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TopDog Keeper II 2018 Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1373OC Hawkeyes20131
2356Independence Falcons20148
3354Nagoya Oilers201211
4350OC Hawkeyes20163
5349Baltimore Fun Bags201213
6348Austin Black and Tans20134
7 (tie)343NWA Rads20132
 343WV Mountain Strong20123
9336Independence Falcons20135
10334OC Hawkeyes201310
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Desmonds Boomers201510
 0Midwest Soldiers 20179
 0Midwest Soldiers 201815
432Oxford Landsharks20168
5110NWA Rads201513
6127NWA Rads201510
7131Coffeyville Red Ravens20135
8135Midwest Soldiers 20189
9136Arlington (TX) Longhorns201410
10 (tie)137Desmonds Boomers20189
 137Midwest Soldiers 201811
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1169Pinhoti Outlaws201511NWA Rads (169-153)
2170Venice Beasts201510NWA Rads (170-127)
3171Oxford Landsharks20165Baltimore Fun Bags (171-158)
4173Indep MO Prekals201411Arlington (TX) Longhorns (173-161)
5182WV Mountain Strong20178Midwest Soldiers (182-177)
6187Desmonds Boomers20127Albany Kangaroos (187-183)
7 (tie)189NWA Rads201710Nagoya Oilers (189-182)
 189Independence Falcons20187Midwest Soldiers (189-185)
 189WV Mountain Strong201614Edinburg Nightmare (189-179)
10190Independence Falcons201710Albany Kangaroos (190-158)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1 (tie)312Caladesi Beach Bums201211OC Hawkeyes (312-329)
 312Caladesi Beach Bums201211Nagoya Oilers (312-354)
3294Gulf Coast Maulers20124Albany Kangaroos (294-301)
4293Baltimore Fun Bags201216OC Hawkeyes (293-318)
5292Caladesi Beach Bums201311Nagoya Oilers (292-316)
6291Baltimore Fun Bags201313Arlington (TX) Longhorns (291-313)
7287Baltimore Fun Bags20132Arlington (TX) Longhorns (287-297)
8286Pinhoti Outlaws20163Independence Falcons (286-288)
9285WV Mountain Strong201311Gulf Coast Maulers (285-308)
10283Baltimore Fun Bags20181Venice Beasts (283-299)
Most Combined Points
1666Nagoya Oilers vs Caladesi Beach Bums (354-312)201211
2641OC Hawkeyes vs Caladesi Beach Bums (329-312)201211
3628Independence Falcons vs OC Hawkeyes (356-272)20148
4618OC Hawkeyes vs WV Mountain Strong (373-245)20131
5617Austin Black and Tans vs Caladesi Beach Bums (348-269)20134
6611OC Hawkeyes vs Baltimore Fun Bags (318-293)201216
7608Nagoya Oilers vs Caladesi Beach Bums (316-292)201311
8607WV Mountain Strong vs Gulf Coast Maulers (343-264)20123
9604Arlington (TX) Longhorns vs Baltimore Fun Bags (313-291)201313
10601Pittsburgh River Rats vs Desmonds Boomers (320-281)20148
Fewest Combined Points
1208OC Hawkeyes vs Midwest Soldiers (208-0)20179
2214NWA Rads vs Midwest Soldiers (214-0)201815
3219Nagoya Oilers vs Desmonds Boomers (219-0)201510
4297Venice Beasts vs NWA Rads (170-127)201510
5303Edinburg Nightmare vs Oxford Landsharks (271-32)20168
6322Pinhoti Outlaws vs NWA Rads (169-153)201511
7329Oxford Landsharks vs Baltimore Fun Bags (171-158)20165
8334Indep MO Prekals vs Arlington (TX) Longhorns (173-161)201411
9340Pinhoti Outlaws vs Midwest Soldiers (205-135)20189
10348Independence Falcons vs Albany Kangaroos (190-158)201710
Victory Margin
1239Edinburg Nightmare20168Oxford Landsharks (271-32)
2219Nagoya Oilers201510Desmonds Boomers (219-0)
3214NWA Rads201815Midwest Soldiers (214-0)
4208OC Hawkeyes20179Midwest Soldiers (208-0)
51893 Notch Yacht Club20158NWA Rads (328-139)
6157Caladesi Beach Bums20122Coffeyville Red Ravens (319-162)
7155OC Hawkeyes201712WV Mountain Strong (303-148)
8152Independence Falcons20144Baltimore Fun Bags (290-138)
9149OC Hawkeyes20128Independence Falcons (300-151)
10148OC Hawkeyes20163Desmonds Boomers (350-202)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Pinhoti Outlaws20186Desmonds Boomers (205-204)
 1NWA Rads20174OC Hawkeyes (222-221)
 1NWA Rads20128Boston Yanks (276-275)
 1Desmonds Boomers20126Pinhoti Outlaws (217-216)
 1Coffeyville Red Ravens20136Austin Black and Tans (193-192)
 1Nagoya Oilers20162Independence Falcons (233-232)
 1Boston Massacre20178OC Hawkeyes (242-241)
8 (tie)2Pinhoti Outlaws20181Albany Kangaroos (246-244)
 2NWA Rads20166Gulf Coast Maulers (218-216)
 2Edinburg Nightmare201511Albany Kangaroos (244-242)
 2Albany Kangaroos20139Coffeyville Red Ravens (192-190)
 2Desmonds Boomers20179Baltimore Fun Bags (205-203)
 2Independence Falcons20183Magic City Goons (278-276)
 2Independence Falcons20163Pinhoti Outlaws (288-286)
 2Caladesi Beach Bums201213Coffeyville Red Ravens (271-269)
 23 Notch Yacht Club20156Independence Falcons (235-233)
 2Magic City Goons20172Oxford Landsharks (211-209)
 2Magic City Goons20183Gulf Coast Maulers (276-274)

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