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TopDog Challenge Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1238FirstCoast Firebirds20053
2228Outback Compost Heap20092
3226Boot Hill Desperados20086
4 (tie)225Cal-Tech Yellow Jackets201010
 225Ringgold RockStars 200414
6222Hartford Whalers20072
7 (tie)221Cal-Tech Yellow Jackets201014
 221Beaverdale Volunteers20041
9 (tie)219Ringgold RockStars 200713
 219Eastford Fun Bags200914
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Dalton Villians20049
 0Atlanta Horsemen20049
362Outback Compost Heap20104
467Ringgold RockStars 20059
570Atlanta Horsemen200412
671Dalton Villians20044
773Jax Raiders20066
874Cohutta American Girl201013
975Jax Raiders200610
1076Atlanta Horsemen20046
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
181Atlanta Horsemen200413Dalton Villians (81-79)
294Backyard Wallabies20044Dalton Villians (94-71)
3106Merrimack Valley Indians20089Raytown Demolition (106-99)
4109Cohutta American Girl20091NWGa Vol-Dawgs (109-103)
5111Indian River Reds20101FirstCoast Firebirds (111-103)
6 (tie)112Bluff City Bandits20078Idaho Lumberjacks (112-111)
 112Idaho Lumberjacks200711Boone Ford Bears (112-101)
8113Clanceyville Without Remorse20061Ringgold RockStars (113-112)
9 (tie)115Boone Ford Bears20086Outback Compost Heap (115-96)
 115NWGa Vol-Dawgs20081Cohutta American Girl (115-105)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1198Eastford Fun Bags201010Cal-Tech Yellow Jackets (198-225)
2187Bluff City Bandits200613Brinkley Bruins (187-209)
3 (tie)185Beaverdale Volunteers200413Ringgold RockStars (185-214)
 185Edinburg Nightmare201010Ringgold RockStars (185-188)
5184Ringgold RockStars 20103Outback Compost Heap (184-192)
6 (tie)182Murray Tomahawks20064Boot Hill Desperados (182-189)
 182Asgard Ęsir20102Boone Ford Bears (182-189)
8181Clanceyville Without Remorse20072Boot Hill Desperados (181-183)
9177Clanceyville Without Remorse200614FirstCoast Firebirds (177-210)
10175Bluff City Bandits200512FirstCoast Firebirds (175-179)
Most Combined Points
1423Cal-Tech Yellow Jackets vs Eastford Fun Bags (225-198)201010
2411FirstCoast Firebirds vs Boot Hill Desperados (238-173)20053
3399Ringgold RockStars vs Beaverdale Volunteers (214-185)200413
4396Brinkley Bruins vs Bluff City Bandits (209-187)200613
5387FirstCoast Firebirds vs Clanceyville Without Remorse (210-177)200614
6 (tie)379FirstCoast Firebirds vs Cal-Tech Yellow Jackets (217-162)20069
 379Boot Hill Desperados vs Edinburg Nightmare (206-173)200911
8378Clanceyville Without Remorse vs Idaho Lumberjacks (212-166)200612
9 (tie)376Hartford Whalers vs Bluff City Bandits (217-159)20079
 376Outback Compost Heap vs Ringgold RockStars (192-184)20103
Fewest Combined Points
1158FirstCoast Firebirds vs Dalton Villians (158-0)20049
2160Atlanta Horsemen vs Dalton Villians (81-79)200413
3162Outback Compost Heap vs Atlanta Horsemen (162-0)20049
4165Backyard Wallabies vs Dalton Villians (94-71)20044
5203Boot Hill Desperados vs NWGa Vol-Dawgs (116-87)20085
6 (tie)205Edinburg Nightmare vs Asgard Ęsir (116-89)20099
 205Merrimack Valley Indians vs Raytown Demolition (106-99)20089
8208FirstCoast Firebirds vs Outback Compost Heap (146-62)20104
9211Boone Ford Bears vs Outback Compost Heap (115-96)20086
10 (tie)212Brinkley Bruins vs Murray Tomahawks (122-90)20043
 212Cohutta American Girl vs NWGa Vol-Dawgs (109-103)20091
Victory Margin
1162Outback Compost Heap20049Atlanta Horsemen (162-0)
2158FirstCoast Firebirds20049Dalton Villians (158-0)
3124Murray Tomahawks200510Cohutta American Girl (218-94)
4115Brinkley Bruins200412Atlanta Horsemen (185-70)
5107Boot Hill Desperados200610Jax Raiders (182-75)
6103Beaverdale Volunteers20066Jax Raiders (176-73)
7102Eastford Fun Bags20082Boot Hill Desperados (209-107)
8 (tie)101Boot Hill Desperados20086Cohutta American Girl (226-125)
 101Outback Compost Heap20092NWGa Vol-Dawgs (228-127)
10 (tie)96Beaverdale Volunteers20041FirstCoast Firebirds (221-125)
 96Backyard Wallabies20055Jax Raiders (192-96)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Boot Hill Desperados20043FirstCoast Firebirds (164-163)
 1Murray Tomahawks20081Raytown Demolition (135-134)
 1Murray Tomahawks200912Cal-Tech Yellow Jackets (135-134)
 1Cal-Tech Yellow Jackets20065Brinkley Bruins (118-117)
 1Cal-Tech Yellow Jackets200510Clanceyville Without Remorse (142-141)
 1Cal-Tech Yellow Jackets200810Eastford Fun Bags (148-147)
 1NWGa Vol-Dawgs20084Hartford Whalers (119-118)
 1Bluff City Bandits20078Idaho Lumberjacks (112-111)
 1FirstCoast Firebirds200812Bluff City Bandits (152-151)
 1Clanceyville Without Remorse20061Ringgold RockStars (113-112)

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