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Fantasy Football Freaks League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2200Gods of the Game20111
3 (tie)188Bulldogs20112
6185Wolf Pack201117
Most Combined Points
1326WhatTheFootball vs Lombardi Lives (179-147)201114
2323Bulldogs vs Lombardi Lives (188-135)20112
3321Bulldogs vs Gods of the Game (170-151)20115
4317.5Wolf Pack vs Bigfoot (159-158.5)201012
5316.5Mavericks vs Gods of the Game (177-139.5)20105
6 (tie)316Gods of the Game vs Bulldogs (174-142)201113
 316Rock the League vs TNT (160-156)20096
8315Mavericks vs Bigfoot (188-127)20099
9314.5Bigfoot vs TNT (215-99.5)201016
10314Gods of the Game vs TNT (200-114)20111
Victory Margin
1115.5Bigfoot201016TNT (215-99.5)
2110TNT201012Harts Heros (110-0)
3109.5Bigfoot20101Lombardi Lives (180-70.5)
4104WhatTheFootball201117Rock the League (104-0)
5103Rock the League20087TNT (103-0)
699.5Dutchie20079Bigfoot (164-64.5)
799Gods of the Game20108Harts Heros (99-0)
895.5Dutchie20076Gods of the Game (159-63.5)
9 (tie)93.5Bigfoot20104TNT (93.5-0)
 93.5Dutchie20084Lombardi Lives (93.5-0)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1158.5Bigfoot201012Wolf Pack (158.5-159)
2156TNT20096Rock the League (156-160)
3154Harts Heros20113Gods of the Game (154-158)
4151Gods of the Game20115Bulldogs (151-170)
5150.5Silverbacks201011Gods of the Game (150.5-160)
6150Lombardi Lives200911Rock the League (150-151)
7147Lombardi Lives201114WhatTheFootball (147-179)
8145TNT20115Rock the League (145-151)
9142Bulldogs201113Gods of the Game (142-174)
10139.5Gods of the Game20105Mavericks (139.5-177)
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Harts Heros20108
 0Harts Heros201012
 0Lombardi Lives20084
 0Rock the League201117
9 (tie)30Lombardi Lives20064
Fewest Combined Points
175Bulldogs vs TNT (75-0)201017
284.5Bulldogs vs TNT (84.5-0)20095
388Harts Heros vs Wolf Pack (47-41)200611
4 (tie)93.5Bigfoot vs TNT (93.5-0)20104
 93.5Dutchie vs Lombardi Lives (93.5-0)20084
699Gods of the Game vs Harts Heros (99-0)20108
799.5Lombardi Lives vs MadMacs Maniacs (53-46.5)20071
8102Harts Heros vs Dutchie (59-43)20065
9102.5Wolf Pack vs Harts Heros (57.5-45)20074
10 (tie)103Rock the League vs TNT (103-0)20087
 103Wolf Pack vs Lombardi Lives (62-41)200715
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
10Dutchie200816Gods of the Game (0-0) TB
247Harts Heros200611Wolf Pack (47-41)
353Lombardi Lives20071MadMacs Maniacs (53-46.5)
457.5Wolf Pack20074Harts Heros (57.5-45)
559Harts Heros20065Dutchie (59-43)
662Wolf Pack200715Lombardi Lives (62-41)
763Wolf Pack20069Dutchie (63-62)
8 (tie)64Lombardi Lives200514MadMacs Maniacs (64-45)
 64Lombardi Lives200516Bigfoot (64-45)
 64Lombardi Lives200613Harts Heros (64-55)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.50Mavericks200913Bulldogs (116-115.5)
 0.50Mavericks200814Harts Heros (123.5-123)
 0.50Gods of the Game200814Lombardi Lives (80.5-80)
 0.50Gods of the Game20091Wolf Pack (99.5-99)
 0.50Harts Heros200812TNT (75.5-75)
 0.50Harts Heros20082Bulldogs (90-89.5)
 0.50Bigfoot200711MadMacs Maniacs (74-73.5)
 0.50Rock the League20108Lombardi Lives (99-98.5)
 0.50Wolf Pack20105Bulldogs (90.5-90)
 0.50Wolf Pack201012Bigfoot (159-158.5)

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