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Any Given Sunday Fantasy Football Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1222Blumpkin Lover201712
2192Irish Curse20173
3185Free Ball 20178
4 (tie)177Big Ass TD's201712
 177Big Green Farmer20171
6175Trophy Hunter201714
7171Blumpkin Lover20178
8 (tie)170Blumpkin Lover20173
 170Big Ass TD's201710
10169Trophy Hunter20174
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1654th AND LONG20177
270Big Green Farmer20174
373Donkey Punch20175
477Donkey Punch20171
578Big Mexican Wiener20177
6 (tie)79Speed Freaks20172
 79Big Mexican Wiener20173
8 (tie)80Speed Freaks20173
 80Tea Baggers201712
 80Blumpkin Lover201711
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
183Donkey Punch20173Speed Freaks (83-80)
287Tea Baggers20174Big Green Farmer (87-70)
389Irish Curse20175Speed Freaks (89-86)
496Big Ass TD's20177Big Green Farmer (96-83)
5 (tie)97Speed Freaks201710Trophy Hunter (97-90)
 97Free Ball 20173Big Mexican Wiener (97-79)
7 (tie)98Tea Baggers20172Back Breakers (98-88)
 98Big Green Farmer20173Big Mexican Wiener (98-79)
999Big Mexican Wiener20179Speed Freaks (99-98)
10101Back Breakers20178Donkey Punch (101-85)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1170Blumpkin Lover20173Irish Curse (170-192)
2164Tea Baggers20173Irish Curse (164-192)
3157Big Green Farmer201712Blumpkin Lover (157-222)
4153Irish Curse201710Big Mexican Wiener (153-157)
5148Blumpkin Lover20177Speed Freaks (148-168)
6147Speed Freaks201713Big Ass TD's (147-151)
7145Big Green Farmer20178Free Ball (145-185)
8 (tie)143Free Ball 201711Irish Curse (143-166)
 143Big Ass TD's20175Big Mexican Wiener (143-158)
10 (tie)140Irish Curse201715Trophy Hunter (140-143)
 1404th AND LONG201710Big Ass TD's (140-170)
Most Combined Points
1379Blumpkin Lover vs Big Green Farmer (222-157)201712
2362Irish Curse vs Blumpkin Lover (192-170)20173
3356Irish Curse vs Tea Baggers (192-164)20173
4330Free Ball vs Big Green Farmer (185-145)20178
5316Speed Freaks vs Blumpkin Lover (168-148)20177
6 (tie)310Big Mexican Wiener vs Irish Curse (157-153)201710
 310Big Ass TD's vs 4th AND LONG (170-140)201710
8309Irish Curse vs Free Ball (166-143)201711
9303Trophy Hunter vs Big Mexican Wiener (175-128)201714
10 (tie)301Blumpkin Lover vs Big Ass TD's (170-131)20173
 301Big Mexican Wiener vs Big Ass TD's (158-143)20175
Fewest Combined Points
1157Tea Baggers vs Big Green Farmer (87-70)20174
2163Donkey Punch vs Speed Freaks (83-80)20173
3174Free Ball vs 4th AND LONG (109-65)20177
4175Irish Curse vs Speed Freaks (89-86)20175
5 (tie)176Free Ball vs Big Mexican Wiener (97-79)20173
 176Tea Baggers vs Donkey Punch (103-73)20175
7177Big Green Farmer vs Big Mexican Wiener (98-79)20173
8 (tie)179Back Breakers vs Donkey Punch (102-77)20171
 179Big Ass TD's vs Big Green Farmer (96-83)20177
10 (tie)186Tea Baggers vs Back Breakers (98-88)20172
 186Back Breakers vs Donkey Punch (101-85)20178
Victory Margin
193Donkey Punch201774th AND LONG (158-65)
284Tea Baggers20173Speed Freaks (164-80)
3 (tie)80Donkey Punch20177Big Mexican Wiener (158-78)
 80Blumpkin Lover20178Tea Baggers (171-91)
577Big Ass TD's201712Big Mexican Wiener (177-100)
674Trophy Hunter20173Donkey Punch (157-83)
768Big Green Farmer20176Back Breakers (164-96)
867Irish Curse20177Big Green Farmer (150-83)
9 (tie)65Blumpkin Lover201712Big Green Farmer (222-157)
 65Big Green Farmer20171Free Ball (177-112)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Trophy Hunter201713Irish Curse (136-135)
 1Big Mexican Wiener20179Speed Freaks (99-98)
3 (tie)2Trophy Hunter20177Tea Baggers (122-120)
 2Speed Freaks201784th AND LONG (129-127)
 2Irish Curse201712Speed Freaks (105-103)
 2Irish Curse20174Big Mexican Wiener (128-126)
 24th AND LONG20171Speed Freaks (119-117)
8 (tie)3Trophy Hunter201715Irish Curse (143-140)
 3Donkey Punch20173Speed Freaks (83-80)
 3Irish Curse20175Speed Freaks (89-86)

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