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The Dirty Dozen Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1202.1The Hitmen20153
2186.3Ol' Dirty Bastards20195
3184.8Dumb & Dumber20195
5183.5The Nutty Irishmen200714
6179.6Dumb & Dumber201313
7178Ol' Dirty Bastards20125
8176.8Dumb & Dumber201010
9176.3NJ Outkasts201812
10175.4Prestige Worldwide201810
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
130.6NJ Outkasts20075
333.6The Wu-verines20064
436Dumb & Dumber200513
536.3New World Order20136
739RYE REBELS20044
8 (tie)40MeatPuppets200413
 40The Cropdusters20101
10 (tie)41Cool Runnings20051
 41Cool Runnings200511
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
144.5New World Order20075NJ Outkasts (44.5-30.6)
254The Hitmen20044RYE REBELS (54-39)
3 (tie)57NJ Outkasts20055Elvis TCB (57-53)
 57SKamara94120047Sopranos (57-56)
561Ol' Dirty Bastards20043MeatPuppets (61-50)
661.3The Cropdusters201111Ol' Dirty Bastards (61.3-60.4)
7 (tie)62Teufel Hunden200510Elvis TCB (62-53)
 62Sopranos20041Jamedicus (62-60)
962.3Cool Runnings200611Jamedicus (62.3-54.5)
1062.5The Hitmen201511SKamara941 (62.5-59.4)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1147.9The Hitmen20148NJ Outkasts (147.9-152.6)
2147.4Jamedicus201712SKamara941 (147.4-147.5)
3143.5Ol' Dirty Bastards201413Jamedicus (143.5-154)
4142.1The Nutty Irishmen20145NJ Outkasts (142.1-161.9)
5136.6Ol' Dirty Bastards20165Elvis TCB (136.6-144.5)
6136MeatPuppets201113The Hitmen (136-139.5)
7135.3Prestige Worldwide20186The Hitmen (135.3-145.4)
8134.3The Nutty Irishmen20151NJ Outkasts (134.3-155.5)
9134Elvis TCB201011The Hitmen (134-137)
10132.2Prestige Worldwide20195Dumb & Dumber (132.2-184.8)
Most Combined Points
1317Dumb & Dumber vs Prestige Worldwide (184.8-132.2)20195
2310.5Jamedicus vs The Wu-verines (184.5-126)201315
3304.7The Hitmen vs Jamedicus (202.1-102.6)20153
4304NJ Outkasts vs The Nutty Irishmen (161.9-142.1)20145
5300.5NJ Outkasts vs The Hitmen (152.6-147.9)20148
6297.5Jamedicus vs Ol' Dirty Bastards (154-143.5)201413
7297.1Prestige Worldwide vs The Wu-verines (175.4-121.7)201810
8294.9SKamara941 vs Jamedicus (147.5-147.4)201712
9289.8NJ Outkasts vs The Nutty Irishmen (155.5-134.3)20151
10286.8Ol' Dirty Bastards vs SKamara941 (186.3-100.5)20195
Fewest Combined Points
175.1New World Order vs NJ Outkasts (44.5-30.6)20075
293The Hitmen vs RYE REBELS (54-39)20044
3102Teufel Hunden vs Ol' Dirty Bastards (51-51)20042
4103.1The Cropdusters vs New World Order (66.8-36.3)20136
5106.8Dumb & Dumber vs The Wu-verines (73.2-33.6)20064
6109Cool Runnings vs Ol' Dirty Bastards (66-43)20044
7110NJ Outkasts vs Elvis TCB (57-53)20055
8111Ol' Dirty Bastards vs MeatPuppets (61-50)20043
9112Elvis TCB vs Cool Runnings (66-46)200410
10113SKamara941 vs Sopranos (57-56)20047
Victory Margin
1123Dumb & Dumber201010Elvis TCB (176.8-53.8)
2113.1Ol' Dirty Bastards20125SKamara941 (178-64.9)
3109.1New World Order20173Dumb & Dumber (166.3-57.2)
4100.5Dumb & Dumber201313SKamara941 (179.6-79.1)
5 (tie)99.5The Nutty Irishmen200714Jamedicus (183.5-84)
 99.5The Hitmen20153Jamedicus (202.1-102.6)
796.8Ol' Dirty Bastards20072The Wu-verines (138.6-41.8)
892.5Prestige Worldwide201813Jamedicus (137.4-44.9)
992.1The Cropdusters200914The Nutty Irishmen (169.6-77.5)
1087.5Jamedicus200912The Cropdusters (158.8-71.3)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10NJ Outkasts20199Dumb & Dumber (112.8-112.7)
 0.10MeatPuppets201111Elvis TCB (124.1-124)
 0.10SKamara941201712Jamedicus (147.5-147.4)
 0.10Ol' Dirty Bastards20062SKamara941 (103.3-103.2)
 0.10Dumb & Dumber20107The Hitmen (103.1-103)
6 (tie)0.20Elvis TCB20089MeatPuppets (84.2-84)
 0.20NJ Outkasts20141Elvis TCB (101.8-101.6)
 0.20The Wu-verines20102Elvis TCB (77.2-77)
 0.20Jamedicus200911The Wu-verines (122.2-122)
 0.20The Hitmen201613The Cropdusters (99.7-99.5)
 0.20New World Order201811SKamara941 (111.2-111)

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