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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1214.8Galapagos Turtles20129
2202.9Endor Ewoks20131
3195.3Southpark Cows200914
4195Clubber Lang Scones201413
5192.6Hogwarts Wizards201311
6188.8Shire Hobbits201310
7186.8Asgard Avengers20114
8185.2Clubber Lang Scones20096
9184.9Nazi-Occupied France Bear Jews20139
10184.7Wellington Sugalumps201314
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
135Asgard Avengers20148
237Newport Frozen Bananas20078
338Manhattan Mafia20074
439Etna Thrashers20061
540Metropolis Supermen200711
6 (tie)42Coruscant Sith200611
 42London Secret Agents200512
842.6Hogwarts Wizards201211
944Metropolis Supermen20059
10 (tie)45West Layton Swamp Rats20064
 45West Layton Swamp Rats20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)62West Layton Swamp Rats20065Newport Frozen Bananas (62-52)
 62Winterfell Direwolves20074London Secret Agents (62-59)
363Nazi-Occupied France Bear Jews20061Etna Thrashers (63-39)
466.2Metropolis Supermen20081Shire Hobbits (66.2-63.4)
568.5Galapagos Turtles20089Deadwood Hog Riders (68.5-63.6)
6 (tie)69Montana Mud Dogs20065Galapagos Turtles (69-68)
 69Manhattan Mafia20076Big Sky Mountaineers (69-58)
869.9San Diego Ch 4 News Team200813Fox River Fugitives (69.9-65.7)
970Wellington Sugalumps20075Winterfell Direwolves (70-61)
1071Coruscant Sith20061Winterfell Direwolves (71-69)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1180.8Metropolis Supermen20096Clubber Lang Scones (180.8-185.2)
2165.1Boston Smurfs20148Big Sky Mountaineers (165.1-184.2)
3162.8Boston Smurfs20109Clubber Lang Scones (162.8-179.3)
4162.6Shire Hobbits201314Wellington Sugalumps (162.6-184.7)
5156Newport Frozen Bananas20113Galapagos Turtles (156-174.7)
6155.1Asgard Avengers201313Hogwarts Wizards (155.1-166.4)
7155Shire Hobbits20138Hogwarts Wizards (155-155.9)
8 (tie)154.6Etna Thrashers20134Siberian Soviets (154.6-162.5)
 154.6Etna Thrashers20134Boston Smurfs (154.6-165.8)
10153.7Nor Cal Newbies20124Boston Smurfs (153.7-154.5)
Most Combined Points
1366Clubber Lang Scones vs Metropolis Supermen (185.2-180.8)20096
2349.3Big Sky Mountaineers vs Boston Smurfs (184.2-165.1)20148
3347.3Wellington Sugalumps vs Shire Hobbits (184.7-162.6)201314
4346.2Endor Ewoks vs Asgard Avengers (202.9-143.3)20131
5342.1Clubber Lang Scones vs Boston Smurfs (179.3-162.8)20109
6333.4Boston Smurfs vs Crabbeville Poplars (179.9-153.5)20112
7330.7Galapagos Turtles vs Newport Frozen Bananas (174.7-156)20113
8328.7Asgard Avengers vs McNair Angry Lovers (182.6-146.1)20097
9323.7Wellington Sugalumps vs Boston Smurfs (182.9-140.8)201315
10321.9Montana Mud Dogs vs Galapagos Turtles (179.6-142.3)20148
Fewest Combined Points
1102Nazi-Occupied France Bear Jews vs Etna Thrashers (63-39)20061
2114West Layton Swamp Rats vs Newport Frozen Bananas (62-52)20065
3121Winterfell Direwolves vs London Secret Agents (62-59)20074
4 (tie)126Big Sky Mountaineers vs Southpark Cows (74-52)200611
 126San Diego Ch 4 News Team vs Newport Frozen Bananas (89-37)20078
6127Manhattan Mafia vs Big Sky Mountaineers (69-58)20076
7129.6Metropolis Supermen vs Shire Hobbits (66.2-63.4)20081
8 (tie)131Southpark Cows vs Winterfell Direwolves (74-57)20051
 131Wellington Sugalumps vs Winterfell Direwolves (70-61)20075
 131Metropolis Supermen vs Newport Frozen Bananas (84.9-46.1)20089
Victory Margin
1136.2Shire Hobbits201310Crabbeville Poplars (188.8-52.6)
2109.6Galapagos Turtles20129Hogwarts Wizards (214.8-105.2)
3105.9Clubber Lang Scones201413San Diego Ch 4 News Team (195-89.1)
4105.5Siberian Soviets20134Youngdog Plowshares (162.5-57)
5103Shire Hobbits20079Coruscant Sith (178-75)
6101.2Big Sky Mountaineers201413Etna Thrashers (161.6-60.4)
799.5Crabbeville Poplars20113Helsinki Angry Birds (174.5-75)
899Galapagos Turtles20113San Diego Ch 4 News Team (174.7-75.7)
997Asgard Avengers20066Deadwood Hog Riders (183-86)
1095.2Etna Thrashers201110Nazi-Occupied France Bear Jews (163.4-68.2)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Winterfell Direwolves20132San Diego Ch 4 News Team (125.5-125.4)
 0.10Boston Smurfs20123Etna Thrashers (122.4-122.3)
30.20Globo Gym Purple Cobras201012Youngdog Plowshares (94.8-94.6)
4 (tie)0.40Metropolis Supermen20087Newport Frozen Bananas (96.7-96.3)
 0.40Boston Smurfs20131Wellington Sugalumps (153.8-153.4)
6 (tie)0.50Hogwarts Wizards20089Southpark Cows (94.8-94.3)
 0.50Farmington Cowboys201313Etna Thrashers (141.3-140.8)
80.60Asgard Avengers20123Nazi-Occupied France Bear Jews (93.6-93)
9 (tie)0.70San Diego Ch 4 News Team20101Boston Smurfs (117.3-116.6)
 0.70Boston Smurfs20141Galapagos Turtles (110.2-109.5)

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