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Blood, Sweat, and Beers FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1354.8Wild Banshees200612
2345.9Gridiron Gladiators20076
5331.1Springfield Isotopes200611
8317The South Park Cows200613
9315.8Wild Banshees20064
10315.4Wild Banshees200614
11314.9Gridiron Gladiators20066
12311.9Raging Heifers20053
13310.4Five Burning Bonzos20066
14306.4Gridiron Gladiators200612
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
191.9Steeler Nation20066
2108.6The Sheriff's of Ballsville20074
3119.4Wing & a Prayer20078
4119.9Injured Reserve20074
5120.5Injured Reserve20056
6122Steeler Nation200711
7124.9Raging Heifers200510
8129.5Wing & a Prayer200713
10134.4Injured Reserve200515
11136.2Five Burning Bonzos200714
12136.3My Wang20077
13136.8The Sheriff's of Ballsville200715
14137.8Steeler Nation20065
15138.1The Sheriff's of Ballsville20071
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1119.9Injured Reserve20074The Sheriff's of Ballsville (119.9-108.6)
2148.4The Sheriff's of Ballsville200714Five Burning Bonzos (148.4-136.2)
3152.4Wild Banshees20075The South Park Cows (152.4-140.7)
4155.1Steeler Nation20076Injured Reserve (155.1-138.7)
5161.4My Wang200713Wing & a Prayer (161.4-129.5)
6169.1Roughriders20077My Wang (169.1-136.3)
7169.7The South Park Cows200712Wild Banshees (169.7-161.9)
8174.8Wild Banshees20073Gridiron Gladiators (174.8-172.2)
9175.1Roughriders20075Steeler Nation (175.1-162.6)
10179.8Injured Reserve200715The Sheriff's of Ballsville (179.8-136.8)
11179.9The Sheriff's of Ballsville20064Steeler Nation (179.9-179.4)
12180.5Wild Banshees20055Injured Reserve (180.5-153.6)
13181Wild Banshees200715Gridiron Gladiators (181-174.8)
14182.6The South Park Cows20065Redzoners (182.6-133.6)
15183.9The Sheriff's of Ballsville200612Steeler Nation (183.9-177.8)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1285.1Five Burning Bonzos200614Wild Banshees (285.1-315.4)
2277.8The South Park Cows20079Springfield Isotopes (277.8-302.4)
3273.3Steeler Nation20062Wild Banshees (273.3-292.3)
4263.9The South Park Cows20066Five Burning Bonzos (263.9-310.4)
5263.2Roughriders20055Steeler Nation (263.2-273.3)
6260.7THE HITMEN200512Raging Heifers (260.7-298.2)
7257.7Five Burning Bonzos20072My Wang (257.7-272.2)
8257.4Injured Reserve20054Springfield Isotopes (257.4-294.1)
9257.3Five Burning Bonzos20064Springfield Isotopes (257.3-260.1)
10254.2Injured Reserve200712Redzoners (254.2-270)
11250.5My Wang20058Raging Heifers (250.5-268.9)
12250.1Wing & a Prayer20072Wild Banshees (250.1-285.7)
13249.2ArrowHead20051Injured Reserve (249.2-297.5)
14248.9Redzoners200615Gridiron Gladiators (248.9-259.8)
15246.9Steeler Nation200511Raging Heifers (246.9-264.5)
Most Combined Points
1600.5Wild Banshees vs Five Burning Bonzos (315.4-285.1)200614
2595.2Wild Banshees vs My Wang (354.8-240.4)200612
3580.2Springfield Isotopes vs The South Park Cows (302.4-277.8)20079
4574.3Five Burning Bonzos vs The South Park Cows (310.4-263.9)20066
5569.3Roughriders vs The South Park Cows (327.8-241.5)200714
6565.6Wild Banshees vs Steeler Nation (292.3-273.3)20062
7559.8Roughriders vs Wild Banshees (332.9-226.9)200516
8558.9Raging Heifers vs THE HITMEN (298.2-260.7)200512
9553.7Gridiron Gladiators vs Roughriders (345.9-207.8)20076
10551.5Springfield Isotopes vs Injured Reserve (294.1-257.4)20054
11548.8Raging Heifers vs Springfield Isotopes (311.9-236.9)20053
12546.7Injured Reserve vs ArrowHead (297.5-249.2)20051
13546.2THE HITMEN vs Raging Heifers (299.5-246.7)20055
14536.9Steeler Nation vs The South Park Cows (302.6-234.3)20069
15536.5Steeler Nation vs Roughriders (273.3-263.2)20055
Fewest Combined Points
1228.5Injured Reserve vs The Sheriff's of Ballsville (119.9-108.6)20074
2284.6The Sheriff's of Ballsville vs Five Burning Bonzos (148.4-136.2)200714
3290.9My Wang vs Wing & a Prayer (161.4-129.5)200713
4293.1Wild Banshees vs The South Park Cows (152.4-140.7)20075
5293.8Steeler Nation vs Injured Reserve (155.1-138.7)20076
6303.5Springfield Isotopes vs Wing & a Prayer (184.1-119.4)20078
7305.4Roughriders vs My Wang (169.1-136.3)20077
8316.2The South Park Cows vs Redzoners (182.6-133.6)20065
9316.6Injured Reserve vs The Sheriff's of Ballsville (179.8-136.8)200715
10320.6Five Burning Bonzos vs Steeler Nation (198.6-122)200711
11331.6The South Park Cows vs Wild Banshees (169.7-161.9)200712
12332.5Wing & a Prayer vs The Sheriff's of Ballsville (191.2-141.3)20061
13333.1Gridiron Gladiators vs Steeler Nation (185.8-147.3)20074
14334.1Wild Banshees vs Injured Reserve (180.5-153.6)20055
15337.7Roughriders vs Steeler Nation (175.1-162.6)20075
Victory Margin
1178.5Wild Banshees200510Raging Heifers (303.4-124.9)
2168Wild Banshees20064My Wang (315.8-147.8)
3165.2Injured Reserve20066Steeler Nation (257.1-91.9)
4157.9Springfield Isotopes200611Wing & a Prayer (331.1-173.2)
5156.3Steeler Nation200515Injured Reserve (290.7-134.4)
6144Roughriders20056Springfield Isotopes (335.5-191.5)
7138.1Gridiron Gladiators20076Roughriders (345.9-207.8)
8135.6Five Burning Bonzos200610Wing & a Prayer (280.6-145)
9134.9ArrowHead200511Springfield Isotopes (323.9-189)
10132.6The South Park Cows200613The Sheriff's of Ballsville (317-184.4)
11126.8Raging Heifers20056Injured Reserve (247.3-120.5)
12120.1Springfield Isotopes200714Steeler Nation (268-147.9)
13118.9Gridiron Gladiators200612Redzoners (306.4-187.5)
14118.6Roughriders200711Wild Banshees (284.7-166.1)
15118Roughriders200712Steeler Nation (272.1-154.1)
Least Victory Margin
10.40My Wang20076Wing & a Prayer (221.9-221.5)
20.50The Sheriff's of Ballsville20064Steeler Nation (179.9-179.4)
30.80Springfield Isotopes20062The South Park Cows (211.9-211.1)
41.30The South Park Cows200614Springfield Isotopes (208.5-207.2)
51.40Injured Reserve20053Steeler Nation (233.9-232.5)
62.40Gridiron Gladiators20079Injured Reserve (213.2-210.8)
7 (tie)2.50Roughriders20072The Sheriff's of Ballsville (201-198.5)
 2.50Roughriders200612Injured Reserve (217.4-214.9)
92.60Wild Banshees20073Gridiron Gladiators (174.8-172.2)
102.80Springfield Isotopes20064Five Burning Bonzos (260.1-257.3)
113.30Injured Reserve20065Wing & a Prayer (243.5-240.2)
124ArrowHead200513Wild Banshees (220.1-216.1)
134.90Roughriders20062Wing & a Prayer (215.5-210.6)
14 (tie)5.20Wild Banshees20069Injured Reserve (248.5-243.3)
 5.20Steeler Nation20079Redzoners (216.5-211.3)

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