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Scoop-n-Score Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1214.5Strange Brew200413
2207Air Raid201811
3205.5Ultimate Ones20079
4194.5Naked Bootleggers201910
5192.5Coulda Kings20184
6183.5Naked Bootleggers20191
7 (tie)180Toxins200713
 180Coulda Kings20054
9179Plastic Ones200611
10 (tie)177.5Naked Bootleggers20161
 177.5Strange Brew20061
 177.5Triumphant Frogs201910
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Air Raid20041
 0Air Raid20081
32Coulda Kings200613
514Ultimate Ones20008
617Coulda Kings19983
718Ultimate Ones19996
820Hurricane Ditka20149
921Naked Bootleggers200110
1022Hurricane Ditka19987
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1155Mindmenders20199Plastic Ones (155-158)
2151.5Jonah's Killer Whales201216Naked Bootleggers (151.5-156)
3150Naked Bootleggers20111Revolutionaries (150-156.5)
4145Jonah's Killer Whales200312Carter's Crew (145-153)
5144Air Raid20181Virginia Rebels (144-161)
6142.5Strange Brew20124Chomping Gators (142.5-154)
7142Toxins20155Plastic Ones (142-143.5)
8141.5Coulda Kings20188Toxins (141.5-158.5)
9 (tie)141Toxins200415Carter's Crew (141-153.5)
 141Air Raid20167Naked Bootleggers (141-153)
 141Carter's Crew20195Naked Bootleggers (141-143)
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
136Jonah's Killer Whales19987Hurricane Ditka (36-22)
243Plastic Ones200110Jonah's Killer Whales (43-42)
346Revolutionaries19996Coulda Kings (46-25)
4 (tie)48Air Raid19984Coulda Kings (48-29)
 48Jonah's Killer Whales19983Coulda Kings (48-17)
650Mindmenders20013Coulda Kings (50-46)
751Toxins19985Jonah's Killer Whales (51-26)
8 (tie)52Coulda Kings19997Ultimate Ones (52-50)
 52Chomping Gators19981Coulda Kings (52-51)
10 (tie)53Virginia Rebels200210Ultimate Ones (53-48)
 53Chomping Gators19998Coulda Kings (53-35)
 53Ultimate Ones19985Naked Bootleggers (53-49)
 53Mindmenders19992Strange Brew (53-51)
 53Air Raid20003Ultimate Ones (53-33)
 53Jonah's Killer Whales20007Plastic Ones (53-49)
Most Combined Points
1345Strange Brew vs Plastic Ones (214.5-130.5)200413
2328.5Air Raid vs Jonah's Killer Whales (207-121.5)201811
3313.5Triumphant Frogs vs Plastic Ones (177.5-136)201910
4313Plastic Ones vs Mindmenders (158-155)20199
5310.5Ultimate Ones vs Hurricane Ditka (205.5-105)20079
6309Strange Brew vs Plastic Ones (177-132)20153
7307.5Naked Bootleggers vs Jonah's Killer Whales (156-151.5)201216
8306.5Revolutionaries vs Naked Bootleggers (156.5-150)20111
9306Naked Bootleggers vs Carter's Crew (172-134)20163
10305.5Coulda Kings vs Hurricane Ditka (192.5-113)20184
Fewest Combined Points
158Jonah's Killer Whales vs Hurricane Ditka (36-22)19987
265Jonah's Killer Whales vs Coulda Kings (48-17)19983
371Revolutionaries vs Coulda Kings (46-25)19996
4 (tie)77Air Raid vs Coulda Kings (48-29)19984
 77Toxins vs Jonah's Killer Whales (51-26)19985
679Virginia Rebels vs Mindmenders (67-12)200012
782Jonah's Killer Whales vs Strange Brew (57-25)19996
8 (tie)84Air Raid vs Chomping Gators (55-29)19992
 84Strange Brew vs Revolutionaries (59-25)19994
10 (tie)85Plastic Ones vs Jonah's Killer Whales (43-42)200110
 85Mindmenders vs Coulda Kings (57-28)199911
Highest Victory Margin
1125Toxins200613Coulda Kings (127-2)
2116.5Ultimate Ones20041Air Raid (116.5-0)
3115.5Naked Bootleggers201910Virginia Rebels (194.5-79)
4110Carter's Crew19981Jonah's Killer Whales (142-32)
5104.5Ultimate Ones20149Hurricane Ditka (124.5-20)
6104Revolutionaries20031Toxins (166-62)
7103.5Carter's Crew20081Air Raid (103.5-0)
8 (tie)101Ultimate Ones20146Chomping Gators (154-53)
 101Revolutionaries200813Strange Brew (158-57)
10100.5Ultimate Ones20079Hurricane Ditka (205.5-105)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.50Virginia Rebels201312Toxins (83.5-83)
 0.50Naked Bootleggers20143Jonah's Killer Whales (86.5-86)
 0.50Toxins201510Coulda Kings (127-126.5)
 0.50Toxins201716Virginia Rebels (130.5-130)
 0.50Coulda Kings20089Mindmenders (102.5-102)
 0.50Coulda Kings201711Plastic Ones (122-121.5)
 0.50Ultimate Ones20137Naked Bootleggers (122-121.5)
 0.50Air Raid201815Naked Bootleggers (88.5-88)
 0.50Air Raid20061Naked Bootleggers (99-98.5)
 0.50Jonah's Killer Whales20161Carter's Crew (95.5-95)
 0.50Jonah's Killer Whales20074Coulda Kings (116-115.5)
 0.50Hurricane Ditka20088Naked Bootleggers (86-85.5)
 0.50Bearded Ladies Freakshow201710Triumphant Frogs (78-77.5)

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