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Hernandez's Hangmen Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1378.351st Beer Down 20163
2355.8TrumpIsaHomo 20172
3338.6TrumpIsaHomo 20173
4332.7Tom Brady IS God201712
5331.7Smoking Split Lickers201712
6329.65Zeke-A Virus20177
7324.8TrumpIsaHomo 20164
83231st Beer Down 201616
9320.55Zeke-A Virus201611
10317.85TrumpIsaHomo 20167
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
281.651st Beer Down 201710
3132.9I'm All In20164
5149.05I'm All In20171
6156.6Draft Pick of Destiny20179
7159.4Team Cunningham201612
10162.2Smoking Split Lickers20175
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1191.55Tom Brady IS God20169Smoking Split Lickers (191.55-179.25)
2193.6Monday Night's Watch 201716I'm All In (193.6-171.1)
3194.85The Show20176Smoking Split Lickers (194.85-181.5)
4196.11st Beer Down 20165Tom Brady IS God (196.1-188.35)
5200.25*Showstopper*201613Tom Brady IS God (200.25-171.1)
6202.15Zeke-A Virus201712Monday Night's Watch (202.15-174.3)
7203.55Team Cunningham2017101st Beer Down (203.55-81.65)
8205.75I'm All In20172Monday Night's Watch (205.75-184.45)
9208.45The Show2017131st Beer Down (208.45-193.8)
10212.2DAMMIT Bobby20174I'm All In (212.2-196.6)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1331.7Smoking Split Lickers201712Tom Brady IS God (331.7-332.7)
2297.75TrumpIsaHomo 201681st Beer Down (297.75-306.15)
3291.9DAMMIT Bobby201731st Beer Down (291.9-300.2)
4290.1I'm All In2016131st Beer Down (290.1-301.9)
5287.5Tom Brady IS God20161Smoking Split Lickers (287.5-304.55)
6282.4TrumpIsaHomo 20177Draft Pick of Destiny (282.4-283.3)
7280.35The Show201631st Beer Down (280.35-378.35)
8278.7The Show20167Draft Pick of Destiny (278.7-311.5)
9276.55Monday Night's Watch 20162Smoking Split Lickers (276.55-305.45)
10271.9Draft Pick of Destiny201713TrumpIsaHomo (271.9-313.6)
Most Combined Points
1664.4Tom Brady IS God vs Smoking Split Lickers (332.7-331.7)201712
2658.71st Beer Down vs The Show (378.35-280.35)20163
3603.91st Beer Down vs TrumpIsaHomo (306.15-297.75)20168
4595.25TrumpIsaHomo vs Zeke-A Virus (355.8-239.45)20172
5592.11st Beer Down vs DAMMIT Bobby (300.2-291.9)20173
6592.05Smoking Split Lickers vs Tom Brady IS God (304.55-287.5)20161
75921st Beer Down vs I'm All In (301.9-290.1)201613
8590.91st Beer Down vs TrumpIsaHomo (323-267.9)201616
9590.2Draft Pick of Destiny vs The Show (311.5-278.7)20167
10585.5TrumpIsaHomo vs Draft Pick of Destiny (313.6-271.9)201713
Fewest Combined Points
1285.2Team Cunningham vs 1st Beer Down (203.55-81.65)201710
2356.1Monday Night's Watch vs I'm All In (223.2-132.9)20164
3363.85DAMMIT Bobby vs *Showstopper* (306.7-57.15)20176
4364.7Monday Night's Watch vs I'm All In (193.6-171.1)201716
5370.8Tom Brady IS God vs Smoking Split Lickers (191.55-179.25)20169
6371.35*Showstopper* vs Tom Brady IS God (200.25-171.1)201613
7376.35The Show vs Smoking Split Lickers (194.85-181.5)20176
8376.45Zeke-A Virus vs Monday Night's Watch (202.15-174.3)201712
9384.451st Beer Down vs Tom Brady IS God (196.1-188.35)20165
10390.2I'm All In vs Monday Night's Watch (205.75-184.45)20172
Victory Margin
1249.55DAMMIT Bobby20176*Showstopper* (306.7-57.15)
2181.05Zeke-A Virus20177*Showstopper* (329.65-148.6)
3137.1Draft Pick of Destiny201610*Showstopper* (298.7-161.6)
4136.75The Show20166Monday Night's Watch (302.45-165.7)
5132.25TrumpIsaHomo 20173*Showstopper* (338.6-206.35)
6126.05Tom Brady IS God20175*Showstopper* (287.35-161.3)
7125.35Tom Brady IS God20171I'm All In (274.4-149.05)
8121.9Team Cunningham2017101st Beer Down (203.55-81.65)
9116.35TrumpIsaHomo 20172Zeke-A Virus (355.8-239.45)
10104.251st Beer Down 201612Team Cunningham (263.65-159.4)
Least Victory Margin
10.10The Show20164Zeke-A Virus (253.7-253.6)
20.45Tom Brady IS God201610The Show (246.6-246.15)
30.90Draft Pick of Destiny20177TrumpIsaHomo (283.3-282.4)
40.95I'm All In20179Tom Brady IS God (214.2-213.25)
51Tom Brady IS God201712Smoking Split Lickers (332.7-331.7)
61.75TrumpIsaHomo 20162Team Cunningham (262.45-260.7)
72.15Monday Night's Watch 201612I'm All In (265.9-263.75)
83.90DAMMIT Bobby20161The Show (245.2-241.3)
9 (tie)5.25Zeke-A Virus20175DAMMIT Bobby (252.85-247.6)
 5.25Draft Pick of Destiny201614I'm All In (224.9-219.65)

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