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2008 First Christian Church Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1236.3Birds of Pray200812
2224.95Woody's Woodpeckers200812
4216.85The Allegheny Anarchists20084
5206.1Team Mayle200812
6205.25Woody's Woodpeckers200811
7204.7The Allegheny Anarchists200810
8203.35The Mozzarella Stix20082
10202.4Cheap Seats20086
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Kernell Gang 200813
 0The Big Chalupas200716
 0The Four Horseman200717
 0Demolition Derby20089
 0Demolition Derby200810
 0The Fumble Bees200616
734Ree's Ragin' Cajuns200611
9 (tie)42The Prime200617
 42The Prime20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
161Bulldogs200617The Prime (61-42)
270The Mozzarella Stix20063Predators (70-65)
3 (tie)71Hodges' Heros200615Rye's Firebirds (71-55)
 71The Prime20064Louisville Lions (71-70)
573Hodges' Heros200717Ree's Ragin' Cajuns (73-72)
674Louisville Lions20076Pittsburgh Pyros (74-66)
776Rye's Firebirds20066The Mozzarella Stix (76-67)
8 (tie)79Pittsburgh Pyros200611Clowns (79-52)
 79Pittsburgh Pyros20075Ree's Ragin' Cajuns (79-67)
10 (tie)80Predators20075The Four Horseman (80-74)
 80Kagler's Krushers200613Green Hornets (80-65)
 80Rye's Firebirds200616Blitzburgh (80-72)
 80Mountaineers20065Blitzburgh (80-69)
 80Team UltraLord200717Turf Guys (80-73)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1191Woody's Woodpeckers200817Lambert's Lunatics (191-195.15)
2190.7Open #520082Hodges' Heros (190.7-195.4)
3175.55Kernell Gang 200814Robeast's Wreckers (175.55-188.95)
4168The Mozzarella Stix20072Powder Puff's (168-169)
5165.6Lambert's Lunatics200816Birds of Pray (165.6-177.15)
6164.8Cheap Seats200811Predators (164.8-173.25)
7163Team Warstler200814SBG Canton (163-183.3)
8158.05Fumble Bees20084The Allegheny Anarchists (158.05-216.85)
9157Team UltraLord20072Ree's Ragin' Cajuns (157-165)
10156.65Fumble Bees200812Bulldogs (156.65-177.25)
Most Combined Points
1386.15Lambert's Lunatics vs Woody's Woodpeckers (195.15-191)200817
2386.1Hodges' Heros vs Open #5 (195.4-190.7)20082
3374.9The Allegheny Anarchists vs Fumble Bees (216.85-158.05)20084
4364.5Robeast's Wreckers vs Kernell Gang (188.95-175.55)200814
5363.4Woody's Woodpeckers vs Orange Hawks (224.95-138.45)200812
6360.25Birds of Pray vs Wahl's Warriors (236.3-123.95)200812
7349.85Cheap Seats vs Team UltraLord (202.4-147.45)20086
8346.3SBG Canton vs Team Warstler (183.3-163)200814
9 (tie)345.45Polecats vs Predators (200.05-145.4)200813
 345.45Team Mayle vs Polecats (206.1-139.35)200812
Fewest Combined Points
185SBG Canton vs The Four Horseman (85-0)200717
288Bulldogs vs The Big Chalupas (88-0)200716
389Hodges' Heros vs The Fumble Bees (89-0)200616
4103Bulldogs vs The Prime (61-42)200617
5119Robeast's Wreckers vs Ree's Ragin' Cajuns (85-34)200611
6126Hodges' Heros vs Rye's Firebirds (71-55)200615
7131Pittsburgh Pyros vs Clowns (79-52)200611
8132Robeast's Wreckers vs Tecmo (95-37)200717
9134.9The Prime vs Demolition Derby (134.9-0)20089
10135The Mozzarella Stix vs Predators (70-65)20063
Victory Margin
1180.7Rockets200813Kernell Gang (180.7-0)
2145Robeast's Wreckers20079Clowns (199-54)
3143.7Kernell Gang 200810Demolition Derby (143.7-0)
4134.9The Prime20089Demolition Derby (134.9-0)
5118Robeast's Wreckers200713Kagler's Krushers (172-54)
6113.3Predators200817Team Devine (219.75-106.45)
7112.35Birds of Pray200812Wahl's Warriors (236.3-123.95)
8110.6Mountaineers200813Green Hornets (203.1-92.5)
9101Robeast's Wreckers200711The Big Chalupas (148-47)
1098Hodges' Heros200710Mountaineers (176-78)
Least Victory Margin
10.05The Mozzarella Stix20086Lions of Judah (105.05-105)
20.25Mountaineers20085Kernell Gang (121.4-121.15)
30.30Team UltraLord200812Hughes' Headbangers (127.85-127.55)
40.35Open #520083Louisville Lions (89.2-88.85)
50.90Lambert's Lunatics200813Fumble Bees (127.75-126.85)
60.95Mountaineers20089Woody's Woodpeckers (128.2-127.25)
7 (tie)1Cheap Seats20067Mountaineers (99-98)
 1Cheap Seats200714Tecmo (116-115)
 1Predators20077Cheap Seats (99-98)
 1Louisville Lions200613Robeast's Wreckers (100-99)
 1Blitzburgh200710Team UltraLord (87-86)
 1Hodges' Heros200717Ree's Ragin' Cajuns (73-72)
 1The Prime20064Louisville Lions (71-70)
 1Green Hornets20071Powder Puff's (126-125)
 1Lions, Tigers & Wings, Oh My!200715SBG Canton (96-95)
 1Clowns200614Rye's Firebirds (97-96)
 1Powder Puff's20072The Mozzarella Stix (169-168)
 1The Scotsmen200615Pittsburgh Pyros (107-106)

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