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PoS League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1183The Galloping Gonads20066
2176Bada Bing200614
3175Frightened Chimps20069
4169George's team200613
5167Frightened Chimps200616
6166Craven Moorehead20061
7 (tie)165Craven Moorehead200612
 165Brew Crew20067
9163Joe Willy's Curse20067
10153George's team20068
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
136The Fighting Monkeys20065
237with my Jawnson200611
348with my Jawnson200615
454Joe Willy's Curse200615
563with my Jawnson200616
767The Sludge Factory200610
871Joe Willy's Curse20063
9 (tie)72The Galloping Gonads20065
 72with my Jawnson20067
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
176Gonzo's Goons200616The Fighting Monkeys (76-74)
280The Galloping Gonads200616Spanakos (80-73)
3 (tie)81Gonzo's Goons200613HeHateMe (81-76)
 81The Bottom Feeders20065The Fighting Monkeys (81-36)
584Bada Bing200615Gonzo's Goons (84-76)
6 (tie)87George's team20067The Galloping Gonads (87-84)
 87Gonzo's Goons20065George's team (87-73)
888The Galloping Gonads20064with my Jawnson (88-83)
9 (tie)90Brew Crew20066Joe Willy's Curse (90-86)
 90The Fighting Monkeys200614with my Jawnson (90-89)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1147Craven Moorehead200616Frightened Chimps (147-167)
2139Frightened Chimps20067Joe Willy's Curse (139-163)
3126Frightened Chimps200613George's team (126-169)
4120Spanakos20068George's team (120-153)
5118Brew Crew20064The Bottom Feeders (118-140)
6117Brew Crew20061George's team (117-123)
7115The Galloping Gonads200614Brew Crew (115-116)
8114Bada Bing20069Frightened Chimps (114-175)
9 (tie)113with my Jawnson20068Frightened Chimps (113-124)
 113The Bottom Feeders200614Frightened Chimps (113-120)
Most Combined Points
1314Frightened Chimps vs Craven Moorehead (167-147)200616
2302Joe Willy's Curse vs Frightened Chimps (163-139)20067
3295George's team vs Frightened Chimps (169-126)200613
4289Frightened Chimps vs Bada Bing (175-114)20069
5278The Sludge Factory vs Craven Moorehead (139-139)20062
6275Bada Bing vs Spanakos (176-99)200614
7273George's team vs Spanakos (153-120)20068
8268The Galloping Gonads vs The Bottom Feeders (183-85)20066
9258The Bottom Feeders vs Brew Crew (140-118)20064
10255George's team vs The Bottom Feeders (148-107)20062
Fewest Combined Points
1117The Bottom Feeders vs The Fighting Monkeys (81-36)20065
2148George's team vs with my Jawnson (111-37)200611
3150Gonzo's Goons vs The Fighting Monkeys (76-74)200616
4153The Galloping Gonads vs Spanakos (80-73)200616
5155Joe Willy's Curse vs with my Jawnson (92-63)200616
6157Gonzo's Goons vs HeHateMe (81-76)200613
7 (tie)160Bada Bing vs Gonzo's Goons (84-76)200615
 160Gonzo's Goons vs George's team (87-73)20065
9 (tie)165Spanakos vs Joe Willy's Curse (111-54)200615
 165The Galloping Gonads vs with my Jawnson (117-48)200615
Victory Margin
198The Galloping Gonads20066The Bottom Feeders (183-85)
293Brew Crew20067with my Jawnson (165-72)
391Craven Moorehead20061Joe Willy's Curse (166-75)
481Craven Moorehead200612Frightened Chimps (165-84)
577Bada Bing200614Spanakos (176-99)
674George's team200611with my Jawnson (111-37)
769The Galloping Gonads200615with my Jawnson (117-48)
867HeHateMe200611Craven Moorehead (142-75)
962Bada Bing200611The Galloping Gonads (152-90)
10 (tie)61Bada Bing200610The Sludge Factory (128-67)
 61Frightened Chimps20069Bada Bing (175-114)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Brew Crew200614The Galloping Gonads (116-115)
 1HeHateMe200612The Bottom Feeders (107-106)
 1The Fighting Monkeys200614with my Jawnson (90-89)
42Gonzo's Goons200616The Fighting Monkeys (76-74)
5 (tie)3George's team20067The Galloping Gonads (87-84)
 3HeHateMe20069The Galloping Gonads (92-89)
 3The Bottom Feeders20067Spanakos (105-102)
8 (tie)4Brew Crew20066Joe Willy's Curse (90-86)
 4HeHateMe20065Joe Willy's Curse (91-87)
10 (tie)5Gonzo's Goons200613HeHateMe (81-76)
 5The Galloping Gonads20064with my Jawnson (88-83)
 5The Sludge Factory20064The Fighting Monkeys (104-99)
 5Spanakos20061The Galloping Gonads (93-88)
 5The Bottom Feeders200613Craven Moorehead (109-104)

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