175*GIANT RAT vs *Oregon Green (88.25-86.75)20087
Victory Margin
1122.25*SteamRollers20073*Oregon Green (218.35-96.1)
297.45*Whiskey Dogs200711*BUMS (186.6-89.15)
396.05* RLM-490200711*SteamRollers (195.65-99.6)
495.15*Induce Vomiting20078*BUMS (169.7-74.55)
5 (tie)87.05* RLM-49020079*Oregon Green (160.5-73.45)
 87.05*Induce Vomiting20071*Whiskey Dogs (154.95-67.9)
777.55*Johnnynine20082* RLM-490 (169.65-92.1)
876.3*CATS PATS20076Night Owls (138.2-61.9)
974.6*Heads Up200814Zero Tolerance (165.7-91.1)
1072.4*Warp Speed Warriors200813*Toronto Venom (160.05-87.65)
Least Victory Margin
10.30*Lone Wolfs Redskins20089*IMURDADDYbrowns (106.55-106.25)
20.40*BrownsROCK20082*Heads Up (136.7-136.3)
30.70Night Owls20073*Induce Vomiting (132.95-132.25)
40.75*Mighty Mofos200812*STEEL CURTAIN (141.6-140.85)
50.80*Rolling Rock20072*Oregon Green (130.05-129.25)
60.85*BrownsROCK20088*Victorious Secret (98.65-97.8)
7 (tie)1.15*BUMS20071*AMERICA'S TEAM (137.05-135.9)
 1.15*Q's Legion of Doom20088*Induce Vomiting (107.6-106.45)
91.50*GIANT RAT20087*Oregon Green (88.25-86.75)
101.55* RLM-490200814*The Trading Post (112.05-110.5)

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