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RedZone Dynasty Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1271.5New York Jets201811
2238.8Young Guns20157
3238.5The Four Horsemen201515
4234.3Young Guns20137
6225.5Young Guns20111
7223.7Spirit of Vengeance20153
8223.3Rookie Blue201810
10219.8Spirit of Vengeance20139
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
161.4Young Guns200910
265Long Island Pollocks20108
365.2Long Island Pollocks20104
466.8Long Island Pollocks20187
568.7Negronomics 20177
668.9Negronomics 201010
769.2Oak Bay Brawlers200710
870.9Long Island Pollocks201710
971.8Rookie Blue20104
1072.5New York Jets20083
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
171.8Rookie Blue20104Long Island Pollocks (71.8-65.2)
282.7Negronomics 200710Oak Bay Brawlers (82.7-69.2)
390.9Rookie Blue20093TheNutz (90.9-86.1)
493.7The Four Horsemen20108Rookie Blue (93.7-92.9)
594The Four Horsemen20071New York Jets (94-91.7)
695.5Oak Bay Brawlers20078TheNutz (95.5-81.4)
799.7Spirit of Vengeance20093The Chosen One (99.7-78.9)
899.8Young Guns20178Rookie Blue (99.8-98.9)
9100.6Long Island Pollocks20115Negronomics (100.6-82.6)
10100.8Rookie Blue20088Anal Invaders (100.8-83.1)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1223.3Rookie Blue201810TheNutz (223.3-231)
2203.5Hitmen20183New York Jets (203.5-207.1)
3198.1Hitmen201413The Four Horsemen (198.1-204)
4191.5New York Jets20148Spirit of Vengeance (191.5-215.9)
5190.1New York Jets201515The Four Horsemen (190.1-238.5)
6189.4Negronomics 201410Young Guns (189.4-192.8)
7 (tie)187.7Spirit of Vengeance20131Young Guns (187.7-188.5)
 187.7Young Guns20134Dallas Warriors (187.7-199.1)
9187.2The Four Horsemen20153Long Island Pollocks (187.2-192.1)
10185.8The Four Horsemen20138Dallas Warriors (185.8-198.2)
Most Combined Points
1456.2New York Jets vs Dallas Warriors (271.5-184.7)201811
2454.3TheNutz vs Rookie Blue (231-223.3)201810
3428.6The Four Horsemen vs New York Jets (238.5-190.1)201515
4411.4Young Guns vs Long Island Pollocks (238.8-172.6)20157
5410.6New York Jets vs Hitmen (207.1-203.5)20183
6407.4Spirit of Vengeance vs New York Jets (215.9-191.5)20148
7404.4TheNutz vs Spirit of Vengeance (221.7-182.7)201314
8402.1The Four Horsemen vs Hitmen (204-198.1)201413
9401.4Young Guns vs New York Jets (225.5-175.9)20111
10386.8Dallas Warriors vs Young Guns (199.1-187.7)20134
Fewest Combined Points
1137Rookie Blue vs Long Island Pollocks (71.8-65.2)20104
2151.9Negronomics vs Oak Bay Brawlers (82.7-69.2)200710
3176.9Oak Bay Brawlers vs TheNutz (95.5-81.4)20078
4177Rookie Blue vs TheNutz (90.9-86.1)20093
5178.6Spirit of Vengeance vs The Chosen One (99.7-78.9)20093
6182.4TheNutz vs Negronomics (113.5-68.9)201010
7183.2Long Island Pollocks vs Negronomics (100.6-82.6)20115
8183.9Rookie Blue vs Anal Invaders (100.8-83.1)20088
9185.7The Four Horsemen vs New York Jets (94-91.7)20071
10186.6The Four Horsemen vs Rookie Blue (93.7-92.9)20108
Victory Margin
1112.7TheNutz20177Negronomics (181.4-68.7)
2104.4New York Jets20116Dallas Warriors (217.7-113.3)
3104.2Dallas Warriors201511TheNutz (192.4-88.2)
4101.5Negronomics 20136Spirit of Vengeance (207.3-105.8)
599.9The Four Horsemen20166Young Guns (210.5-110.6)
699Long Island Pollocks201414The Four Horsemen (174.7-75.7)
796.9Negronomics 201710Long Island Pollocks (167.8-70.9)
896.7New York Jets200914Young Guns (217.4-120.7)
9 (tie)93Spirit of Vengeance20153Rookie Blue (223.7-130.7)
 93Young Guns20137New York Jets (234.3-141.3)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Negronomics 20178New York Jets (127.6-127.5)
2 (tie)0.20Spirit of Vengeance201410Dallas Warriors (158.2-158)
 0.20Dallas Warriors201611New York Jets (146.8-146.6)
 0.20Long Island Pollocks20135Spirit of Vengeance (164.8-164.6)
50.30Spirit of Vengeance200913Young Guns (142.2-141.9)
6 (tie)0.40New York Jets20093Long Island Pollocks (120.4-120)
 0.40Long Island Pollocks20084Spirit of Vengeance (109-108.6)
 0.40Negronomics 20123Long Island Pollocks (134.9-134.5)
 0.40Negronomics 20142Long Island Pollocks (141.7-141.3)
10 (tie)0.50Dallas Warriors20178Hitmen (169.8-169.3)
 0.50Negronomics 20173Rookie Blue (130.2-129.7)

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