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My Chemical Bromance Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1273.3The Chicken Man20148
2258.6Cap'n Cook20207
3240.75Tread Lightly201813
4237.6Tread Lightly20215
5236.25Tread Lightly201515
6236.05Tread Lightly201810
7233.85The Chicken Man201412
8233.05Strung Tight202014
9232.35The Chicken Man20166
10230.1Hola DEA20202
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
154.4Cap'n Cook20146
262.6Cap'n Cook20175
365.65No Half Measures202110
467.35Better Call Saul20219
571.45Better Call Saul20218
672.8Hola DEA20175
774.05Kill 'Em All20133
874.6Hells Bells202013
974.7The Chicken Man20197
1075.95No Half Measures201911
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
198.95Cap'n Cook20176Hola DEA (98.95-86.25)
299.1Hells Bells20177Kill 'Em All (99.1-90.1)
3102Hells Bells201713Hola DEA (102-95.25)
4103.15Hola DEA201710Strung Tight (103.15-97.85)
5106.65Hola DEA202115Kill 'Em All (106.65-85.65)
6107.35Better Call Saul20138Strung Tight (107.35-104.1)
7109.45Kill 'Em All20174Hells Bells (109.45-104.9)
8109.95Hells Bells201310Chasing Monsters (109.95-103.25)
9110.1Hola DEA20137Chasing Monsters (110.1-93.9)
10111Cap'n Cook20132Strung Tight (111-105.05)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1201.7The Chicken Man20173Tread Lightly (201.7-211.05)
2194.5Hola DEA20211Tread Lightly (194.5-206.8)
3193.25Strung Tight20184Hola DEA (193.25-208.5)
4192.35Chasing Monsters20204The Chicken Man (192.35-204.05)
5191.7The Chicken Man201616Better Call Saul (191.7-201.55)
6185.2Tread Lightly20195Hells Bells (185.2-222.55)
7183.15Tread Lightly202011Chasing Monsters (183.15-184.65)
8181.65Strung Tight20214Cap'n Cook (181.65-183.25)
9181.6Better Call Saul201711The Chicken Man (181.6-188.9)
10179.75Better Call Saul201816Tread Lightly (179.75-208.2)
Most Combined Points
1413.45Tread Lightly vs The Chicken Man (237.6-175.85)20215
2412.75Tread Lightly vs The Chicken Man (211.05-201.7)20173
3407.75Hells Bells vs Tread Lightly (222.55-185.2)20195
4404.15Hola DEA vs The Chicken Man (230.1-174.05)20202
5401.75Hola DEA vs Strung Tight (208.5-193.25)20184
6401.3Tread Lightly vs Hola DEA (206.8-194.5)20211
7400.7Tread Lightly vs Hola DEA (221.15-179.55)202015
8400.4Better Call Saul vs The Chicken Man (228.1-172.3)201715
9396.4The Chicken Man vs Chasing Monsters (204.05-192.35)20204
10393.25Better Call Saul vs The Chicken Man (201.55-191.7)201616
Fewest Combined Points
1185.2Cap'n Cook vs Hola DEA (98.95-86.25)20176
2189.2Hells Bells vs Kill 'Em All (99.1-90.1)20177
3190.35No Half Measures vs Cap'n Cook (127.75-62.6)20175
4192.3Hola DEA vs Kill 'Em All (106.65-85.65)202115
5192.4Cap'n Cook vs Chasing Monsters (112.2-80.2)20135
6195.35Better Call Saul vs The Chicken Man (120.65-74.7)20197
7197.25Hells Bells vs Hola DEA (102-95.25)201713
8197.5Kill 'Em All vs No Half Measures (121.55-75.95)201911
9197.75The Chicken Man vs No Half Measures (120.9-76.85)20139
10201Hola DEA vs Strung Tight (103.15-97.85)201710
Victory Margin
1157.4Better Call Saul20146Cap'n Cook (211.8-54.4)
2153.65The Chicken Man20148Tread Lightly (273.3-119.65)
3127.9Tread Lightly201515Cap'n Cook (236.25-108.35)
4126.1Cap'n Cook20207Hola DEA (258.6-132.5)
5123.4Chasing Monsters20144Cap'n Cook (215.1-91.7)
6114.3Cap'n Cook20139Hola DEA (205.1-90.8)
7113.25Tread Lightly201813Better Call Saul (240.75-127.5)
8108.6Tread Lightly201313Hells Bells (205.9-97.3)
9107.25Chasing Monsters20153Kill 'Em All (193.65-86.4)
10106.65Hells Bells20142Cap'n Cook (196.5-89.85)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Strung Tight20211Kill 'Em All (155.2-155.1)
2 (tie)0.15Chasing Monsters20136Tread Lightly (119-118.85)
 0.15Hells Bells20152The Chicken Man (149.1-148.95)
 0.15Kill 'Em All20152Hola DEA (161.15-161)
5 (tie)0.20Chasing Monsters20196Cap'n Cook (133.55-133.35)
 0.20Better Call Saul20161Cap'n Cook (145.15-144.95)
 0.20Hells Bells20155Hola DEA (126.7-126.5)
8 (tie)0.25Cap'n Cook20145No Half Measures (138.05-137.8)
 0.25Chasing Monsters20205Better Call Saul (153.8-153.55)
10 (tie)0.40Cap'n Cook201711Hells Bells (119.9-119.5)
 0.40Strung Tight20194Hells Bells (153.05-152.65)

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