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MCFL 2014 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2184Toxic Avengers201413
3180.8The University of Jasper200410
4180.18Blaine's Bengals201011
5178.9Stu Padassos201014
6176.46Toxic Avengers200614
7173.18Force Ten201113
8172.36Toxic Avengers201414
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
2 (tie)40Huckleberry Hounds20031
 40Origami Caveman20024
4 (tie)43Toxic Avengers20033
6 (tie)44Huckleberry Hounds20033
 44Origami Caveman20035
944.66All Madden Team200812
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
144Huckleberry Hounds20033Toxic Avengers (44-43)
251Steel Wrecking Crew200212Toxic Avengers (51-47)
357Big Daddys Bullies20031Huckleberry Hounds (57-40)
467.8Force Ten20123Big Daddys Bullies (67.8-64.52)
570.04Big Daddys Bullies20142Shenanigans (70.04-54.58)
670.4All Madden Team20081Big Daddys Bullies (70.4-54.48)
771.58Big Daddys Bullies20101All Madden Team (71.58-66.72)
872Titanium Bubbleheads20024Origami Caveman (72-40)
972.7Red-Headed Blitz200510Big Daddys Bullies (72.7-70.9)
10 (tie)73Gridophiles20033The University of Jasper (73-50)
 73Gridophiles20036Spidermen (73-55)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1165.48Stu Padassos20092Ram Tough (165.48-168.44)
2155.64Quagmire20148Shenanigans (155.64-158.26)
3151.08All Madden Team20133Force Ten (151.08-163.7)
4148.16Quagmire20139Boozehounds (148.16-153.64)
5145.9Toxic Avengers20066Stu Padassos (145.9-147.1)
6145.44The University of Jasper20129Ram Tough (145.44-152.14)
7143.96Force Ten200514Team Kenny (143.96-153.78)
8143.7Big Daddys Bullies200614Stu Padassos (143.7-147.06)
9142.94The University of Jasper20068Toxic Avengers (142.94-150.18)
10140.16Tig O' Bitties201210Toxic Avengers (140.16-146.18)
Most Combined Points
1333.92Ram Tough vs Stu Padassos (168.44-165.48)20092
2314.78Force Ten vs All Madden Team (163.7-151.08)20133
3313.9Shenanigans vs Quagmire (158.26-155.64)20148
4305.92Blaine's Bengals vs Tig O' Bitties (180.18-125.74)201011
5302.32Ram Tough vs Toxic Avengers (164.22-138.1)20097
6301.8Boozehounds vs Quagmire (153.64-148.16)20139
7300.94Boozehounds vs Force Ten (169.66-131.28)200414
8297.74Team Kenny vs Force Ten (153.78-143.96)200514
9297.58Ram Tough vs The University of Jasper (152.14-145.44)20129
10296.06All Madden Team vs Ram Tough (165.56-130.5)20102
Fewest Combined Points
187Huckleberry Hounds vs Toxic Avengers (44-43)20033
297Big Daddys Bullies vs Huckleberry Hounds (57-40)20031
398Steel Wrecking Crew vs Toxic Avengers (51-47)200212
4112Titanium Bubbleheads vs Origami Caveman (72-40)20024
5119Origami Caveman vs Spidermen (86-33)200310
6123Gridophiles vs The University of Jasper (73-50)20033
7124.62Big Daddys Bullies vs Shenanigans (70.04-54.58)20142
8124.88All Madden Team vs Big Daddys Bullies (70.4-54.48)20081
9128Gridophiles vs Spidermen (73-55)20036
10128.7Stu Padassos vs Team Kenny (74.04-54.66)20063
Victory Margin
1108.86Toxic Avengers201414All Madden Team (172.36-63.5)
2107.46Stu Padassos201014Blaine's Bengals (178.9-71.44)
3107.1The University of Jasper20067Boozehounds (161.08-53.98)
4101.42Quagmire20079Stu Padassos (188.32-86.9)
5100.84Toxic Avengers201413Boozehounds (184-83.16)
697Red-Headed Blitz20036Force Ten (170-73)
796.52Toxic Avengers20059Red-Headed Blitz (145.82-49.3)
896.04Stu Padassos20057POS (160.58-64.54)
993.08Toxic Avengers200614All Madden Team (176.46-83.38)
1087.38Boozehounds200812All Madden Team (132.04-44.66)
Least Victory Margin
10.02Ram Tough20085Boozehounds (104.78-104.76)
20.10Tig O' Bitties20112Big Daddys Bullies (127.32-127.22)
30.20Boozehounds200913Force Ten (121.32-121.12)
40.22The University of Jasper20057Toxic Avengers (122.4-122.18)
50.28Quagmire20081Tig O' Bitties (83.86-83.58)
60.30Toxic Avengers200410Huckleberry Hounds (114.34-114.04)
70.36All Madden Team201013Big Daddys Bullies (87.8-87.44)
80.42Team Kenny200512Boozehounds (126.36-125.94)
90.44Ram Tough20061Team Kenny (100.74-100.3)
100.46Force Ten20078Ram Tough (100.9-100.44)

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