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BRAGGIN' BOWL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1218.12NY Nicks20066
2213.18 Johnson & Johnson200615
3211.12Freak Drawers200613
4201.88D Rockin Da House20123
5201.78 Johnson & Johnson201115
6200.08 Johnson & Johnson201213
7195.32D Rockin Da House20109
8194.54 Johnson & Johnson20104
9191.82NY Nicks200716
10191.1 Johnson & Johnson20068
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
130.84L to the P20046
243.99JPs Tools20083
345.01Freak Drawers200713
445.6Freak Drawers200513
548.8JPs Tools20126
653.48sweet okole20129
757.16Desert Heat200611
859.14Ragin Cajun Asians200511
959.6sweet okole20058
1060.27Ragin Cajun Asians20117
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
168.94Desert Heat200513Freak Drawers (68.94-45.6)
269.72sweet okole20044The Dynasty (69.72-63.68)
374.64The Dynasty20045Ragin Cajun Asians (74.64-72.32)
475.44Freak Drawers20059D Rockin Da House (75.44-75.4)
575.94The Dynasty200510Freak Drawers (75.94-66.54)
676.66 Johnson & Johnson20045Ragin Cajun Asians (76.66-72.32)
778.8JPs Tools20059D Rockin Da House (78.8-75.4)
878.88The Dynasty20056D Rockin Da House (78.88-61.98)
979.17The Dynasty20043Desert Heat (79.17-71.61)
1079.22Messy2020061Ragin Cajun Asians (79.22-76.49)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1184.1 Johnson & Johnson20126D Rockin Da House (184.1-185.66)
2179.48Desert Heat20114D Rockin Da House (179.48-179.84)
3178.7D Rockin Da House200913JPs Tools (178.7-179.5)
4175.6sweet okole20071NY Nicks (175.6-176.24)
5173.85Desert Heat200712sweet okole (173.85-173.92)
6168.34Big Kahuna20109sweet okole (168.34-187.22)
7166.91Desert Heat20088L to the P (166.91-169.76)
8166.9 Johnson & Johnson20079Ragin Cajun Asians (166.9-168.8)
9163.66Desert Heat201210D Rockin Da House (163.66-182.14)
10163.64sweet okole20097JPs Tools (163.64-184.72)
Most Combined Points
1369.76D Rockin Da House vs Johnson & Johnson (185.66-184.1)20126
2359.95NY Nicks vs D Rockin Da House (218.12-141.83)20066
3359.32D Rockin Da House vs Desert Heat (179.84-179.48)20114
4358.2JPs Tools vs D Rockin Da House (179.5-178.7)200913
5355.56sweet okole vs Big Kahuna (187.22-168.34)20109
6 (tie)351.84NY Nicks vs sweet okole (176.24-175.6)20071
 351.84Desert Heat vs Ragin Cajun Asians (190.94-160.9)20092
8349.84 Johnson & Johnson vs The Dynasty (191.1-158.74)20068
9348.36JPs Tools vs sweet okole (184.72-163.64)20097
10347.77sweet okole vs Desert Heat (173.92-173.85)200712
Fewest Combined Points
1114.54Desert Heat vs Freak Drawers (68.94-45.6)200513
2117.77The Dynasty vs L to the P (86.93-30.84)20046
3133.4sweet okole vs The Dynasty (69.72-63.68)20044
4140.86The Dynasty vs D Rockin Da House (78.88-61.98)20056
5142.48The Dynasty vs Freak Drawers (75.94-66.54)200510
6146.96The Dynasty vs Ragin Cajun Asians (74.64-72.32)20045
7148.98 Johnson & Johnson vs Ragin Cajun Asians (76.66-72.32)20045
8150.78The Dynasty vs Desert Heat (79.17-71.61)20043
9150.84Freak Drawers vs D Rockin Da House (75.44-75.4)20059
10150.98L to the P vs Desert Heat (85.58-65.4)20052
Victory Margin
1121.99Freak Drawers200613D Rockin Da House (211.12-89.13)
2114.63NY Nicks20066Freak Drawers (218.12-103.49)
3112.42sweet okole20046L to the P (143.26-30.84)
4107.7D Rockin Da House20109Freak Drawers (195.32-87.62)
5107.24sweet okole200411The Dynasty (177.22-69.98)
699.74D Rockin Da House200713Freak Drawers (144.75-45.01)
797.46sweet okole20053Desert Heat (179.7-82.24)
894.32D Rockin Da House20109JPs Tools (195.32-101)
993.7D Rockin Da House201212Ragin Cajun Asians (169.7-76)
1093.06Messy20200712Sam (159.8-66.74)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.04JPs Tools200710NY Nicks (108.78-108.74)
 0.04Freak Drawers20059D Rockin Da House (75.44-75.4)
30.07sweet okole200712Desert Heat (173.92-173.85)
40.08First Place20088Freak Drawers (97.84-97.76)
50.12sweet okole20107Desert Heat (134.02-133.9)
60.23Freak Drawers200611Ragin Cajun Asians (109.21-108.98)
70.26Desert Heat20042L to the P (82.64-82.38)
80.36D Rockin Da House20114Desert Heat (179.84-179.48)
90.41L to the P20107Freak Drawers (112.9-112.49)
100.42Ragin Cajun Asians20109 Johnson & Johnson (142.64-142.22)

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