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Hernandez's Hangmen Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1407.55Brooke-Lynn’s Blondies / Tom Brady IS God20195
2388.9DAMMIT Bobby20184
3386.55Alvin and the Chipmunks20202
4378.351st Beer Down 20163
6371.35Alvin and the Chipmunks20203
7362.1Alvin and the Chipmunks20198
8356.65Brooke-Lynn’s Blondies / Tom Brady IS God201811
9355.8Alvin and the Chipmunks20172
10353.4Garcia Zias 20215
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
277.55Don Keedic20217
381.651st Beer Down 201710
491.051st Beer Down 201812
599.1Team Courtney20209
6100.65Team Cunningham202114
7107.75Team Courtney202110
8109.4Team Courtney202113
9118.35Don Keedic202112
10118.75Team Cunningham202010
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1139.2Smoking Split Lickers201910Team Cunningham (139.2-139)
2144.25Team Dan202112Don Keedic (144.25-118.35)
3151.5Team Cunningham202110Team Courtney (151.5-107.75)
4152.451st Beer Down 202010Team Cunningham (152.45-118.75)
5157Deshaun of the Dead / I’m All In201815Zeke-A Virus (157-153.8)
6164.15Team Courtney20212Team Dan (164.15-150.9)
7170.6Don Keedic202117Team Cunningham (170.6-130.7)
8175.6Team Cunningham201914Monday Night's Watch (175.6-166.4)
9175.8*Showstopper*20219Team Courtney (175.8-168.2)
10181.75Team Met20219Team Cunningham (181.75-176.6)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1331.7Smoking Split Lickers201712Brooke-Lynn’s Blondies / Tom Brady IS God (331.7-332.7)
2326.65Team Met20214*Showstopper* (326.65-338.85)
3310.85Monday Night's Watch 202015Team Met (310.85-334.15)
4308.05Zeke-A Virus20184Smoking Split Lickers (308.05-335.65)
5306.3Draft Pick of Destiny20188*Showstopper* (306.3-315.5)
6301.55Zeke-A Virus201910*Showstopper* (301.55-347.45)
7298.5Brooke-Lynn’s Blondies / Tom Brady IS God20186Draft Pick of Destiny (298.5-349.65)
8297.75Alvin and the Chipmunks201681st Beer Down (297.75-306.15)
9293.45Smoking Split Lickers20198The Show (293.45-293.9)
10291.9DAMMIT Bobby201731st Beer Down (291.9-300.2)
Most Combined Points
1673.2Brooke-Lynn’s Blondies / Tom Brady IS God vs Deshaun of the Dead / I’m All In (407.55-265.65)20195
2665.5*Showstopper* vs Team Met (338.85-326.65)20214
3664.4Brooke-Lynn’s Blondies / Tom Brady IS God vs Smoking Split Lickers (332.7-331.7)201712
4662.7*Showstopper* vs Deshaun of the Dead / I’m All In (377.15-285.55)20181
5658.71st Beer Down vs The Show (378.35-280.35)20163
6649*Showstopper* vs Zeke-A Virus (347.45-301.55)201910
7648.15Draft Pick of Destiny vs Brooke-Lynn’s Blondies / Tom Brady IS God (349.65-298.5)20186
8645Team Met vs Monday Night's Watch (334.15-310.85)202015
9643.7Smoking Split Lickers vs Zeke-A Virus (335.65-308.05)20184
10641.3Alvin and the Chipmunks vs Team Met (386.55-254.75)20202
Fewest Combined Points
1259.25Team Cunningham vs Team Courtney (151.5-107.75)202110
2262.6Team Dan vs Don Keedic (144.25-118.35)202112
3271.21st Beer Down vs Team Cunningham (152.45-118.75)202010
4278.2Smoking Split Lickers vs Team Cunningham (139.2-139)201910
5285.2Team Cunningham vs 1st Beer Down (203.55-81.65)201710
6297.3Deshaun of the Dead / I’m All In vs Deshaun of the Dead / I’m All In (148.65-148.65)201816
7301.3Don Keedic vs Team Cunningham (170.6-130.7)202117
8309.8Team Met vs Don Keedic (232.25-77.55)20217
9310.8Deshaun of the Dead / I’m All In vs Zeke-A Virus (157-153.8)201815
10315.05Team Courtney vs Team Dan (164.15-150.9)20212
Victory Margin
1249.55DAMMIT Bobby20176*Showstopper* (306.7-57.15)
2181.05Zeke-A Virus20177*Showstopper* (329.65-148.6)
3178.65Alvin and the Chipmunks20187Team Cunningham (347.8-169.15)
4177.35Alvin and the Chipmunks2018121st Beer Down (268.4-91.05)
5172.85Team Met202113Don Keedic (312.25-139.4)
6164.25Alvin and the Chipmunks202031st Beer Down (371.35-207.1)
7156.45Garcia Zias 202113Team Courtney (265.85-109.4)
8154.7Team Met20217Don Keedic (232.25-77.55)
9148.95DAMMIT Bobby20184Draft Pick of Destiny (388.9-239.95)
10146.4Garcia Zias 20217Team Courtney (293.45-147.05)
Least Victory Margin
10.10The Show20164Zeke-A Virus (253.7-253.6)
20.20Smoking Split Lickers201910Team Cunningham (139.2-139)
3 (tie)0.45The Show20198Smoking Split Lickers (293.9-293.45)
 0.45Brooke-Lynn’s Blondies / Tom Brady IS God201610The Show (246.6-246.15)
50.85*Showstopper*20211Don Keedic (227.05-226.2)
60.90Draft Pick of Destiny20177Alvin and the Chipmunks (283.3-282.4)
70.95Deshaun of the Dead / I’m All In20179Brooke-Lynn’s Blondies / Tom Brady IS God (214.2-213.25)
81Brooke-Lynn’s Blondies / Tom Brady IS God201712Smoking Split Lickers (332.7-331.7)
91.75Alvin and the Chipmunks20162Team Cunningham (262.45-260.7)
101.80Alvin and the Chipmunks20211Team Met (244-242.2)

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