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DLF Veteran's Invitational League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1197.98Northmont Thunderbolts201011
2178.64EMPIRE State Ninjas20103
3163.52Barry Sanders - Best ever!!!201010
4162.18Northmont Thunderbolts201012
5155.3Roc City Devil Dogs201011
6151.08Louisville Lightning20107
7150.56Louisville Lightning201014
8149.9Detroit Destruction201012
9149.22Detroit Destruction20109
10148.94Unholy Rollerz201011
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
137.14Montreal Mayhem20109
246.68Roc City Devil Dogs20101
348.26Barry Sanders - Best ever!!!20104
448.6Louisville Lightning201010
548.9Barry Sanders - Best ever!!!201012
654.32Roc City Devil Dogs201013
758.96Vancouver Slingblades20107
861.68Montreal Mayhem201014
966.84Lake Erie Waverunners201014
1068.16Vancouver Slingblades20109
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
173.2GalvestoN MudWrestlers201013Lake Erie Waverunners (73.2-71.62)
275.92Lake Erie Waverunners20104Northmont Thunderbolts (75.92-75.08)
381.6Louisville Lightning201012Langley Code Breakers (81.6-81.34)
483.74Lake Erie Waverunners201010Louisville Lightning (83.74-48.6)
584.66GalvestoN MudWrestlers201015Vancouver Slingblades (84.66-79.12)
686.34Detroit Destruction20106Louisville Lightning (86.34-79.68)
788.14EMPIRE State Ninjas20109Barry Sanders - Best ever!!! (88.14-83.9)
888.76Vancouver Slingblades201014Montreal Mayhem (88.76-61.68)
989.48Roc City Devil Dogs20104Barry Sanders - Best ever!!! (89.48-48.26)
1091.66Detroit Destruction201013Barry Sanders - Best ever!!! (91.66-81.48)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1134.1Vancouver Slingblades201010Barry Sanders - Best ever!!! (134.1-163.52)
2132.52Barry Sanders - Best ever!!!20101EMPIRE State Ninjas (132.52-147.72)
3126.88Lake Erie Waverunners201012Northmont Thunderbolts (126.88-162.18)
4126.7Langley Code Breakers201010Detroit Destruction (126.7-147.18)
5 (tie)126.2Detroit Destruction201011Northmont Thunderbolts (126.2-197.98)
 126.2EMPIRE State Ninjas20106Lake Erie Waverunners (126.2-127.9)
7125.44Langley Code Breakers20103EMPIRE State Ninjas (125.44-178.64)
8123.88Unholy Rollerz201015Northmont Thunderbolts (123.88-146.76)
9121.12Unholy Rollerz201013Northmont Thunderbolts (121.12-131.18)
10120.44Montreal Mayhem20102Northmont Thunderbolts (120.44-126.38)
Most Combined Points
1324.18Northmont Thunderbolts vs Detroit Destruction (197.98-126.2)201011
2304.08EMPIRE State Ninjas vs Langley Code Breakers (178.64-125.44)20103
3297.62Barry Sanders - Best ever!!! vs Vancouver Slingblades (163.52-134.1)201010
4289.06Northmont Thunderbolts vs Lake Erie Waverunners (162.18-126.88)201012
5280.24EMPIRE State Ninjas vs Barry Sanders - Best ever!!! (147.72-132.52)20101
6273.88Detroit Destruction vs Langley Code Breakers (147.18-126.7)201010
7270.64Northmont Thunderbolts vs Unholy Rollerz (146.76-123.88)201015
8268.44Roc City Devil Dogs vs Louisville Lightning (155.3-113.14)201011
9256.92Louisville Lightning vs Montreal Mayhem (151.08-105.84)20107
10254.1Lake Erie Waverunners vs EMPIRE State Ninjas (127.9-126.2)20106
Fewest Combined Points
1132.34Lake Erie Waverunners vs Louisville Lightning (83.74-48.6)201010
2136.26Langley Code Breakers vs Montreal Mayhem (99.12-37.14)20109
3137.74Roc City Devil Dogs vs Barry Sanders - Best ever!!! (89.48-48.26)20104
4144.82GalvestoN MudWrestlers vs Lake Erie Waverunners (73.2-71.62)201013
5150.44Vancouver Slingblades vs Montreal Mayhem (88.76-61.68)201014
6151Lake Erie Waverunners vs Northmont Thunderbolts (75.92-75.08)20104
7154.74Detroit Destruction vs Roc City Devil Dogs (108.06-46.68)20101
8159.24Roc City Devil Dogs vs Barry Sanders - Best ever!!! (110.34-48.9)201012
9162.94Louisville Lightning vs Langley Code Breakers (81.6-81.34)201012
10163.78GalvestoN MudWrestlers vs Vancouver Slingblades (84.66-79.12)201015
Victory Margin
183.72Louisville Lightning201014Lake Erie Waverunners (150.56-66.84)
278.2Louisville Lightning201013Montreal Mayhem (148.7-70.5)
375.52EMPIRE State Ninjas201013Roc City Devil Dogs (129.84-54.32)
472.44Detroit Destruction201012EMPIRE State Ninjas (149.9-77.46)
571.78Northmont Thunderbolts201011Detroit Destruction (197.98-126.2)
668.42Unholy Rollerz201011Barry Sanders - Best ever!!! (148.94-80.52)
767.9Detroit Destruction20102Lake Erie Waverunners (146.4-78.5)
866.26Louisville Lightning20103Northmont Thunderbolts (147.2-80.94)
961.98Langley Code Breakers20109Montreal Mayhem (99.12-37.14)
1061.44Roc City Devil Dogs201012Barry Sanders - Best ever!!! (110.34-48.9)
Least Victory Margin
10.26Louisville Lightning201012Langley Code Breakers (81.6-81.34)
20.84Lake Erie Waverunners20104Northmont Thunderbolts (75.92-75.08)
31.34Detroit Destruction20104EMPIRE State Ninjas (111.42-110.08)
41.40GalvestoN MudWrestlers20103Detroit Destruction (110.9-109.5)
51.58GalvestoN MudWrestlers201013Lake Erie Waverunners (73.2-71.62)
61.70Lake Erie Waverunners20106EMPIRE State Ninjas (127.9-126.2)
72.38Roc City Devil Dogs20106GalvestoN MudWrestlers (94.9-92.52)
82.40Montreal Mayhem201010GalvestoN MudWrestlers (113.22-110.82)
93.76EMPIRE State Ninjas201011Montreal Mayhem (92.94-89.18)
103.94EMPIRE State Ninjas20102Vancouver Slingblades (93.46-89.52)

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