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TEAM AMERICA Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)227Balls and Sauce20073
 227Die Castro Die20077
3206Jihad Joe's200712
4203NY Sack Exchange200713
5200The Bob Kalsu's20066
6 (tie)191Jihad Joe's20079
 191Balls and Sauce200710
 191NY Sack Exchange20076
 191NY Sack Exchange200716
10189NY Sack Exchange20072
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)020 and Out200812
 0Manuel Noriega20069
 0Manuel Noriega20075
 0Manuel Noriega200715
650Mermaid Men200710
752Bipolar Mike20064
854NY Sack Exchange200810
955Bipolar Mike200714
1060Balls and Sauce20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
178Bipolar Mike20075Balls and Sauce (78-60)
280Bipolar Mike20081220 and Out (80-0)
381NY Sack Exchange20085Jihad Joe's (81-72)
4 (tie)85Jihad Joe's20087Bipolar Mike (85-83)
 85Mermaid Men200616Bipolar Mike (85-67)
690Derailed200611The Bob Kalsu's (90-84)
7 (tie)9220 and Out200714Mermaid Men (92-87)
 92Derailed20075The Bob Kalsu's (92-82)
993Derailed20084Thor's Hammers (93-81)
10 (tie)9520 and Out20071Thor's Hammers (95-90)
 95Balls and Sauce200811Mermaid Men (95-87)
 95Balls and Sauce200811King of Pimps (95-83)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1163Big Mac Attack200612Derailed (163-166)
2159Bipolar Mike20071Die Castro Die (159-170)
3154Die Castro Die200613The Bob Kalsu's (154-170)
4153Die Castro Die20072Big Mac Attack (153-181)
5 (tie)152The Bob Kalsu's20073Balls and Sauce (152-227)
 152The Bob Kalsu's20077Die Castro Die (152-227)
 152Jihad Joe's200611Balls and Sauce (152-183)
8 (tie)14920 and Out20067Manuel Noriega (149-162)
 149Big Mac Attack20067Manuel Noriega (149-162)
10147Thor's Hammers20075Jihad Joe's (147-148)
Most Combined Points
1 (tie)379Die Castro Die vs The Bob Kalsu's (227-152)20077
 379Balls and Sauce vs The Bob Kalsu's (227-152)20073
3341Jihad Joe's vs Thor's Hammers (206-135)200712
4 (tie)335NY Sack Exchange vs Derailed (189-146)20072
 335Balls and Sauce vs Jihad Joe's (183-152)200611
6334Big Mac Attack vs Die Castro Die (181-153)20072
7333NY Sack Exchange vs Thor's Hammers (203-130)200713
8 (tie)329Derailed vs Big Mac Attack (166-163)200612
 329Die Castro Die vs Bipolar Mike (170-159)20071
10325Balls and Sauce vs 20 and Out (227-98)20073
Fewest Combined Points
180Bipolar Mike vs 20 and Out (80-0)200812
297Derailed vs Manuel Noriega (97-0)200715
3100Big Mac Attack vs Manuel Noriega (100-0)20075
4129The Bob Kalsu's vs Manuel Noriega (129-0)20069
5138Bipolar Mike vs Balls and Sauce (78-60)20075
6143Big Mac Attack vs Derailed (143-0)200716
7 (tie)150Derailed vs Bipolar Mike (98-52)20064
 150Bipolar Mike vs Mermaid Men (100-50)200710
9152Mermaid Men vs Bipolar Mike (85-67)200616
10153NY Sack Exchange vs Jihad Joe's (81-72)20085
Victory Margin
1148Die Castro Die2007720 and Out (227-79)
2143Big Mac Attack200716Derailed (143-0)
3 (tie)129The Bob Kalsu's20069Manuel Noriega (129-0)
 129Balls and Sauce2007320 and Out (227-98)
5 (tie)100Big Mac Attack20075Manuel Noriega (100-0)
 100The Bob Kalsu's20072Thor's Hammers (179-79)
797Derailed200715Manuel Noriega (97-0)
896The Bob Kalsu's20066Die Castro Die (200-104)
995Die Castro Die200616NY Sack Exchange (179-84)
1094Balls and Sauce200611Die Castro Die (183-89)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Big Mac Attack2006420 and Out (115-114)
 1Jihad Joe's20078Derailed (138-137)
 1Jihad Joe's20075Thor's Hammers (148-147)
 1Die Castro Die200615The Bob Kalsu's (115-114)
5 (tie)2Jihad Joe's20087Bipolar Mike (85-83)
 2NY Sack Exchange20069Derailed (119-117)
 2Bipolar Mike20069Big Mac Attack (128-126)
 2Bipolar Mike20088Big Mac Attack (138-136)
 2Thor's Hammers200711Manuel Noriega (119-117)
 2Mermaid Men20072Balls and Sauce (145-143)

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