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Bay City Brewers Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2262Mexican Barking Spiders202016
3233Gallifrey Judoons202013
4230Mexican Barking Spiders20207
5228Bottom Feeders202014
6223Gallifrey Judoons202017
8 (tie)213Thunderstruck202016
 213Crackin’ Cold Ones20203
10212Mexican Barking Spiders20203
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
173Yesterdays Corn20206
274Redzone Intimidators202010
375Blazin Fast202010
481The Replacements202011
5 (tie)92Blazin Fast20206
 92Redzone Intimidators202011
793Blazin Fast202011
896The Replacements20208
10100Blazin Fast20204
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
10Mexican Barking Spiders202016Thunderstruck (0-0) TB
2108Yesterdays Corn202010Blazin Fast (108-75)
3116Redzone Intimidators20205The Replacements (116-109)
4117The Replacements202015Yesterdays Corn (117-104)
5118Gallifrey Judoons202010The Replacements (118-113)
6120Outsiders20204Blazin Fast (120-100)
7121Redzone Intimidators202015Blazin Fast (121-108)
8125Mexican Barking Spiders202012Yesterdays Corn (125-121)
9126Yesterdays Corn20208Outsiders (126-111)
10128Thunderstruck20208Redzone Intimidators (128-114)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1213Thunderstruck202016Mexican Barking Spiders (213-262)
2175Charleston Chiefs20207Bottom Feeders (175-183)
3169Thunderstruck202012Outsiders (169-209)
4166Charleston Chiefs202013Outsiders (166-185)
5163Bottom Feeders20205IGFYU (163-198)
6162Blazin Fast20203Bottom Feeders (162-182)
7160IGFYU202015Mexican Barking Spiders (160-182)
8 (tie)158Thunderstruck202017Outsiders (158-300)
 158Mexican Barking Spiders20202Crackin’ Cold Ones (158-161)
10 (tie)157The Replacements20202Thunderstruck (157-170)
 157IGFYU20206Outsiders (157-197)
 157Yesterdays Corn20202IGFYU (157-169)
 157Yesterdays Corn20203Crackin’ Cold Ones (157-213)
Most Combined Points
1475Mexican Barking Spiders vs Thunderstruck (262-213)202016
2458Outsiders vs Thunderstruck (300-158)202017
3378Outsiders vs Thunderstruck (209-169)202012
4371Gallifrey Judoons vs Blazin Fast (233-138)202013
5370Crackin’ Cold Ones vs Yesterdays Corn (213-157)20203
6365Gallifrey Judoons vs Mexican Barking Spiders (223-142)202017
7361IGFYU vs Bottom Feeders (198-163)20205
8 (tie)358Bottom Feeders vs Charleston Chiefs (183-175)20207
 358Bottom Feeders vs Blazin Fast (228-130)202014
10 (tie)354Mexican Barking Spiders vs IGFYU (212-142)20203
 354Outsiders vs IGFYU (197-157)20206
Fewest Combined Points
1183Yesterdays Corn vs Blazin Fast (108-75)202010
2206The Replacements vs Yesterdays Corn (133-73)20206
3220Outsiders vs Blazin Fast (120-100)20204
4221The Replacements vs Yesterdays Corn (117-104)202015
5225Redzone Intimidators vs The Replacements (116-109)20205
6229Redzone Intimidators vs Blazin Fast (121-108)202015
7231Gallifrey Judoons vs The Replacements (118-113)202010
8237Yesterdays Corn vs Outsiders (126-111)20208
9242Thunderstruck vs Redzone Intimidators (128-114)20208
10244Bottom Feeders vs Crackin’ Cold Ones (141-103)20204
Victory Margin
1142Outsiders202017Thunderstruck (300-158)
2114Mexican Barking Spiders20207The Replacements (230-116)
3109Mexican Barking Spiders202010Redzone Intimidators (183-74)
4102IGFYU202011Blazin Fast (195-93)
599Charleston Chiefs20202Outsiders (198-99)
698Bottom Feeders202014Blazin Fast (228-130)
797Thunderstruck202013The Replacements (215-118)
895Gallifrey Judoons202013Blazin Fast (233-138)
988Crackin’ Cold Ones202011The Replacements (169-81)
1085Mexican Barking Spiders20206Blazin Fast (177-92)
Least Victory Margin
11The Replacements202016Redzone Intimidators (145-144)
2 (tie)2Charleston Chiefs20208Crackin’ Cold Ones (145-143)
 2Gallifrey Judoons202016Outsiders (136-134)
4 (tie)3Crackin’ Cold Ones20202Mexican Barking Spiders (161-158)
 3IGFYU202014Mexican Barking Spiders (151-148)
6 (tie)4Mexican Barking Spiders202012Yesterdays Corn (125-121)
 4Yesterdays Corn202011Bottom Feeders (137-133)
8 (tie)5Thunderstruck20209Blazin Fast (159-154)
 5Gallifrey Judoons202010The Replacements (118-113)
10 (tie)7Redzone Intimidators20205The Replacements (116-109)
 7Bottom Feeders20208Mexican Barking Spiders (139-132)

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