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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1195.95Vancouver Voodoo20073
2192.57Bottom Brick20082
3191.07Bad Boys200712
4190.15Ballin Buckeyes200712
5189.89Powers of Pain20077
6189.85The Chozen Onez20063
7188.05King Cobras200610
8186.68Bad Boys200714
10185.7Bad Boys20068
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
142.82Ballin Buckeyes20078
265.53The Sharkattack20081
373.16Lane of Pain200814
476.25The Chozen Onez20071
578.64The Chozen Onez20075
679.7The Chozen Onez20069
780The Chozen Onez20064
883.91Vancouver Voodoo20075
984.91The Sharkattack20083
1086.14Lords of War20081
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
197.18Skulls & Bones20071Vancouver Voodoo (97.18-92.3)
2105.64Skulls & Bones20075The Chozen Onez (105.64-78.64)
3106.54Lords of War200814Lane of Pain (106.54-73.16)
4107.67Skulls & Bones20082Starman (107.67-106.57)
5109.27Lords of War20067Powers of Pain (109.27-104.91)
6110.47Dragons20065The Professor (110.47-107.56)
7112.02Skulls & Bones200813The Chozen Onez (112.02-104.65)
8112.19Powers of Pain200812King Cobras (112.19-93.32)
9112.37Bad Boys200813The Sharkattack (112.37-110.06)
10113.35Skulls & Bones200710Lords of War (113.35-109.92)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1175.39Crazy Canucks200615Dragons (175.39-178.21)
2172.24Bottom Brick200813King Cobras (172.24-175.26)
3161.81The Padded Ones20073Vancouver Voodoo (161.81-195.95)
4157.93Lords of War200711King Cobras (157.93-162.8)
5155.61King Cobras20082Bottom Brick (155.61-192.57)
6155.45Skulls & Bones200812Bad Boys (155.45-156.17)
7155.09King Cobras20076Dragons (155.09-156.5)
8154.93Powers of Pain20079Vancouver Voodoo (154.93-165.07)
9154.5Crazy Canucks200610Dragons (154.5-184.89)
10153.93Powers of Pain20072Dragons (153.93-157.27)
Most Combined Points
1357.76Vancouver Voodoo vs The Padded Ones (195.95-161.81)20073
2353.6Dragons vs Crazy Canucks (178.21-175.39)200615
3348.18Bottom Brick vs King Cobras (192.57-155.61)20082
4347.5King Cobras vs Bottom Brick (175.26-172.24)200813
5342.74King Cobras vs King Cobras (171.37-171.37)200816
6339.39Dragons vs Crazy Canucks (184.89-154.5)200610
7335.74King Cobras vs The Chozen Onez (188.05-147.69)200610
8326.4Dragons vs Bombers (174.43-151.97)200616
9323.15King Cobras vs The Padded Ones (174.7-148.45)200612
10323.14Bad Boys vs Bombers (185.7-137.44)20068
Fewest Combined Points
1179.7Lords of War vs Lane of Pain (106.54-73.16)200814
2182.27Vancouver Voodoo vs Ballin Buckeyes (139.45-42.82)20078
3182.34Bad Boys vs The Sharkattack (116.81-65.53)20081
4184.28Skulls & Bones vs The Chozen Onez (105.64-78.64)20075
5189.48Skulls & Bones vs Vancouver Voodoo (97.18-92.3)20071
6204.47Skulls & Bones vs Lords of War (118.33-86.14)20081
7205.51Powers of Pain vs King Cobras (112.19-93.32)200812
8205.88The Chozen Onez vs The Sharkattack (120.97-84.91)20083
9209.09Crazy Canucks vs Vancouver Voodoo (125.18-83.91)20075
10210.18Bad Boys vs Dragons (113.79-96.39)20078
Victory Margin
1106.36Bombers20069The Chozen Onez (186.06-79.7)
296.63Vancouver Voodoo20078Ballin Buckeyes (139.45-42.82)
378.81Powers of Pain20077Skulls & Bones (189.89-111.08)
477.11Ballin Buckeyes20076The Padded Ones (174.41-97.3)
576.86Dragons20067King Cobras (176.99-100.13)
673.84Crazy Canucks20064The Chozen Onez (153.84-80)
772.06Powers of Pain20066The Professor (165.9-93.84)
871.59King Cobras200712Powers of Pain (182.46-110.87)
969.71Dragons20066The Chozen Onez (181.24-111.53)
1068.92Lords of War20071The Chozen Onez (145.17-76.25)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.15Lords of War20069The Padded Ones (134.33-134.18)
 0.15Skulls & Bones200714Lords of War (148.36-148.21)
30.19Dragons20081King Cobras (140.99-140.8)
40.51Skulls & Bones200713King Cobras (136.11-135.6)
50.72Bad Boys200812Skulls & Bones (156.17-155.45)
61.09Crazy Canucks20062Bad Boys (151.93-150.84)
71.10Skulls & Bones20082Starman (107.67-106.57)
81.11Vancouver Voodoo20072The Chozen Onez (135.87-134.76)
91.14Bad Boys20082Dragons (117.44-116.3)
101.25Lords of War20063Bad Boys (139.42-138.17)

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