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Stars & Stripes Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored, One Game
153Fifth Ward MudBugs201216
249South Bend Swagger20127
348Gotham City Jokers20129
444Boston Bolts20123
541New York Ruggers201216
6 (tie)40Virginia Leathernecks20122
 40Decatur Demons20121
8 (tie)39Metropolis Marvels20126
 39Michigan Crusaders201215
 39Decatur Demons201213
Fewest Points Scored, One Game
112Ft. Worth Longhorns20128
213Virginia Leathernecks20128
3 (tie)16Ft. Worth Longhorns201211
 16Fifth Ward MudBugs20129
5 (tie)17Roswell Invaders20129
 17New York Ruggers20122
 17New York Ruggers20123
 17Dallas Damage201213
9 (tie)18Roswell Invaders201213
 18Virginia Leathernecks20127
 18New York Ruggers20127
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)0Decatur Demons201215South Bend Swagger (0-0) TB
 0Gotham City Jokers201215Michigan Crusaders (0-0) TB
3 (tie)20Metropolis Marvels201211Ft. Worth Longhorns (20-16)
 20Boston Bolts20129Roswell Invaders (20-17)
5 (tie)22Ft. Worth Longhorns201212New York Ruggers (22-21)
 22Ft. Worth Longhorns201215Dallas Damage (22-19)
7 (tie)23Ft. Worth Longhorns20126Virginia Leathernecks (23-22)
 23Decatur Demons201211Roswell Invaders (23-21)
9 (tie)24Metropolis Marvels20121Virginia Leathernecks (24-23)
 24New York Ruggers20124Ft. Worth Longhorns (24-24) TB
 24Fifth Ward MudBugs20126Roswell Invaders (24-21)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
137Gotham City Jokers20121Decatur Demons (37-40)
2 (tie)36Decatur Demons20129Gotham City Jokers (36-48)
 36Decatur Demons201215Michigan Crusaders (36-39)
 36South Bend Swagger201216Fifth Ward MudBugs (36-53)
535Metropolis Marvels20124Roswell Invaders (35-36)
634South Bend Swagger20126Metropolis Marvels (34-39)
733South Bend Swagger201211New York Ruggers (33-34)
8 (tie)32Ft. Worth Longhorns20122South Bend Swagger (32-36)
 32Dallas Damage20121South Bend Swagger (32-34)
 32Dallas Damage201212Gotham City Jokers (32-33)
 32Gotham City Jokers20125Metropolis Marvels (32-37)
Biggest Shootouts
189Fifth Ward MudBugs vs South Bend Swagger (53-36)201216
284Gotham City Jokers vs Decatur Demons (48-36)20129
377Decatur Demons vs Gotham City Jokers (40-37)20121
475Michigan Crusaders vs Decatur Demons (39-36)201215
573Metropolis Marvels vs South Bend Swagger (39-34)20126
672South Bend Swagger vs Gotham City Jokers (49-23)20127
771Roswell Invaders vs Metropolis Marvels (36-35)20124
870Boston Bolts vs Decatur Demons (44-26)20123
969Metropolis Marvels vs Gotham City Jokers (37-32)20125
10 (tie)68South Bend Swagger vs Ft. Worth Longhorns (36-32)20122
 68Virginia Leathernecks vs Dallas Damage (38-30)201211
Biggest Yawners
136Metropolis Marvels vs Ft. Worth Longhorns (20-16)201211
237Boston Bolts vs Roswell Invaders (20-17)20129
341Ft. Worth Longhorns vs Dallas Damage (22-19)201215
442Roswell Invaders vs New York Ruggers (25-17)20122
543Ft. Worth Longhorns vs New York Ruggers (22-21)201212
644Decatur Demons vs Roswell Invaders (23-21)201211
7 (tie)45Decatur Demons vs New York Ruggers (26-19)20125
 45Fifth Ward MudBugs vs Roswell Invaders (24-21)20126
 45Ft. Worth Longhorns vs Virginia Leathernecks (23-22)20126
 45Virginia Leathernecks vs Metropolis Marvels (26-19)20129
 45Michigan Crusaders vs New York Ruggers (27-18)20127
 45Boston Bolts vs Metropolis Marvels (26-19)201213
Biggest Blowouts
1 (tie)26Decatur Demons20128Ft. Worth Longhorns (38-12)
 26South Bend Swagger20127Gotham City Jokers (49-23)
322Decatur Demons201213Dallas Damage (39-17)
420South Bend Swagger20128Virginia Leathernecks (33-13)
519New York Ruggers201216Roswell Invaders (41-22)
6 (tie)18Virginia Leathernecks201213Roswell Invaders (36-18)
 18Boston Bolts20123Decatur Demons (44-26)
817Fifth Ward MudBugs201216South Bend Swagger (53-36)
916New York Ruggers20129Fifth Ward MudBugs (32-16)
10 (tie)15Michigan Crusaders201213New York Ruggers (35-20)
 15South Bend Swagger20129Dallas Damage (34-19)
 15Gotham City Jokers20122Fifth Ward MudBugs (35-20)

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