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Erie League 11 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1161.55*First State Bums20071
2159.4*First State Bums20073
3155.55*Diablos Rojo20076
4147.25*Jake's Team200712
5147.1*Jake's Team20084
6141.15*JMF Vikings III20079
8137.8*Diablos Rojo20086
9136.7*First State Bums20088
10136.45*Baby Gorillas200813
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
141.75*Baby Gorillas20081
244.1*Manhattan Mean Machine20075
344.55*Jake's Team200713
445.65*Manhattan Mean Machine20074
548.85*First State Bums20089
652*First State Bums20083
752.2*Da Confederates20074
853.5*Jake's Team200710
1054.3*Clan Campbell 11b20081
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
166.5*PackerFan 1120075*Manhattan Mean Machine (66.5-44.1)
267.5*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads200810*First State Bums (67.5-59)
375.25*First State Bums20087*STEEL CURTAIN (75.25-73.4)
475.65*Diablos Rojo20083*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (75.65-66)
577.2*STEEL CURTAIN20078*Woodbridge Sora (77.2-67.1)
6 (tie)81.7*Woodbridge Sora200811*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (81.7-64.1)
 81.7*The Rampaging Rhinos20089*First State Bums (81.7-48.85)
882.4*Diablos Rojo20074*Clan Campbell 11b (82.4-81.5)
982.8*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20084*Manhattan Mean Machine (82.8-80.9)
1083.5*The Rampaging Rhinos20085*Diablos Rojo (83.5-79.9)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1115.6*Da Confederates20076*Jake's Team (115.6-122.6)
2113.4*Diablos Rojo200811*STEEL CURTAIN (113.4-126.8)
3113.35*First State Bums200812*Woodbridge Sora (113.35-127.55)
4111.15*JMF Vikings III20073*STEEL CURTAIN (111.15-124.8)
5110.65*Diablos Rojo20088*Bipolar Bengals (110.65-114.15)
6109.65*STEEL CURTAIN20082*Jake's Team (109.65-114.05)
7108.7*Manhattan Mean Machine20086*First State Bums (108.7-109.15)
8108.25*Da Confederates200712*JMF Vikings III (108.25-129.4)
9108.15*Baby Gorillas20079*JMF Vikings III (108.15-141.15)
10108.1*JMF Vikings III20076*Woodbridge Sora (108.1-127.75)
Most Combined Points
1266.8*First State Bums vs *Woodbridge Sora (159.4-107.4)20073
2257.4*First State Bums vs *STEEL CURTAIN (161.55-95.85)20071
3249.3*JMF Vikings III vs *Baby Gorillas (141.15-108.15)20079
4 (tie)248.05*Ghosts vs *STEEL CURTAIN (140.65-107.4)20072
 248.05*Jake's Team vs *First State Bums (147.25-100.8)200712
6240.9*Woodbridge Sora vs *First State Bums (127.55-113.35)200812
7240.2*STEEL CURTAIN vs *Diablos Rojo (126.8-113.4)200811
8238.2*Jake's Team vs *Da Confederates (122.6-115.6)20076
9237.65*JMF Vikings III vs *Da Confederates (129.4-108.25)200712
10236.25*Diablos Rojo vs *Woodbridge Sora (137.8-98.45)20086
Fewest Combined Points
1110.6*PackerFan 11 vs *Manhattan Mean Machine (66.5-44.1)20075
2126.5*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads vs *First State Bums (67.5-59)200810
3130.55*The Rampaging Rhinos vs *First State Bums (81.7-48.85)20089
4141.45*Jake's Team vs *Clan Campbell 11b (87.15-54.3)20081
5141.65*Diablos Rojo vs *Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (75.65-66)20083
6144.3*STEEL CURTAIN vs *Woodbridge Sora (77.2-67.1)20078
7145.7*Diablos Rojo vs *Baby Gorillas (103.95-41.75)20081
8145.8*Woodbridge Sora vs *Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (81.7-64.1)200811
9146.95*Manhattan Mean Machine vs *Ghosts (92.8-54.15)20078
10147.95*Clan Campbell 11b vs *Manhattan Mean Machine (90.1-57.85)20079
Victory Margin
190.55*Diablos Rojo20076*PackerFan 11 (155.55-65)
282.85*JMF Vikings III20074*Da Confederates (135.05-52.2)
365.7*First State Bums20071*STEEL CURTAIN (161.55-95.85)
464.25*Jake's Team20084*Diablos Rojo (147.1-82.85)
563.5*Jake's Team20083*First State Bums (115.5-52)
662.65*First State Bums20088*PackerFan 11 (136.7-74.05)
762.2*Diablos Rojo20081*Baby Gorillas (103.95-41.75)
862*Manhattan Mean Machine20083*The Rampaging Rhinos (119.5-57.5)
961.7*STEEL CURTAIN200713*Jake's Team (106.25-44.55)
1057.9*Woodbridge Sora20074*Manhattan Mean Machine (103.55-45.65)
Least Victory Margin
10.45*First State Bums20086*Manhattan Mean Machine (109.15-108.7)
20.85*The Rampaging Rhinos20087*Woodbridge Sora (96.9-96.05)
30.90*Diablos Rojo20074*Clan Campbell 11b (82.4-81.5)
40.95*STEEL CURTAIN20076*Baby Gorillas (102.25-101.3)
51*Diablos Rojo20087*Clan Campbell 11b (93.45-92.45)
61.60*Manhattan Mean Machine200810*Diablos Rojo (104-102.4)
71.75*Baby Gorillas200712*Ghosts (95.4-93.65)
81.80*Diablos Rojo20075*First State Bums (86.1-84.3)
91.85*First State Bums20087*STEEL CURTAIN (75.25-73.4)
101.90*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20084*Manhattan Mean Machine (82.8-80.9)

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