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Lembesis Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
163.19Fun Sweat & Beers20195
262.48A Girl Has No Name202111
458.75Lucas Bly Pirates20202
558.58Private Pyle20222
657.47Fun Sweat & Beers20096
756.72My 420 Soldiers20098
856.64Gizzy Guys20186
956.19Burning Daggers20114
1056.15Smitty Free Birds201313
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
17.13Tight Ends20163
27.65Mr. Rogers Neighborhood20098
39.12Sparkle Motion20177
49.57My 420 Soldiers20097
59.95Mr. Rogers Neighborhood20094
610.73Blaine Slade200914
711.12Blaine Slade20098
811.28Fun Sweat & Beers201510
911.58Gizzy Guys201912
1012.08Smitty Free Birds201615
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
118.28Private Pyle20088Kick Ass Butterflies (18.28-14.71)
219.48JimSteelBallers20154San Diego Sandbaggers (19.48-18.03)
319.89A Girl Has No Name202110Gizzy Guys (19.89-13.2)
420.06JimSteelBallers201913San Diego Sandbaggers (20.06-19.73)
520.46i <3 ( . )( . )20096Jew Fros (20.46-14.92)
620.57Burning Daggers20118BOOYAKASHA420 (20.57-19.58)
720.65Smitty Free Birds201211Bumblebells (20.65-20.19)
820.76BOOYAKASHA42020175Burning Daggers (20.76-19.97)
920.9Bumblebells20128Private Pyle (20.9-17.74)
1021.3Private Pyle202113Burning Daggers (21.3-20.41)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
148.61lil rookie20148Smitty Free Birds (48.61-53.59)
248.31Gizzy Guys201211San Diego Sandbaggers (48.31-49.57)
348.12Gizzy Guys20088Sparkle Motion (48.12-52.54)
446.88Jew Fros200913Private Pyle (46.88-47.97)
546.72Gizzy Guys20211San Diego Sandbaggers (46.72-46.85)
645.57Burning Daggers20112The Rise of Rom-o (45.57-46.13)
744.93Fun Sweat & Beers202215San Diego Sandbaggers (44.93-46.51)
844.52Sparkle Motion20205Ezekiel 25:17 (44.52-46.59)
944.32Gizzy Guys20182Sparkle Motion (44.32-44.95)
1044.17Burning Daggers20228Fun Sweat & Beers (44.17-46.35)
Most Combined Points
1102.2Smitty Free Birds vs lil rookie (53.59-48.61)20148
2100.66Sparkle Motion vs Gizzy Guys (52.54-48.12)20088
397.88San Diego Sandbaggers vs Gizzy Guys (49.57-48.31)201211
497.24Fun Sweat & Beers vs Burning Daggers (53.35-43.89)20131
596.18Burning Daggers vs Smitty Free Birds (56.19-39.99)20114
694.85Private Pyle vs Jew Fros (47.97-46.88)200913
794.28Fun Sweat & Beers vs Private Pyle (57.47-36.81)20096
893.57San Diego Sandbaggers vs Gizzy Guys (46.85-46.72)20211
993.36JimSteelBallers vs Fun Sweat & Beers (59.9-33.46)20092
1091.93Private Pyle vs lil rookie (55.63-36.3)20141
Fewest Combined Points
132.99Private Pyle vs Kick Ass Butterflies (18.28-14.71)20088
233.09A Girl Has No Name vs Gizzy Guys (19.89-13.2)202110
335.38i <3 ( . )( . ) vs Jew Fros (20.46-14.92)20096
436.76Gizzy Guys vs Sparkle Motion (22.98-13.78)201513
537.51JimSteelBallers vs San Diego Sandbaggers (19.48-18.03)20154
637.55The Cougars vs Blaine Slade (22.75-14.8)20087
737.98The Unholy Alliance vs Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (22.5-15.48)20099
838.34BOOYAKASHA420 vs Tight Ends (22.43-15.91)201911
938.46Fun Sweat & Beers vs Burning Daggers (23.66-14.8)20149
1038.6Private Pyle vs Gizzy Guys (25.85-12.75)20142
Victory Margin
145.6My 420 Soldiers20098Blaine Slade (56.72-11.12)
243.07lil rookie20163Tight Ends (50.2-7.13)
337.31Burning Daggers20084The Cougars (52.61-15.3)
436.17Fun Sweat & Beers20195Lucas Bly Pirates (63.19-27.02)
536.08A Girl Has No Name202111San Diego Sandbaggers (62.48-26.4)
635.32JimSteelBallers20177Sparkle Motion (44.44-9.12)
733.93Gizzy Guys20229Ezekiel 25:17 (54-20.07)
833.86Burning Daggers200813Sparkle Motion (52.49-18.63)
932.1BOOYAKASHA42020195Burning Daggers (53.68-21.58)
1031.36Private Pyle20202A Girl Has No Name (46.78-15.42)
Least Victory Margin
10.01Barely Legal Vol. 220127Sparkle Motion (28.87-28.86)
20.02Fun Sweat & Beers20221San Diego Sandbaggers (29.01-28.99)
30.03Fun Sweat & Beers201310lil rookie (32.36-32.33)
40.04Ezekiel 25:1720202Sparkle Motion (42.22-42.18)
50.05BOOYAKASHA42020097Private Pyle (28.2-28.15)
60.06Lucas Bly Pirates20221Burning Daggers (35.09-35.03)
7 (tie)0.07BOOYAKASHA42020086Kick Ass Butterflies (22.56-22.49)
 0.07Tight Ends201713Burning Daggers (37.1-37.03)
9 (tie)0.08Gizzy Guys200912Private Pyle (24.73-24.65)
 0.08Bumblebells201210BOOYAKASHA420 (36.59-36.51)

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