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Dice Dealers Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1220.15The Dynasty200812
2186Dirty South Stunnas200810
3184.65Bada Bing200711
5182.95Bada Bing200710
6178.55Don't Give a Damn200814
7177.65Don't Give a Damn20082
8177.35Dirty South Stunnas200712
9176.75Dirty South Stunnas200814
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
132.7Who Dat20075
245.7Dirty South Stunnas200710
353.55The Posse 200810
453.7Who Dat200710
554.65Who Dat200811
654.75Who Dat200712
860Dirty South Stunnas20075
1062.65Dirty South Stunnas20074
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
176.95The Posse 200710Who Dat (76.95-53.7)
279.35Underdog200710Dirty South Stunnas (79.35-45.7)
379.95G-Money20077Don't Give a Damn (79.95-72.6)
486.05G-Money20074Koonazz (86.05-85)
588.45G-Money20081The Posse (88.45-77.4)
692.75Who Dat20074DaMercenaries (92.75-82.8)
793.45G-Money200812The Posse (93.45-83.45)
893.55Don't Give a Damn200713Who Dat (93.55-82.4)
995.85Murder Inc20087G-Money (95.85-89.35)
1096.4DaMercenaries20075Dirty South Stunnas (96.4-60)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1165.9Dirty South Stunnas20086Koonazz (165.9-169.5)
2163.85Bada Bing200812The Dynasty (163.85-220.15)
3160.1Bada Bing20082Don't Give a Damn (160.1-177.65)
4145.5Don't Give a Damn20081Koonazz (145.5-162.9)
5143.7Undertaker20072The Dynasty (143.7-155.55)
6143.55Bada Bing20076The Posse (143.55-156.7)
7143.25Don't Give a Damn200813Bada Bing (143.25-146.05)
8142.4Bada Bing20085Undertaker (142.4-151.75)
9141.8Who Dat20082DaMercenaries (141.8-144.35)
10140.4Murder Inc200813The Posse (140.4-154.55)
Most Combined Points
1384The Dynasty vs Bada Bing (220.15-163.85)200812
2337.75Don't Give a Damn vs Bada Bing (177.65-160.1)20082
3335.4Koonazz vs Dirty South Stunnas (169.5-165.9)20086
4315.25Koonazz vs The Dynasty (175.5-139.75)20088
5314Bada Bing vs Koonazz (184.65-129.35)200711
6312.6The Dynasty vs The Posse (174.15-138.45)20087
7308.4Koonazz vs Don't Give a Damn (162.9-145.5)20081
8304.4Don't Give a Damn vs The Dynasty (169.05-135.35)200811
9302.25The Dynasty vs Koonazz (169.15-133.1)200710
10301.9Don't Give a Damn vs G-Money (178.55-123.35)200814
Fewest Combined Points
1125.05Underdog vs Dirty South Stunnas (79.35-45.7)200710
2130.65The Posse vs Who Dat (76.95-53.7)200710
3152.55G-Money vs Don't Give a Damn (79.95-72.6)20077
4 (tie)156.3The Dynasty vs Who Dat (123.6-32.7)20075
 156.3The Dynasty vs Undertaker (96.6-59.7)200713
6156.4DaMercenaries vs Dirty South Stunnas (96.4-60)20075
7165.85G-Money vs The Posse (88.45-77.4)20081
8171.05G-Money vs Koonazz (86.05-85)20074
9175.55Who Dat vs DaMercenaries (92.75-82.8)20074
10175.95Don't Give a Damn vs Who Dat (93.55-82.4)200713
Victory Margin
1102.5Dirty South Stunnas200810G-Money (186-83.5)
296.15Dirty South Stunnas20073Who Dat (159.4-63.25)
394.85Bada Bing200710DaMercenaries (182.95-88.1)
493.75Koonazz20073Don't Give a Damn (183.85-90.1)
592.2Don't Give a Damn20088Murder Inc (170.45-78.25)
691.25Bada Bing20086Who Dat (157.85-66.6)
790.9The Dynasty20075Who Dat (123.6-32.7)
890.25Undertaker20073DaMercenaries (171.3-81.05)
989.6Murder Inc20078DaMercenaries (151.1-61.5)
1085.8Undertaker200811Who Dat (140.45-54.65)
Least Victory Margin
11.05G-Money20074Koonazz (86.05-85)
21.80Koonazz20079DaMercenaries (103.5-101.7)
32.55DaMercenaries20082Who Dat (144.35-141.8)
42.80Bada Bing200813Don't Give a Damn (146.05-143.25)
53.60Koonazz20086Dirty South Stunnas (169.5-165.9)
64.45Don't Give a Damn20085G-Money (139.2-134.75)
74.60Koonazz20084Undertaker (128.05-123.45)
84.65Don't Give a Damn20084DaMercenaries (120.4-115.75)
95.05Dirty South Stunnas20077Murder Inc (112.9-107.85)
105.90Dirty South Stunnas20088Underdog (145.75-139.85)

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