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Central Florida Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1180.45Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits20096
2177.52Hooksett Hawks201114
3173.48Columbia Dolfan20124
4173.09Columbia Dolfan201010
5172.62Florida All-stars20114
6171.41Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits201116
7171.06Palm Beach Pigskins20122
8166.45Florida All-stars200913
9165.72Columbia Dolfan201212
10161.62Pittsburgh Pumas201011
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
16Carolina Mercury20086
2 (tie)8Florida All-stars19986
 8Florida All-stars199811
49Florida All-stars20088
510Pittsburgh Pumas20016
6 (tie)11Florida All-stars20004
 11Hooksett Hawks20041
 11Bay Area Quake19998
 11Bay Area Quake200410
1012Fort Myers Zombie Fandango200813
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
119Gulf Coast Inferno20078Pittsburgh Pumas (19-18)
221Bay Area Quake19983Florida All-stars (21-18)
323Columbia Dolfan20013Pittsburgh Pumas (23-18)
425Fort Myers Zombie Fandango20086Carolina Mercury (25-6)
5 (tie)26Oakland Mountain Lions20055Mississippi Kudzu Kings (26-22)
 26Hooksett Hawks20004Columbia Dolfan (26-23)
7 (tie)27Oakland Mountain Lions19988Gulf Coast Inferno (27-24)
 27Palm Beach Pigskins19984Golden Gate Long Shots (27-25)
 27Palm Beach Pigskins20057Golden Gate Long Shots (27-20)
 27SW Florida Red Tide200510Raleigh Brass Monkey (27-23)
 27SW Florida Red Tide20079Florida All-stars (27-19)
 27Fort Myers Zombie Fandango19983South Carolina Crush (27-25)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1154.2Columbia Dolfan200914Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits (154.2-157.45)
2148.65Columbia Dolfan200911Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits (148.65-149.4)
3139.04Oakland Mountain Lions20122SW Florida Red Tide (139.04-155.37)
4136.6Hooksett Hawks20096Columbia Dolfan (136.6-138.6)
5136.12South Carolina Crush20112Bay Area Quake (136.12-136.14)
6136.09Columbia Dolfan20113Fort Myers Zombie Fandango (136.09-148.77)
7135.82Florida All-stars20121Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits (135.82-145.36)
8134.97Hooksett Hawks201115Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits (134.97-139.79)
9134.27Bay Area Quake201010Columbia Dolfan (134.27-173.09)
10133.18Hooksett Hawks201113Columbia Dolfan (133.18-137.98)
Most Combined Points
1311.65Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits vs Columbia Dolfan (157.45-154.2)200914
2307.36Columbia Dolfan vs Bay Area Quake (173.09-134.27)201010
3300.08Hooksett Hawks vs Carolina Mercury (177.52-122.56)201114
4298.05Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits vs Columbia Dolfan (149.4-148.65)200911
5294.41SW Florida Red Tide vs Oakland Mountain Lions (155.37-139.04)20122
6290.05Palm Beach Pigskins vs Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits (158.2-131.85)20092
7286.69Florida All-stars vs Columbia Dolfan (156.63-130.06)20112
8284.86Fort Myers Zombie Fandango vs Columbia Dolfan (148.77-136.09)20113
9284.05Columbia Dolfan vs Carolina Mercury (165.72-118.33)201212
10281.18Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits vs Florida All-stars (145.36-135.82)20121
Fewest Combined Points
131Fort Myers Zombie Fandango vs Carolina Mercury (25-6)20086
237Gulf Coast Inferno vs Pittsburgh Pumas (19-18)20078
339Bay Area Quake vs Florida All-stars (21-18)19983
441Columbia Dolfan vs Pittsburgh Pumas (23-18)20013
543Mississippi Kudzu Kings vs Oakland Mountain Lions (28-15)20066
644South Carolina Crush vs SW Florida Red Tide (28-16)20071
745Golden Gate Long Shots vs Pittsburgh Pumas (31-14)199811
8 (tie)46SW Florida Red Tide vs Florida All-stars (27-19)20079
 46Pittsburgh Pumas vs Hooksett Hawks (35-11)20041
 46Mississippi Kudzu Kings vs Hooksett Hawks (33-13)20059
Victory Margin
1120.05Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits20096Fort Myers Zombie Fandango (180.45-60.4)
2114.92Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits201113Oakland Mountain Lions (155.4-40.48)
3110.25Florida All-stars20114Palm Beach Pigskins (172.62-62.37)
4109.05Golden Gate Long Shots20097Bay Area Quake (138.2-29.15)
5108.78Columbia Dolfan201213Gulf Coast Inferno (153.52-44.74)
6103.89Hooksett Hawks20128Bay Area Quake (151.64-47.75)
7103.26Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits20117Bay Area Quake (148.63-45.37)
8101.95Florida All-stars20098Hooksett Hawks (152.55-50.6)
999.58Carolina Mercury20107Gulf Coast Inferno (140.1-40.52)
1099.06Fort Myers Zombie Fandango201211Oakland Mountain Lions (146.23-47.17)
Least Victory Margin
10.02Bay Area Quake20112South Carolina Crush (136.14-136.12)
20.56Florida All-stars20104Golden Gate Long Shots (87.82-87.26)
30.65Golden Gate Long Shots200911Mississippi Kudzu Kings (107.55-106.9)
40.75Treasure Coast Swamp Bandits200911Columbia Dolfan (149.4-148.65)
50.83Florida All-stars20126Fort Myers Zombie Fandango (132.93-132.1)

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