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Bay City Brewers Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1198Charleston Chiefs20202
2190Bottom Feeders20201
3184Bottom Feeders20202
4173Gallifrey Judoons20202
6 (tie)169Thunderstruck20201
9168Mexican Barking Spiders20201
10161Crackin’ Cold Ones20202
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
2113Blazin Fast20202
3126Crackin’ Cold Ones20201
4137Blazin Fast20201
5144Gallifrey Judoons20201
6146Redzone Intimidators20202
7147The Replacements20201
8150Yesterdays Corn20201
9151Redzone Intimidators20201
10156Charleston Chiefs20201
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1151Redzone Intimidators20201Blazin Fast (151-137)
2156Charleston Chiefs20201The Replacements (156-147)
3160IGFYU20201Crackin’ Cold Ones (160-126)
4161Crackin’ Cold Ones20202Mexican Barking Spiders (161-158)
5168Mexican Barking Spiders20201Yesterdays Corn (168-150)
6169IGFYU20202Yesterdays Corn (169-157)
7170Thunderstruck20202The Replacements (170-157)
8173Gallifrey Judoons20202Blazin Fast (173-113)
9184Bottom Feeders20202Redzone Intimidators (184-146)
10190Bottom Feeders20201Gallifrey Judoons (190-144)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1158Mexican Barking Spiders20202Crackin’ Cold Ones (158-161)
2 (tie)157The Replacements20202Thunderstruck (157-170)
 157Yesterdays Corn20202IGFYU (157-169)
4150Yesterdays Corn20201Mexican Barking Spiders (150-168)
5147The Replacements20201Charleston Chiefs (147-156)
6146Redzone Intimidators20202Bottom Feeders (146-184)
7144Gallifrey Judoons20201Bottom Feeders (144-190)
8137Blazin Fast20201Redzone Intimidators (137-151)
9126Crackin’ Cold Ones20201IGFYU (126-160)
10113Blazin Fast20202Gallifrey Judoons (113-173)
Most Combined Points
1338Outsiders vs Thunderstruck (169-169)20201
2334Bottom Feeders vs Gallifrey Judoons (190-144)20201
3330Bottom Feeders vs Redzone Intimidators (184-146)20202
4327Thunderstruck vs The Replacements (170-157)20202
5326IGFYU vs Yesterdays Corn (169-157)20202
6319Crackin’ Cold Ones vs Mexican Barking Spiders (161-158)20202
7318Mexican Barking Spiders vs Yesterdays Corn (168-150)20201
8303Charleston Chiefs vs The Replacements (156-147)20201
9297Charleston Chiefs vs Outsiders (198-99)20202
10288Redzone Intimidators vs Blazin Fast (151-137)20201
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)286Gallifrey Judoons vs Blazin Fast (173-113)20202
 286IGFYU vs Crackin’ Cold Ones (160-126)20201
3288Redzone Intimidators vs Blazin Fast (151-137)20201
4297Charleston Chiefs vs Outsiders (198-99)20202
5303Charleston Chiefs vs The Replacements (156-147)20201
6318Mexican Barking Spiders vs Yesterdays Corn (168-150)20201
7319Crackin’ Cold Ones vs Mexican Barking Spiders (161-158)20202
8326IGFYU vs Yesterdays Corn (169-157)20202
9327Thunderstruck vs The Replacements (170-157)20202
10330Bottom Feeders vs Redzone Intimidators (184-146)20202
Victory Margin
199Charleston Chiefs20202Outsiders (198-99)
260Gallifrey Judoons20202Blazin Fast (173-113)
346Bottom Feeders20201Gallifrey Judoons (190-144)
438Bottom Feeders20202Redzone Intimidators (184-146)
534IGFYU20201Crackin’ Cold Ones (160-126)
618Mexican Barking Spiders20201Yesterdays Corn (168-150)
714Redzone Intimidators20201Blazin Fast (151-137)
813Thunderstruck20202The Replacements (170-157)
912IGFYU20202Yesterdays Corn (169-157)
109Charleston Chiefs20201The Replacements (156-147)
Least Victory Margin
13Crackin’ Cold Ones20202Mexican Barking Spiders (161-158)
29Charleston Chiefs20201The Replacements (156-147)
312IGFYU20202Yesterdays Corn (169-157)
413Thunderstruck20202The Replacements (170-157)
514Redzone Intimidators20201Blazin Fast (151-137)
618Mexican Barking Spiders20201Yesterdays Corn (168-150)
734IGFYU20201Crackin’ Cold Ones (160-126)
838Bottom Feeders20202Redzone Intimidators (184-146)
946Bottom Feeders20201Gallifrey Judoons (190-144)
1060Gallifrey Judoons20202Blazin Fast (173-113)

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