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Mullen Clan Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points - Single Game
1177.96Prestige Worldwide20195
2176.66Belichicks Bastards201315
3176.44Scoot The Maytals20157
4167.04Hartford HopHeads20135
5164.32Scoot The Maytals201412
9160Biffy Kong20076
10159.54Biffy Kong20182
Fewest Points - Single Game
111Bone Crushers200812
223The Baby Makers20075
331Hometown Heroes20078
5 (tie)36Bone Crushers20085
7 (tie)37Hometown Heroes200714
 37Hartford HopHeads20088
937.52Boston Bluebloods201511
1038John Wick Boogie Man20071
Fewest Points - Win
137Hometown Heroes200714Grizzlies (37-35)
244Grizzlies20075The Baby Makers (44-23)
3 (tie)56Maine Tides20095WickdRippaZippas (56-47)
 56Lacking Lakers20083Lady Mullens Minions (56-47)
556.06WickdRippaZippas201211Holmes Cooking (56.06-50.24)
658Hartford HopHeads200710Hometown Heroes (58-46)
7 (tie)59Maine Tides20088Hartford HopHeads (59-37)
 59WickdRippaZippas20081CWPJ (59-36)
 59John Wick Boogie Man20082Belichicks Bastards (59-58)
1059.3Drool20179Prestige Worldwide (59.3-43.98)
Most Points - Loss
1137.5Prestige Worldwide20186Scoot The Maytals (137.5-141.3)
2135Scoot The Maytals20096Mustangs (135-138)
3133.6Maine Tides201810Boston Bluebloods (133.6-145.54)
4129.82Grizzlies201612Bone Crushers (129.82-134.1)
5129.52Drool201610John Wick Boogie Man (129.52-139.72)
6126.02Lady Mullens Minions20114Drool (126.02-129.41)
7126Lacking Lakers201011Kingston Dollphins (126-141)
8124.84Blitz & Giggles20193The Baby Makers (124.84-129.36)
9124.34Hometown Heroes20181Scoot The Maytals (124.34-133.84)
10124.14Lady Mullens Minions20193Chargers (124.14-151.3)
Most Points - Combined
1291.9Belichicks Bastards vs Kingston Dollphins (176.66-115.24)201315
2279.14Boston Bluebloods vs Maine Tides (145.54-133.6)201810
3278.8Scoot The Maytals vs Prestige Worldwide (141.3-137.5)20186
4275.44Chargers vs Lady Mullens Minions (151.3-124.14)20193
5274.44Grizzlies vs Hartford HopHeads (160.24-114.2)201412
6273Mustangs vs Scoot The Maytals (138-135)20096
7269.24John Wick Boogie Man vs Drool (139.72-129.52)201610
8267.1WickdRippaZippas vs Hometown Heroes (152.64-114.46)20191
9267Kingston Dollphins vs Lacking Lakers (141-126)201011
10266.82The Baby Makers vs Prestige Worldwide (147.2-119.62)201713
Fewest Points - Combined
167Grizzlies vs The Baby Makers (44-23)20075
272Hometown Heroes vs Grizzlies (37-35)200714
376Scoot The Maytals vs Bone Crushers (65-11)200812
495WickdRippaZippas vs CWPJ (59-36)20081
596Maine Tides vs Hartford HopHeads (59-37)20088
6 (tie)103Lacking Lakers vs Lady Mullens Minions (56-47)20083
 103Maine Tides vs WickdRippaZippas (56-47)20095
8103.28Drool vs Prestige Worldwide (59.3-43.98)20179
9104Hartford HopHeads vs Hometown Heroes (58-46)200710
10106.3WickdRippaZippas vs Holmes Cooking (56.06-50.24)201211
Victory Margin
1119.26Scoot The Maytals20157Bone Crushers (176.44-57.18)
2115Prestige Worldwide20195Boston Bluebloods (177.96-62.96)
3110.06Drool20164WickdRippaZippas (160.16-50.1)
4106.74Hartford HopHeads20135Biffy Kong (167.04-60.3)
5105Biffy Kong20076Hometown Heroes (160-55)
691.92John Wick Boogie Man20189Hometown Heroes (131.52-39.6)
791.3Hartford HopHeads20185The Kryptonites (146.22-54.92)
891.12WickdRippaZippas201711Maine Tides (159.02-67.9)
989.42The Baby Makers201212Chargers (140.42-51)
1088.88Biffy Kong20182Maine Tides (159.54-70.66)
Least Victory Margin
10.06Biffy Kong201713Lacking Lakers (99.68-99.62)
20.12Biffy Kong20148Mustangs (91.56-91.44)
3 (tie)0.18WickdRippaZippas20138Kingston Dollphins (112.5-112.32)
 0.18The Baby Makers20132Walter Mittys (90.84-90.66)
5 (tie)0.20Maine Tides201811Belichicks Bastards (110.08-109.88)
 0.20Hartford HopHeads201713Drool (87.06-86.86)
70.26Biffy Kong20165Lady Mullens Minions (100.22-99.96)
80.28Scoot The Maytals20168Hartford HopHeads (101.68-101.4)
9 (tie)0.30Scoot The Maytals20119John Wick Boogie Man (109.7-109.4)
 0.30Bone Crushers201613Lacking Lakers (93.52-93.22)

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