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Erie League 2 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1179.9Gang Green20036
2169.2Gang Green20034
5160.85*Boston Bad Boys20073
6158.3*Sidney Dragons20066
7157.7*Kill em All20058
8155.55*Sidney Dragons20053
9155.5*Summer Wind20079
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
225.05*Sidney Dragons20077
340.45*Oregon Grinders III200514
544.05*Stepped in Smurf200513
644.2*Young Guns200610
746.4*Capital City Smog20076
846.65The Truth200312
947.2*Stepped in Smurf20037
1047.95*BLACK MAMBA20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
166.1*Endzone Campers 6200814*BLACK MAMBA (66.1-56.45)
266.45*Boston Bad Boys200513*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (66.45-65.9)
366.9TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish20033*Boston Bad Boys (66.9-55.45)
466.95*Stepped in Smurf20038*Boston Bad Boys (66.95-61.5)
568.55*Panther Skinner20054*BLUE AND GOLD FOREVER (68.55-50.6)
669.2*Playaction200811*Pitt (69.2-51.2)
769.5*Kill em All20059*BLUE AND GOLD FOREVER (69.5-53.1)
869.9*Kill em All20071*BLACK MAMBA (69.9-69.3)
971.35*Michigan Panthers20063*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (71.35-54.7)
1071.85*La Hogue Bears20074*BLACK MAMBA (71.85-55.85)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1141.45*The Trading Post20072*Sidney Dragons (141.45-144.95)
2138.35*Sidney Dragons20049*Playaction (138.35-154.9)
3135.85*Chowbox200710*Boston Bad Boys (135.85-144.35)
4135.8*Summer Wind200410*Oregon Grinders III (135.8-135.95)
5131.5*Kill em All200712*Endzone Campers 6 (131.5-134.9)
6131.35*Sidney Dragons200514*Summer Wind (131.35-147.9)
7128.05*Summer Wind200712*Playaction (128.05-147.6)
8126.9*Oregon Grinders III200610*Sidney Dragons (126.9-144.05)
9125.2*Playaction200515*Summer Wind (125.2-144.65)
10124.9*Boston Bad Boys20079*Summer Wind (124.9-155.5)
Most Combined Points
1293.25*Playaction vs *Sidney Dragons (154.9-138.35)20049
2286.4*Sidney Dragons vs *The Trading Post (144.95-141.45)20072
3280.4*Summer Wind vs *Boston Bad Boys (155.5-124.9)20079
4280.2*Boston Bad Boys vs *Chowbox (144.35-135.85)200710
5279.25*Summer Wind vs *Sidney Dragons (147.9-131.35)200514
6275.65*Playaction vs *Summer Wind (147.6-128.05)200712
7275.35*Sidney Dragons vs *Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (158.3-117.05)20066
8274.15*Panther Skinner vs *Boston Bad Boys (152.05-122.1)200412
9271.75*Oregon Grinders III vs *Summer Wind (135.95-135.8)200410
10270.95*Sidney Dragons vs *Oregon Grinders III (144.05-126.9)200610
Fewest Combined Points
1119*Playaction vs *Pitt (95.9-23.1)200815
2119.15*Panther Skinner vs *BLUE AND GOLD FOREVER (68.55-50.6)20054
3120.4*Playaction vs *Pitt (69.2-51.2)200811
4122.35TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish vs *Boston Bad Boys (66.9-55.45)20033
5122.55*Endzone Campers 6 vs *BLACK MAMBA (66.1-56.45)200814
6122.6*Kill em All vs *BLUE AND GOLD FOREVER (69.5-53.1)20059
7124.85*Chowbox vs *Oregon Grinders III (84.4-40.45)200514
8126.05*Michigan Panthers vs *Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (71.35-54.7)20063
9126.95*The Trading Post vs *BLACK MAMBA (75.5-51.45)20076
10127.5*Kill em All vs *BLUE AND GOLD FOREVER (85.35-42.15)20049
Victory Margin
1109Gang Green20036Tekela KATs in ' 04 !!! (179.9-70.9)
285.9*Summer Wind20077*Sidney Dragons (110.95-25.05)
382.35Gang Green20034*Playaction (169.2-86.85)
477.45*Sidney Dragons200611*Michigan Panthers (130.85-53.4)
575.4*Summer Wind20048*Panther Skinner (151.6-76.2)
673.55*Boston Bad Boys20073*La Hogue Bears (160.85-87.3)
773*Chowbox200813*Playaction (128.25-55.25)
8 (tie)72.8*Playaction200815*Pitt (95.9-23.1)
 72.8Red Zone20037*Stepped in Smurf (120-47.2)
1072.5*Boston Bad Boys20076*Capital City Smog (118.9-46.4)
Least Victory Margin
10.10*The Truth200413*Boston Bad Boys (112.8-112.7)
20.15*Oregon Grinders III200410*Summer Wind (135.95-135.8)
30.35*Sidney Dragons20061*Summer Wind (92.85-92.5)
40.50*Boston Bad Boys20062*Michigan Panthers (93.6-93.1)
50.55*Boston Bad Boys200513*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (66.45-65.9)
6 (tie)0.60*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20065*Playaction (86.5-85.9)
 0.60*Kill em All20071*BLACK MAMBA (69.9-69.3)
8 (tie)0.70*Oregon Grinders III20053*Summer Wind (89.75-89.05)
 0.70*Panther Skinner20057*Kill em All (86.95-86.25)
100.80*Michigan Panthers20068*Summer Wind (111.15-110.35)

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