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Fly Like An Eagle Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1221.1The Prophet 2005200314
2202.4*Riverbeach Bullets200610
3187.65*Riverbeach Bullets20034
4186.5*Holly Hill Roofers200410
5181.45*Grunt Fast Fish20068
6177.75*Vicious Vinny's K9s200515
7177.45*Holly Hill Roofers200613
9176.9*NEW YORK JOLTS20043
10175.9*Vicious Vinny's K9s200414
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
357.25*Vicious Vinny's K9s20068
561.1*Vicious Vinny's K9s200613
662.75*NEW YORK JOLTS20067
866.3The Prophet 200520066
966.9*Q Crew20056
1066.95The Prophet 200520051
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
183.2*Holly Hill Roofers200614*Vicious Vinny's K9s (83.2-73.1)
285.6*WILDTHING200613*Vicious Vinny's K9s (85.6-61.1)
387.15*Holly Hill Roofers200615*Dixie Marauders (87.15-83.7)
487.9The Prophet 200520063*WILDTHING (87.9-56.4)
588.25*Holly Hill Roofers20061*WOODOGGY (88.25-83.8)
688.3*Riverbeach Bullets200514*Holly Hill Roofers (88.3-82.9)
789.45*Grunt Fast Fish200610The Prophet 2005 (89.45-87.4)
889.6*West Coast Crackers200515*OBC Killa Klan (89.6-80.5)
991.2*Holly Hill Roofers20042*Grunt Fast Fish (91.2-72.75)
1092.15*Vicious Vinny's K9s200616*NEW YORK JOLTS (92.15-87.4)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1157.4*Q Crew200315*Riverbeach Bullets (157.4-175.25)
2151.1*Grunt Fast Fish200412*Riverbeach Bullets (151.1-153.2)
3150.6*Dixie Marauders200511*NEW YORK JOLTS (150.6-161.65)
4149.5*Grunt Fast Fish200414*Q Crew (149.5-162.9)
5146.25*NEW YORK JOLTS20053*Vicious Vinny's K9s (146.25-149.4)
6145*Grunt Fast Fish200516*NEW YORK JOLTS (145-155.4)
7144.5*Dixie Marauders200512*Holly Hill Roofers (144.5-151.1)
8141.95The Prophet 2005200413*Vicious Vinny's K9s (141.95-163.1)
9141.85*Holly Hill Roofers200411*Grunt Fast Fish (141.85-152.25)
10140.75*NEW YORK JOLTS20039*Riverbeach Bullets (140.75-165.55)
Most Combined Points
1332.65*Riverbeach Bullets vs *Q Crew (175.25-157.4)200315
2312.7The Prophet 2005 vs *Q Crew (221.1-91.6)200314
3312.5*Holly Hill Roofers vs *BAMnified (186.5-126)200410
4312.4*Q Crew vs *Grunt Fast Fish (162.9-149.5)200414
5312.25*NEW YORK JOLTS vs *Dixie Marauders (161.65-150.6)200511
6310.95*Riverbeach Bullets vs *Holly Hill Roofers (202.4-108.55)200610
7310.4*Riverbeach Bullets vs *OBC Killa Klan (173.85-136.55)200314
8306.3*Riverbeach Bullets vs *NEW YORK JOLTS (165.55-140.75)20039
9305.05*Vicious Vinny's K9s vs The Prophet 2005 (163.1-141.95)200413
10304.3*Riverbeach Bullets vs *Grunt Fast Fish (153.2-151.1)200412
Fewest Combined Points
1144.3The Prophet 2005 vs *WILDTHING (87.9-56.4)20063
2146.7*WILDTHING vs *Vicious Vinny's K9s (85.6-61.1)200613
3156.3*Holly Hill Roofers vs *Vicious Vinny's K9s (83.2-73.1)200614
4158.9*WOODOGGY vs The Prophet 2005 (92.6-66.3)20066
5163.95*Holly Hill Roofers vs *Grunt Fast Fish (91.2-72.75)20042
6165.05The Prophet 2005 vs *Laces Out! (92.35-72.7)200611
7169.85*Dixie Marauders vs *Q Crew (102.95-66.9)20056
8170.1*West Coast Crackers vs *OBC Killa Klan (89.6-80.5)200515
9170.85*Holly Hill Roofers vs *Dixie Marauders (87.15-83.7)200615
10171.2*Riverbeach Bullets vs *Holly Hill Roofers (88.3-82.9)200514
Victory Margin
1129.5The Prophet 2005200314*Q Crew (221.1-91.6)
293.85*Riverbeach Bullets200610*Holly Hill Roofers (202.4-108.55)
391.1*WILDTHING200514*West Coast Crackers (161.25-70.15)
490.3*Riverbeach Bullets20034*WILDTHING (187.65-97.35)
587.15*Grunt Fast Fish20068*Dixie Marauders (181.45-94.3)
681.85*Vicious Vinny's K9s200517*WILDTHING (133.15-51.3)
780.95*Vicious Vinny's K9s200515*Riverbeach Bullets (177.75-96.8)
880.55*OBC Killa Klan20067*NEW YORK JOLTS (143.3-62.75)
980*OBC Killa Klan20047*BAMnified (147.9-67.9)
1079.15*Laces Out!200613*NEW YORK JOLTS (151.85-72.7)
Least Victory Margin
10.05*Grunt Fast Fish200314*NEW YORK JOLTS (107-106.95)
20.20*WILDTHING20056*Vicious Vinny's K9s (112.3-112.1)
30.30*Riverbeach Bullets20048*Q Crew (136.7-136.4)
40.45The Prophet 200520047*WILDTHING (132.35-131.9)
50.55*Holly Hill Roofers20057*Grunt Fast Fish (100.1-99.55)
60.75*Q Crew200412*Vicious Vinny's K9s (125.15-124.4)
7 (tie)0.80*BAMnified200415*Vicious Vinny's K9s (134.65-133.85)
 0.80Smurfy Killer B's20036*OBC Killa Klan (116.25-115.45)
91The Prophet 200520068*NEW YORK JOLTS (97.25-96.25)
101.05*Vicious Vinny's K9s20054*Riverbeach Bullets (117.3-116.25)

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