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Chase Fantasy Football League 2018 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1188.65The Cincy Kid20184
4170.05Asian Sensation201812
5161.3Von Doom20182
6160.62Gateway City Blues201814
7160.48Gateway City Blues20184
8159.5Scat Dad Stampede20189
10158.34In My Wake201811
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
157.35Mountain Lions201811
259.94Gateway City Blues201813
362.7Gateway City Blues20188
463.13In My Wake201815
564.35Urban Assault201817
664.75Urban Assault20186
765.4Big K Krunch201815
869.31Big K Krunch20187
1075.4In My Wake20181
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
186.05Shake-N-Bake201815In My Wake (86.05-63.13)
293.51In My Wake20188Urban Assault (93.51-93.05)
393.7Fed-Skins20184Big K Krunch (93.7-82.7)
494.06Hed-Bangers20183Big K Krunch (94.06-93.25)
597.18Big K Krunch201813Urban Assault (97.18-86.55)
698Fed-Skins201817Urban Assault (98-64.35)
798.6Scat Dad Stampede201813Gateway City Blues (98.6-59.94)
8101.35In My Wake201814Fed-Skins (101.35-94.24)
9101.95Scat Dad Stampede20182Gateway City Blues (101.95-99.7)
10102.95Hed-Bangers201813Von Doom (102.95-75.7)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1156.1In My Wake20184Gateway City Blues (156.1-160.48)
2139.99Mountain Lions20184The Cincy Kid (139.99-188.65)
3138.05Fed-Skins20182Mountain Lions (138.05-146.32)
4137.2Von Doom201811In My Wake (137.2-158.34)
5135.2The Cincy Kid201812Gateway City Blues (135.2-136.31)
6135.15Scat Dad Stampede20181Shake-N-Bake (135.15-150.2)
7134.85The Cincy Kid201810Von Doom (134.85-140.96)
8134.45The Cincy Kid20185Fed-Skins (134.45-151.3)
9132.55The Cincy Kid20182Shake-N-Bake (132.55-140.32)
10129.32Scat Dad Stampede20187In My Wake (129.32-138.1)
Most Combined Points
1328.64The Cincy Kid vs Mountain Lions (188.65-139.99)20184
2316.58Gateway City Blues vs In My Wake (160.48-156.1)20184
3295.54In My Wake vs Von Doom (158.34-137.2)201811
4290.89Shake-N-Bake vs Hed-Bangers (184.39-106.5)201811
5285.95Asian Sensation vs Fed-Skins (170.05-115.9)201812
6285.75Fed-Skins vs The Cincy Kid (151.3-134.45)20185
7285.35Shake-N-Bake vs Scat Dad Stampede (150.2-135.15)20181
8284.37Mountain Lions vs Fed-Skins (146.32-138.05)20182
9275.81Von Doom vs The Cincy Kid (140.96-134.85)201810
10274.6Gateway City Blues vs The Cincy Kid (151.05-123.55)20181
Fewest Combined Points
1149.18Shake-N-Bake vs In My Wake (86.05-63.13)201815
2158.54Scat Dad Stampede vs Gateway City Blues (98.6-59.94)201813
3162.35Fed-Skins vs Urban Assault (98-64.35)201817
4168.75Urban Assault vs Mountain Lions (111.4-57.35)201811
5176.4Fed-Skins vs Big K Krunch (93.7-82.7)20184
6178.65Hed-Bangers vs Von Doom (102.95-75.7)201813
7179.09Mountain Lions vs In My Wake (103.69-75.4)20181
8183.73Big K Krunch vs Urban Assault (97.18-86.55)201813
9185.8Fed-Skins vs Big K Krunch (120.4-65.4)201815
10186.1Mountain Lions vs Gateway City Blues (123.4-62.7)20188
Victory Margin
191.9Hed-Bangers20186Asian Sensation (181.55-89.65)
284.9Von Doom20182Hed-Bangers (161.3-76.4)
377.89Shake-N-Bake201811Hed-Bangers (184.39-106.5)
467.65Scat Dad Stampede20189Big K Krunch (159.5-91.85)
564.9The Cincy Kid20186Urban Assault (129.65-64.75)
664.25Fed-Skins20186Von Doom (148.05-83.8)
760.7Mountain Lions20188Gateway City Blues (123.4-62.7)
860.3Scat Dad Stampede201810Fed-Skins (137.75-77.45)
958.2Shake-N-Bake20188Big K Krunch (146.65-88.45)
1055.63Fed-Skins20187Shake-N-Bake (135.95-80.32)
Least Victory Margin
10.46In My Wake20188Urban Assault (93.51-93.05)
20.81Hed-Bangers20183Big K Krunch (94.06-93.25)
31.11Gateway City Blues201812The Cincy Kid (136.31-135.2)
42.25Scat Dad Stampede20182Gateway City Blues (101.95-99.7)
53.17Gateway City Blues20183Shake-N-Bake (117.42-114.25)
64.16Hed-Bangers20184Scat Dad Stampede (129.15-124.99)
74.22Gateway City Blues201811Fed-Skins (107.12-102.9)
84.38Gateway City Blues20184In My Wake (160.48-156.1)
94.48Scat Dad Stampede201816Fed-Skins (129.4-124.92)
106.11Von Doom201810The Cincy Kid (140.96-134.85)

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