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Superior League 3 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1172.2*The Brown Dog200413
2165.8*Superior Cats III200313
3164.9*Oregon Lightning20083
4160.8*LT2 & the JaMaulin' KATs20043
5160.05*LT2 & the JaMaulin' KATs200611
6159.8*LT2 & the JaMaulin' KATs200610
7159.35Stroker Ace200812
8155.25*The Brown Dog20054
9154.6*JMF Vikings20078
10154.25*The Ibis20079
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
130*Christian's Crusaders20066
436.25*Superior Cats III200611
540.4*Oregon Lightning200710
642.2*Superior Cats III20037
7 (tie)43.6*Wolf Pack200611
944.3*The Brown Dog20033
1044.8*Smells Like Teen Smurfette200511
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
148.45Stroker Ace20044*Nimrods (48.45-35.7)
258.1India Charms20038*Superior Cats III (58.1-55.45)
367.15BrownsROCK20048*The Brown Dog (67.15-60.65)
467.35*BeaverLOVER20053*Superior Cats III (67.35-64.7)
567.45*Wolf Pack20061Stroker Ace (67.45-58.9)
668.85*BeaverLOVER20034*The Ibis (68.85-53.3)
770.2*Keyser Soze20074Stroker Ace (70.2-52)
871.25*Nimrods20081BrownsROCK (71.25-61.1)
972.05BrownsROCK20047*Smells Like Teen Smurfette (72.05-65.3)
1073.05BrownsROCK20087*The Brown Dog (73.05-60.75)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1148.75*LT2 & the JaMaulin' KATs200413*The Brown Dog (148.75-172.2)
2138.15*The Ibis20078*JMF Vikings (138.15-154.6)
3125.7*The Brown Dog200412*Mutt Cutts2 (125.7-146.75)
4125.05*Oregon Lightning20049Stroker Ace (125.05-143.8)
5124.05*Mutt Cutts2200712*JMF Vikings (124.05-127.1)
6122.95*Landsharks200411*The Ibis (122.95-131.45)
7121.6*Wolf Pack20043*LT2 & the JaMaulin' KATs (121.6-160.8)
8121.2*JMF Vikings200715*LT2 & the JaMaulin' KATs (121.2-124.4)
9120.65Stroker Ace20048*Wolf Pack (120.65-153.35)
10120.5*Mutt Cutts220073*Capital City Smog (120.5-143.1)
Most Combined Points
1320.95*The Brown Dog vs *LT2 & the JaMaulin' KATs (172.2-148.75)200413
2292.75*JMF Vikings vs *The Ibis (154.6-138.15)20078
3282.4*LT2 & the JaMaulin' KATs vs *Wolf Pack (160.8-121.6)20043
4274*Wolf Pack vs Stroker Ace (153.35-120.65)20048
5272.45*Mutt Cutts2 vs *The Brown Dog (146.75-125.7)200412
6268.85Stroker Ace vs *Oregon Lightning (143.8-125.05)20049
7264.15*Mutt Cutts2 vs Stroker Ace (144.35-119.8)20072
8263.6*Capital City Smog vs *Mutt Cutts2 (143.1-120.5)20073
9260.05*The Brown Dog vs *The Ibis (141.15-118.9)200712
10258.65*Smells Like Teen Smurfette vs BrownsROCK (138.65-120)200413
Fewest Combined Points
184.15Stroker Ace vs *Nimrods (48.45-35.7)20044
2113.55India Charms vs *Superior Cats III (58.1-55.45)20038
3122.1*JMF Vikings vs *Keyser Soze (74.3-47.8)200810
4122.15*BeaverLOVER vs *The Ibis (68.85-53.3)20034
5 (tie)122.2*The Ibis vs *Wolf Pack (78.6-43.6)200611
 122.2*Keyser Soze vs Stroker Ace (70.2-52)20074
7123.3Intimidators 8 vs *Christian's Crusaders (93.3-30)20066
8124.45*Wolf Pack vs BrownsROCK (74.3-50.15)20044
9125.6*The Brown Dog vs *Nimrods (82-43.6)20031
10126.35*Wolf Pack vs Stroker Ace (67.45-58.9)20061
Victory Margin
1123.8*LT2 & the JaMaulin' KATs200611*Superior Cats III (160.05-36.25)
2100.5*Oregon Lightning20083*The Ibis (164.9-64.4)
392.9*The Ibis200710*Oregon Lightning (133.3-40.4)
491.1*Superior Cats III200313*BeaverLOVER (165.8-74.7)
583.65*The Ibis20049*The Brown Dog (132.9-49.25)
683.6Stroker Ace200812*VINCERO (159.35-75.75)
783.25*Wolf Pack20041*Smells Like Teen Smurfette (140.3-57.05)
881.6*Wolf Pack20047*Landsharks (143.75-62.15)
978.1*The Ibis20084*Capital City Smog (137.05-58.95)
1077.65*LT2 & the JaMaulin' KATs20088*VINCERO (145.45-67.8)
Least Victory Margin
10.05*Winning 1120066BrownsROCK (91.2-91.15)
2 (tie)0.20*Mutt Cutts220056*Nimrods (88.1-87.9)
 0.20*Landsharks200412*Smells Like Teen Smurfette (95.75-95.55)
40.25*Wolf Pack200413*Landsharks (111.9-111.65)
50.30*Keyser Soze20073BrownsROCK (78.9-78.6)
6 (tie)0.55Stroker Ace20052*Oregon Lightning (82.4-81.85)
 0.55Stroker Ace20046*The Brown Dog (90-89.45)
 0.55*Guinness200814*Keyser Soze (73.2-72.65)
90.60*Keyser Soze20082*Capital City Smog (104.9-104.3)
100.65BrownsROCK20065*Christian's Crusaders (77.15-76.5)

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