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2023 SOUTHERN COAST FFL Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1235.34Lupin Bandits20234
2235.12Legion of Doom20222
3233FrOm AuTuMn To AsHeS201011
4227.9Legion of Doom20153
5224.7The Four Horsemen20131
6224.55Dharma Bums201413
7223Dharma Bums20144
8222.3Lupin Bandits202116
9 (tie)222Venom Piss20077
 222Venom Piss200711
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1 (tie)177.05Lupin Bandits20148Jayhawks (177.05-179.7)
 177.05Dharma Bums20161FrOm AuTuMn To AsHeS (177.05-180.65)
3176.9UnTouchables201513Venom Piss (176.9-188.15)
4176Dharma Bums201214Dreaming Demons (176-194)
5174.88UnTouchables20207FrOm AuTuMn To AsHeS (174.88-205.34)
6172.95Team Whoa201512The Four Horsemen (172.95-184.4)
7170.46Jayhawks20239Venom Piss (170.46-184.7)
8170.4Shooting Ducks20184Venom Piss (170.4-174.31)
9170.21Lupin Bandits20153Team Whoa (170.21-189.35)
101669 Lives20125Shooting Ducks (166-177)
Most Combined Points
1380.22FrOm AuTuMn To AsHeS vs UnTouchables (205.34-174.88)20207
2377FrOm AuTuMn To AsHeS vs 9 Lives (215-162)20114
3370Dreaming Demons vs Dharma Bums (194-176)201214
4365.05Venom Piss vs UnTouchables (188.15-176.9)201513
5363.3Legion of Doom vs Shooting Ducks (227.9-135.4)20153
6359.56Team Whoa vs Lupin Bandits (189.35-170.21)20153
7357.7FrOm AuTuMn To AsHeS vs Dharma Bums (180.65-177.05)20161
8357.35The Four Horsemen vs Team Whoa (184.4-172.95)201512
9356.75Jayhawks vs Lupin Bandits (179.7-177.05)20148
10355.16Venom Piss vs Jayhawks (184.7-170.46)20239
Victory Margin
1184FrOm AuTuMn To AsHeS20114Ludachris (215-31)
2157FrOm AuTuMn To AsHeS201113Ludachris (199-42)
3145.76Legion of Doom20222Shooting Ducks (235.12-89.36)
4138.66Legion of Doom201410Ludachris (174.16-35.5)
5132Ludachris20079Shooting Ducks (176-44)
6130.5The Four Horsemen20131Ball Busters (224.7-94.2)
7127.3Jayhawks20217Dreaming Demons (175.64-48.34)
8126FrOm AuTuMn To AsHeS201011Venom Piss (233-107)
9125Venom Piss200711Sith Kings (222-97)
10123Shooting Ducks200810Sith Kings (158-35)
Smallest Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.02Ludachris20205Ball Busters (98.3-98.28)
 0.02Dharma Bums202011Team Whoa (131.34-131.32)
30.06Dreaming Demons201913Shooting Ducks (85.66-85.6)
40.10Ball Busters20161Lupin Bandits (158.25-158.15)
5 (tie)0.15Legion of Doom20144Lupin Bandits (116.2-116.05)
 0.15Jayhawks20171Team Whoa (127.65-127.5)
70.16One Hit Wonder202315Dharma Bums (151.88-151.72)
8 (tie)0.20Dreaming Demons20194Ball Busters (117.38-117.18)
 0.20Venom Piss202317One Hit Wonder (165.58-165.38)
10 (tie)0.25Shooting Ducks201713Ludachris (102.9-102.65)
 0.25The Four Horsemen20133Shooting Ducks (81.85-81.6)

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