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Top Prospects Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1184.9Five rings201112
2180Ollie's Raiders20112
3173.6Tree Fitty201115
4168.2Five rings20114
5167.35Five rings20111
6166.35Polk High Panthers20111
7166.3Cosmic Psychos201113
9163.75PROS vs JOES20112
10158.05Montana Grizzlies201114
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
162.5PROS vs JOES20117
266.65Polk High Panthers20117
469.5Ollie's Raiders20116
579Hosers Heroes20111
684.45Hosers Heroes20118
784.65Polk High Panthers20115
884.9Ollie's Raiders201111
984.95Tree Fitty20118
1085.45Polk High Panthers20116
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
195The Misfits201113Dementors (95-91.55)
297.7Cosmic Psychos20117PROS vs JOES (97.7-62.5)
398Five rings201111Polk High Panthers (98-94.75)
4100.8Dementors20117Polk High Panthers (100.8-66.65)
5100.9Polk High Panthers201110Ollie's Raiders (100.9-100.1)
6103.15Feisty Ferrets201112Ollie's Raiders (103.15-95.8)
7104.1PROS vs JOES20115Polk High Panthers (104.1-84.65)
8104.15Dementors201112Cosmic Psychos (104.15-103.3)
9106.6Tree Fitty20113The Misfits (106.6-104.3)
10107.75Dementors20116The Misfits (107.75-101.25)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1163.75PROS vs JOES20112Ollie's Raiders (163.75-180)
2137.25Tree Fitty20111Polk High Panthers (137.25-166.35)
3131.6Feisty Ferrets20113Cosmic Psychos (131.6-154.2)
4129.65Cosmic Psychos201116Five rings (129.65-133.75)
5128.95Tree Fitty20114PROS vs JOES (128.95-131.05)
6127.65Ollie's Raiders20119PROS vs JOES (127.65-147.2)
7126.65Polk High Panthers20114Ollie's Raiders (126.65-132.65)
8125.7Five rings201115Montana Grizzlies (125.7-130.55)
9124.55FFNewsletter20119Dementors (124.55-128.15)
10122.7Cosmic Psychos20114Five rings (122.7-168.2)
Most Combined Points
1343.75Ollie's Raiders vs PROS vs JOES (180-163.75)20112
2303.6Polk High Panthers vs Tree Fitty (166.35-137.25)20111
3290.9Five rings vs Cosmic Psychos (168.2-122.7)20114
4285.8Cosmic Psychos vs Feisty Ferrets (154.2-131.6)20113
5281.8Five rings vs The Misfits (184.9-96.9)201112
6280Dementors vs Cosmic Psychos (165.9-114.1)20115
7277.05Tree Fitty vs Cosmic Psychos (173.6-103.45)201115
8274.85PROS vs JOES vs Ollie's Raiders (147.2-127.65)20119
9270.95Five rings vs FFNewsletter (150.1-120.85)201113
10264.6Montana Grizzlies vs Dementors (158.05-106.55)201114
Fewest Combined Points
1160.2Cosmic Psychos vs PROS vs JOES (97.7-62.5)20117
2167.45Dementors vs Polk High Panthers (100.8-66.65)20117
3186.55The Misfits vs Dementors (95-91.55)201113
4188.75PROS vs JOES vs Polk High Panthers (104.1-84.65)20115
5192.75Five rings vs Polk High Panthers (98-94.75)201111
6198.95Feisty Ferrets vs Ollie's Raiders (103.15-95.8)201112
7200.85Montana Grizzlies vs The Misfits (109.1-91.75)20117
8200.95PROS vs JOES vs Montana Grizzlies (108.4-92.55)201113
9201Polk High Panthers vs Ollie's Raiders (100.9-100.1)201110
10201.15Ollie's Raiders vs Feisty Ferrets (110.6-90.55)20115
Victory Margin
188Five rings201112The Misfits (184.9-96.9)
280Cosmic Psychos201113Hosers Heroes (166.3-86.3)
377.35Five rings20111Dementors (167.35-90)
470.15Tree Fitty201115Cosmic Psychos (173.6-103.45)
568.25Hosers Heroes201110Dementors (156.25-88)
667.95Tree Fitty20116Ollie's Raiders (137.45-69.5)
766.7The Misfits20118Hosers Heroes (151.15-84.45)
866.55Cosmic Psychos20118FFNewsletter (135.4-68.85)
966.5Polk High Panthers20113Hosers Heroes (154.6-88.1)
1060.85The Misfits20111Hosers Heroes (139.85-79)
Least Victory Margin
10.80Polk High Panthers201110Ollie's Raiders (100.9-100.1)
20.85Dementors201112Cosmic Psychos (104.15-103.3)
30.90Montana Grizzlies20115Tree Fitty (115.65-114.75)
41.90FFNewsletter20115Hosers Heroes (120.4-118.5)
52.10PROS vs JOES20114Tree Fitty (131.05-128.95)
62.30Tree Fitty20113The Misfits (106.6-104.3)
73.25Five rings201111Polk High Panthers (98-94.75)
83.45The Misfits201113Dementors (95-91.55)
93.60Dementors20119FFNewsletter (128.15-124.55)
103.65Tree Fitty201110PROS vs JOES (120.55-116.9)

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