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MPFFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1261.9Two Lab Crew201812
2246.9Two Lab Crew201912
3244.1Two Lab Crew201915
4240.72Two Lab Crew20184
6232.18Atlanta Falcos20181
7224.52Gibbs Pond Geese201814
8222.52Atlanta Falcos202013
9221.92Atlanta Falcos20229
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
151.6Moneyball #51202013
257.24Moneyball #51202010
358.04Very Green201912
567.72Moneyball #51202113
671.5Moneyball #51202011
773.1Very Green20236
975.8Legends of the Red Fist202113
1075.96Moneyball #5120206
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
187.5Vindictive20219MJP787's (87.5-79.82)
290.92deUce's SoldiErs20227Bed, Bath & Bijan (90.92-82.54)
392.68GutsyGusty20235Gibbs Pond Geese (92.68-88.54)
499.34Vindictive202210deUce's SoldiErs (99.34-80.6)
599.84Legends of the Red Fist20207Moneyball #51 (99.84-95.8)
6100.6Bed, Bath & Bijan202214Vindictive (100.6-97.56)
7100.9GutsyGusty201912Very Green (100.9-58.04)
8102.08PALE HURRICANES202012Vindictive (102.08-81.28)
9 (tie)102.88Moneyball #51201913Atlanta Falcos (102.88-96.3)
 102.88Moneyball #51201913Gibbs Pond Geese (102.88-87.72)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1204.76Very Green20215PALE HURRICANES (204.76-212.98)
2199.34GutsyGusty20211Two Lab Crew (199.34-205.72)
3193.18PALE HURRICANES20213Atlanta Falcos (193.18-194.02)
4191.9Legends of the Red Fist201913MJP787's (191.9-193.12)
5188.4Two Lab Crew201810Vindictive (188.4-197.2)
6188.28MJP787's20182PALE HURRICANES (188.28-195.14)
7184.56MJP787's20228deUce's SoldiErs (184.56-197.92)
8183.82PALE HURRICANES202117Gibbs Pond Geese (183.82-220.64)
9182.18Very Green20224Two Lab Crew (182.18-185.58)
10181.64deUce's SoldiErs201915Two Lab Crew (181.64-244.1)
Most Combined Points
1425.74Two Lab Crew vs deUce's SoldiErs (244.1-181.64)201915
2417.74PALE HURRICANES vs Very Green (212.98-204.76)20215
3405.06Two Lab Crew vs GutsyGusty (205.72-199.34)20211
4404.66GutsyGusty vs Bed, Bath & Bijan (236.68-167.98)202016
5404.46Gibbs Pond Geese vs PALE HURRICANES (220.64-183.82)202117
6390.5Bed, Bath & Bijan vs GutsyGusty (212-178.5)20184
7390.1Two Lab Crew vs Gibbs Pond Geese (246.9-143.2)201912
8387.2Atlanta Falcos vs PALE HURRICANES (194.02-193.18)20213
9385.6Vindictive vs Two Lab Crew (197.2-188.4)201810
10385.56Two Lab Crew vs PALE HURRICANES (240.72-144.84)20184
Fewest Combined Points
1158.94GutsyGusty vs Very Green (100.9-58.04)201912
2167.32Vindictive vs MJP787's (87.5-79.82)20219
3173.46deUce's SoldiErs vs Bed, Bath & Bijan (90.92-82.54)20227
4179.94Vindictive vs deUce's SoldiErs (99.34-80.6)202210
5 (tie)181.22Very Green vs Moneyball #51 (109.72-71.5)202011
 181.22GutsyGusty vs Gibbs Pond Geese (92.68-88.54)20235
7183.36PALE HURRICANES vs Vindictive (102.08-81.28)202012
8183.92Atlanta Falcos vs deUce's SoldiErs (103.46-80.46)202010
9186.02MJP787's vs Legends of the Red Fist (110.22-75.8)202113
10190.6Moneyball #51 vs Gibbs Pond Geese (102.88-87.72)201913
Victory Margin
1170.92Atlanta Falcos202013Moneyball #51 (222.52-51.6)
2151.46Two Lab Crew201812Moneyball #51 (261.9-110.44)
3148.48Two Lab Crew202010Moneyball #51 (205.72-57.24)
4115.28Gibbs Pond Geese20206Vindictive (194-78.72)
5112.9deUce's SoldiErs20237Vindictive (203.06-90.16)
6109.08GutsyGusty201812PALE HURRICANES (218.72-109.64)
7108.46Atlanta Falcos202113Moneyball #51 (176.18-67.72)
8105.34Atlanta Falcos20215Vindictive (187.24-81.9)
9103.7Two Lab Crew201912Gibbs Pond Geese (246.9-143.2)
10102.46GutsyGusty20197Two Lab Crew (193.42-90.96)
Least Victory Margin
10.18deUce's SoldiErs202213Bed, Bath & Bijan (156.14-155.96)
20.32Moneyball #5120214MJP787's (140.82-140.5)
30.40GutsyGusty20192Legends of the Red Fist (153.36-152.96)
40.76Legends of the Red Fist202311MJP787's (117.18-116.42)
50.78Two Lab Crew202210Very Green (117.42-116.64)
60.84Atlanta Falcos20213PALE HURRICANES (194.02-193.18)
7 (tie)0.90MJP787's201812Bed, Bath & Bijan (111.24-110.34)
 0.90Legends of the Red Fist20218Very Green (141.8-140.9)
91.16Moneyball #5120222Two Lab Crew (156.94-155.78)
101.22MJP787's201913Legends of the Red Fist (193.12-191.9)

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