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Delaware Valley Fantasy League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1281Landover Lions200711
2280Emerald Eagles20073
3264Sewell Stripers20076
4261Pennsville Devils20079
5256Sinking Spring Storm200712
6254Monroe Maulers20071
7253Landover Lions20079
8 (tie)251Landover Lions200712
 251Williamstown Wolf Pack200714
10250Landover Lions200710
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
120Monroe Maulers20037
228Penn Beach Tigers20034
329Sewell Stripers20031
431Logan Browns20034
532Pennsville Devils20036
634Logan Browns200310
7 (tie)36Monroe Maulers20036
 36Vineland Vikings20031
937Emerald Eagles20033
1042Sewell Stripers20036
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
144Vineland Vikings20033Emerald Eagles (44-37)
248Pennsville Devils20031Vineland Vikings (48-36)
359Logan Browns20038Pennsville Devils (59-53)
463Deptford Edsels20033New Jersey Generals (63-48)
5 (tie)64New Jersey Generals200311Sinking Spring Storm (64-57)
 64Landover Lions200314Monroe Maulers (64-60)
765Deptford Edsels20034Landover Lions (65-45)
867Williamstown Wolf Pack200311Vineland Vikings (67-53)
9 (tie)68Deptford Edsels200314Williamstown Wolf Pack (68-68) TB
 68Logan Browns200311Landover Lions (68-44)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1245Penn Beach Tigers20076Sewell Stripers (245-264)
2230Sinking Spring Storm20079Pennsville Devils (230-261)
3229Vineland Vikings20072Sewell Stripers (229-238)
4228Monroe Maulers200714Williamstown Wolf Pack (228-251)
5222Williamstown Wolf Pack200715Landover Lions (222-231)
6219Pennsville Devils200713New Jersey Generals (219-228)
7209Sewell Stripers20077New Jersey Generals (209-216)
8207Monroe Maulers200713Sewell Stripers (207-246)
9206Pennsville Devils200712Monroe Maulers (206-221)
10202Pennsville Devils20073Emerald Eagles (202-280)
Most Combined Points
1509Sewell Stripers vs Penn Beach Tigers (264-245)20076
2491Pennsville Devils vs Sinking Spring Storm (261-230)20079
3482Emerald Eagles vs Pennsville Devils (280-202)20073
4479Williamstown Wolf Pack vs Monroe Maulers (251-228)200714
5467Sewell Stripers vs Vineland Vikings (238-229)20072
6 (tie)453Sewell Stripers vs Monroe Maulers (246-207)200713
 453Landover Lions vs Williamstown Wolf Pack (231-222)200715
8451Sinking Spring Storm vs New Jersey Generals (256-195)200712
9447New Jersey Generals vs Pennsville Devils (228-219)200713
10444Monroe Maulers vs Sinking Spring Storm (254-190)20071
Fewest Combined Points
181Vineland Vikings vs Emerald Eagles (44-37)20033
284Pennsville Devils vs Vineland Vikings (48-36)20031
3103Sinking Spring Storm vs Sewell Stripers (74-29)20031
4110Deptford Edsels vs Landover Lions (65-45)20034
5111Deptford Edsels vs New Jersey Generals (63-48)20033
6 (tie)112Sewell Stripers vs Logan Browns (81-31)20034
 112Logan Browns vs Pennsville Devils (59-53)20038
 112Logan Browns vs Landover Lions (68-44)200311
9113Vineland Vikings vs Penn Beach Tigers (85-28)20034
10119Penn Beach Tigers vs Sewell Stripers (77-42)20036
Victory Margin
1140Pennsville Devils200710Penn Beach Tigers (220-80)
2139Sewell Stripers20073Deptford Edsels (223-84)
3136Logan Browns20066Penn Beach Tigers (219-83)
4130Landover Lions200711Pennsville Devils (281-151)
5124Williamstown Wolf Pack20046Pennsville Devils (213-89)
6122Monroe Maulers200514Vineland Vikings (229-107)
7119Pennsville Devils20085Mays Landing Maniacs (200-81)
8 (tie)111Deptford Edsels200410Landover Lions (190-79)
 111Landover Lions200712Emerald Eagles (251-140)
10 (tie)110Monroe Maulers20068Vineland Vikings (236-126)
 110Logan Browns200513Sinking Spring Storm (207-97)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Deptford Edsels200411Sewell Stripers (108-107)
 1New Jersey Generals20081Monroe Maulers (130-129)
 1Sinking Spring Storm20085Sewell Stripers (120-119)
 1Sinking Spring Storm200512Deptford Edsels (136-135)
 1Sinking Spring Storm200511Logan Browns (149-148)
 1Penn Beach Tigers20088Mizpah Magkats (99-98)
 1Penn Beach Tigers20086Williamstown Wolf Pack (108-107)
 1Logan Browns20061Sewell Stripers (139-138)
9 (tie)2Pennsville Devils20047Monroe Maulers (148-146)
 2New Jersey Generals20079Vineland Vikings (170-168)
 2Emerald Eagles200614Logan Browns (152-150)
 2Landover Lions200414Penn Beach Tigers (106-104)
 2Monroe Maulers20048Deptford Edsels (173-171)
 2Williamstown Wolf Pack20039Emerald Eagles (107-105)
 2Williamstown Wolf Pack200414Deptford Edsels (118-116)
 2Logan Browns20036Vineland Vikings (93-91)
 2Logan Browns20087Mays Landing Maniacs (120-118)
 2Logan Browns200713Emerald Eagles (172-170)
 2Vineland Vikings200613New Jersey Generals (148-146)
 2Mantua Celtics20087Vineland Vikings (158-156)
 2Mizpah Magkats20083Mays Landing Maniacs (117-115)

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