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Minnesota Fantasy League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)400Minnesota Fighting Loons200617
 400Minnesota Fighting Loons200717
 400Minnesota Fighting Loons200817
 400Springfield Stonecutters200917
5 (tie)375Minnesota Fighting Loons200917
 375St. Louis on 39th Street200617
 375Texas Chuck Norris All-Stars200717
 375Texas Chuck Norris All-Stars200817
9 (tie)350Springfield Stonecutters200817
 350St. Paul Spanked200617
 350Houston Hooters200717
 350Tallahassee Raider Haters200917
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
127.1Blackville Tokens20079
233.5Blackville Tokens200715
335Blackville Tokens20077
436.62Seattle Lemon Beetles200611
538.4Blackville Tokens20078
638.46Ohio Handbananas20088
739.54Green Bay Unoriginal Bastards20089
840.28Springfield Stonecutters201510
940.3Brooklyn O-TAY!20079
1041.76Death Valley Grimm Reapers200914
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
159.78Seattle Lemon Beetles20068Brooklyn O-TAY! (59.78-59.38)
260.32Pittsburgh Black & Gold200910Houston Hooters (60.32-60.24)
362.5Minneapolis ViQueens200914Death Valley Grimm Reapers (62.5-41.76)
462.78Brooklyn O-TAY!20089St. Louis on 39th Street (62.78-44.46)
563.36Death Valley Grimm Reapers20089Green Bay Unoriginal Bastards (63.36-39.54)
664.2Canada Big Buck Hunters20099Houston Hooters (64.2-62.06)
765.06Emma’s Grand Forks Minions20162Denver Donkey Punches (65.06-64.36)
865.36Texas Chuck Norris All-Stars20068Blackville Tokens (65.36-45.56)
966.54China Angry Pandas20061Seattle Lemon Beetles (66.54-52.84)
1067.1Brooklyn O-TAY!20088Ohio Handbananas (67.1-38.46)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1162.7Springfield Stonecutters20148Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good (162.7-210.08)
2154.62Las Vegas Kissin' Cousins20114Minnesota Fighting Loons (154.62-156.24)
3151.5Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good201413Tallahassee Raider Haters (151.5-154.44)
4150.92Minneapolis ViQueens20149Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good (150.92-155.9)
5146.74Dallas Bruisers Club201413Springfield Stonecutters (146.74-164.4)
6143.68Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good20184Springfield Stonecutters (143.68-175.76)
7142.98Dallas Bruisers Club20139Death Valley Grimm Reapers (142.98-159.64)
8141.68Dallas Bruisers Club201515Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good (141.68-143.86)
9141.4Minneapolis ViQueens20168South Park Kenny's (141.4-145.12)
10140.56Las Vegas Kissin' Cousins20186Springfield Stonecutters (140.56-147.08)
Most Combined Points
1372.78Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good vs Springfield Stonecutters (210.08-162.7)20148
2319.44Springfield Stonecutters vs Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good (175.76-143.68)20184
3311.14Springfield Stonecutters vs Dallas Bruisers Club (164.4-146.74)201413
4310.86Minnesota Fighting Loons vs Las Vegas Kissin' Cousins (156.24-154.62)20114
5306.82Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good vs Minneapolis ViQueens (155.9-150.92)20149
6305.94Tallahassee Raider Haters vs Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good (154.44-151.5)201413
7302.62Death Valley Grimm Reapers vs Dallas Bruisers Club (159.64-142.98)20139
8298.82Minneapolis Elitists vs Emma’s Grand Forks Minions (181.9-116.92)20184
9298.2Springfield Stonecutters vs Minneapolis Elitists (168.22-129.98)20187
10295.14Las Vegas Kissin' Cousins vs Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good (186.32-108.82)201213
Fewest Combined Points
1102.9Death Valley Grimm Reapers vs Green Bay Unoriginal Bastards (63.36-39.54)20089
2104.26Minneapolis ViQueens vs Death Valley Grimm Reapers (62.5-41.76)200914
3105.56Brooklyn O-TAY! vs Ohio Handbananas (67.1-38.46)20088
4107.24Brooklyn O-TAY! vs St. Louis on 39th Street (62.78-44.46)20089
5110.92Texas Chuck Norris All-Stars vs Blackville Tokens (65.36-45.56)20068
6113.62Brooklyn O-TAY! vs Blackville Tokens (70.5-43.12)200711
7113.84St. Louis on 39th Street vs Brooklyn O-TAY! (73.54-40.3)20079
8115.58Seattle Lemon Beetles vs St. Paul Spanked (71.72-43.86)200715
9116.62St. Louis on 39th Street vs Death Valley Grimm Reapers (67.74-48.88)20091
10116.64China Angry Pandas vs Blackville Tokens (83.14-33.5)200715
Victory Margin
1137.76Minneapolis ViQueens201012South Park Kenny's (190.66-52.9)
2108.4Minnesota Fighting Loons20066Blackville Tokens (157-48.6)
3106.22South Park Kenny's201611Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good (178.3-72.08)
498.68Minnesota Fighting Loons20087Brooklyn O-TAY! (141.2-42.52)
594.62South Park Kenny's201612Death Valley Grimm Reapers (164.46-69.84)
692.22Pittsburgh Black & Gold201014Minneapolis ViQueens (154.56-62.34)
788.58South Park Kenny's20109Minnesota Fighting Loons (156.7-68.12)
888.42Springfield Stonecutters201813Minneapolis Elitists (157.1-68.68)
988.3South Park Kenny's201810St. Louis on 39th Street (174.2-85.9)
1087.86Denver Donkey Punches20134Dallas Sports Angels (168.68-80.82)
Least Victory Margin
10.02Minneapolis ViQueens20167St. Louis on 39th Street (124.74-124.72)
20.04China Angry Pandas200711St. Paul Spanked (95.66-95.62)
30.08Pittsburgh Black & Gold200910Houston Hooters (60.32-60.24)
40.10St. Paul Spanked200713Brooklyn O-TAY! (98.76-98.66)
5 (tie)0.16South Park Kenny's201213Dallas Bruisers Club (103.64-103.48)
 0.16South Park Kenny's20145Springfield Stonecutters (131.24-131.08)
70.18Emma’s Grand Forks Minions201813Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good (99.12-98.94)
80.30Mankato's Dr. Thielen Good20122South Park Kenny's (106.14-105.84)
9 (tie)0.34Dallas Bruisers Club20156South Park Kenny's (127.74-127.4)
 0.34Houston Hooters200911St. Louis on 39th Street (83.7-83.36)

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