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Central New York Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1197Team To Be Named Later200711
2178Team To Be Named Later20071
3175New York Chucktossers200714
4174Drunkin' Irish20087
5 (tie)173Da Sorry Browns20076
 173New York Chucktossers20077
7169Jersey Devils20076
8165Team To Be Named Later200813
9164Team To Be Named Later20072
10163Spartan Warriors20072
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
149Jersey Devils20075
252The Dark Knights of Gotham200813
455Jersey Devils200714
556Team Cosgrave200814
6 (tie)58Syracuse Demons20087
 58Team Cosgrave20084
859Drunkin' Irish200811
960Mayday Squad20081
1061Drunkin' Irish20071
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
174Team Cosgrave20089Da Sorry Browns (74-73)
280Da Sorry Browns200814Team Cosgrave (80-56)
3 (tie)84New York Chucktossers200812Spartan Warriors (84-74)
 84Spartan Warriors20075Syracuse Storm (84-73)
 84Spartan Warriors20081New York Chucktossers (84-81)
6 (tie)88Drunkin' Irish200710Bears (88-53)
 88Bears20075Jersey Devils (88-49)
889Drunkin' Irish20082Pirates (89-88)
9 (tie)90Da Sorry Browns200813The Dark Knights of Gotham (90-52)
 90L' Court Fire20082Jersey Devils (90-90) TB
 90Syracuse Demons200810Team To Be Named Later (90-87)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1151Jersey Devils20079Team To Be Named Later (151-153)
2140Team To Be Named Later20082Spartan Warriors (140-150)
3 (tie)138Spartan Warriors20079Da Sorry Browns (138-157)
 138Spartan Warriors200714Drunkin' Irish (138-146)
 138Team To Be Named Later200710Pirates (138-155)
6136Pirates200711New York Chucktossers (136-158)
7129Da Sorry Browns200712Bears (129-147)
8 (tie)127Spartan Warriors200711Team To Be Named Later (127-197)
 127Mayday Squad20084Pirates (127-153)
 127Syracuse Storm20077Team To Be Named Later (127-140)
Most Combined Points
1324Team To Be Named Later vs Spartan Warriors (197-127)200711
2304Team To Be Named Later vs Jersey Devils (153-151)20079
3295Da Sorry Browns vs Spartan Warriors (157-138)20079
4294New York Chucktossers vs Pirates (158-136)200711
5 (tie)293Pirates vs Team To Be Named Later (155-138)200710
 293Da Sorry Browns vs Pirates (173-120)20076
7290Spartan Warriors vs Team To Be Named Later (150-140)20082
8289Team To Be Named Later vs Mayday Squad (178-111)20071
9287New York Chucktossers vs Bears (175-112)200714
10284Drunkin' Irish vs Spartan Warriors (146-138)200714
Fewest Combined Points
1136Da Sorry Browns vs Team Cosgrave (80-56)200814
2137Bears vs Jersey Devils (88-49)20075
3141Drunkin' Irish vs Bears (88-53)200710
4142Da Sorry Browns vs The Dark Knights of Gotham (90-52)200813
5147Team Cosgrave vs Da Sorry Browns (74-73)20089
6157Spartan Warriors vs Syracuse Storm (84-73)20075
7158New York Chucktossers vs Spartan Warriors (84-74)200812
8160Team To Be Named Later vs Mayday Squad (100-60)20081
9 (tie)165Spartan Warriors vs New York Chucktossers (84-81)20081
 165Bears vs L' Court Fire (96-69)200711
 165Spartan Warriors vs Drunkin' Irish (104-61)20071
Victory Margin
195Da Sorry Browns200714Jersey Devils (150-55)
289Jersey Devils20076Drunkin' Irish (169-80)
385Team To Be Named Later200812Mayday Squad (159-74)
484Pirates200812Syracuse Demons (156-72)
582Da Sorry Browns20074L' Court Fire (151-69)
675Team To Be Named Later200811Drunkin' Irish (134-59)
7 (tie)74Jersey Devils200812The Dark Knights of Gotham (156-82)
 74New York Chucktossers20077Drunkin' Irish (173-99)
9 (tie)72New York Chucktossers20079L' Court Fire (153-81)
 72Mayday Squad200815Syracuse Demons (143-71)
 72Team To Be Named Later200813Spartan Warriors (165-93)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Jersey Devils200810Team Cosgrave (103-102)
 1Da Sorry Browns200810New York Chucktossers (95-94)
 1New York Chucktossers200710Spartan Warriors (102-101)
 1Drunkin' Irish20082Pirates (89-88)
 1Team Cosgrave20089Da Sorry Browns (74-73)
6 (tie)2Drunkin' Irish20085Jersey Devils (115-113)
 2Team To Be Named Later20079Jersey Devils (153-151)
8 (tie)3L' Court Fire200714The Dark Knights of Gotham (128-125)
 3Spartan Warriors20081New York Chucktossers (84-81)
 3Drunkin' Irish20073Team To Be Named Later (109-106)
 3Syracuse Demons200810Team To Be Named Later (90-87)

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