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U.S. Fantasy League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1191.15Gloucester Racoons 20077
2189.15Maui Wave Riders 20073
3167.95San Diego Surfdawgs 20072
4165.85Dayton River Bandits 200712
5165.65Gloucester Racoons 20076
6165.5Maui Wave Riders 20077
7160.5Warminster Pandas200711
8160.15Menomonie Beerslammers 20085
9157.85Dayton River Bandits 20072
10157.3New York Bee Dogs 200712
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
136.8Alameda Hornets 20074
237.5Raleigh Rough Riders 20087
337.85Toledo Starz 20088
441.1Raleigh Rough Riders 20085
542.7New Orleans Crawdads 20081
642.95Toledo Thunder Storm 20075
746.1Fortuna Bovines 20076
846.95Chicago FootLong 20074
947.5Sioux City Musketeers 20078
1047.6Los Angeles Sharks20088
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
154.35Toledo Starz 20075Toledo Thunder Storm (54.35-42.95)
264.2Raleigh Rough Riders 20083Monroeville Mafia (64.2-59)
367.2Sonoma Swamp Dawgs 20079Alameda Hornets (67.2-61.7)
468.8Northfield Disciples 20075Hudson Dragons (68.8-56.5)
569.3Seattle Sangre 20085Hornick Hunters (69.3-52.45)
670.3Islip Terrace Tornadoes 20076Toledo Starz (70.3-47.65)
773.95Northfield Disciples 20089Menomonie Beerslammers (73.95-57)
874.45Sonoma Swamp Dawgs 20078Seattle Sangre (74.45-57.75)
975.25Las Vegas Gamblers 20076Fortuna Bovines (75.25-46.1)
1075.45Maui Wave Riders 200713Hudson Dragons (75.45-69.35)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1157.3New York Bee Dogs 200712Dayton River Bandits (157.3-165.85)
2146.75Monroeville Mafia 20072Raleigh Rough Riders (146.75-147.95)
3143.35Las Vegas Gamblers 200810Sonoma Swamp Dawgs (143.35-145.95)
4140.8Ingersoll Irish Assassins 20082New York Bee Dogs (140.8-145.7)
5140.75Ingersoll Irish Assassins 200714Dayton River Bandits (140.75-153.45)
6131.55Sharon Tigers 20086Chicago FootLong (131.55-135.8)
7130.7Hudson Dragons200712San Diego Surfdawgs (130.7-144.15)
8129.5New Orleans Crawdads 20085Menomonie Beerslammers (129.5-160.15)
9128.7Maui Wave Riders 20076Seattle Sangre (128.7-147.35)
10128.25Marlboro Mustangs 20077Gloucester Racoons (128.25-191.15)
Most Combined Points
1323.15Dayton River Bandits vs New York Bee Dogs (165.85-157.3)200712
2319.4Gloucester Racoons vs Marlboro Mustangs (191.15-128.25)20077
3294.7Raleigh Rough Riders vs Monroeville Mafia (147.95-146.75)20072
4294.2Dayton River Bandits vs Ingersoll Irish Assassins (153.45-140.75)200714
5293.2San Diego Surfdawgs vs Las Vegas Gamblers (167.95-125.25)20072
6292.55Maui Wave Riders vs Bay Area Dawgs - Mogemengez (189.15-103.4)20073
7290.05Gloucester Racoons vs New York Bee Dogs (165.65-124.4)20076
8289.65Menomonie Beerslammers vs New Orleans Crawdads (160.15-129.5)20085
9289.3Sonoma Swamp Dawgs vs Las Vegas Gamblers (145.95-143.35)200810
10286.5New York Bee Dogs vs Ingersoll Irish Assassins (145.7-140.8)20082
Fewest Combined Points
197.3Toledo Starz vs Toledo Thunder Storm (54.35-42.95)20075
2117.95Islip Terrace Tornadoes vs Toledo Starz (70.3-47.65)20076
3121.35Las Vegas Gamblers vs Fortuna Bovines (75.25-46.1)20076
4121.75Seattle Sangre vs Hornick Hunters (69.3-52.45)20085
5122.45Fortuna Bovines vs New Orleans Crawdads (79.75-42.7)20081
6123.2Raleigh Rough Riders vs Monroeville Mafia (64.2-59)20083
7125.3Northfield Disciples vs Hudson Dragons (68.8-56.5)20075
8128.7Gloucester Racoons vs Raleigh Rough Riders (87.6-41.1)20085
9128.9Sonoma Swamp Dawgs vs Alameda Hornets (67.2-61.7)20079
10 (tie)130.95Northfield Disciples vs Menomonie Beerslammers (73.95-57)20089
 130.95Lansing Sparties vs Toledo Starz (93.1-37.85)20088
Victory Margin
190.55Las Vegas Gamblers 200812Fortuna Bovines (150.3-59.75)
285.75Maui Wave Riders 20073Bay Area Dawgs - Mogemengez (189.15-103.4)
382.6Detroit Outlaws 20079Chicago FootLong (134.95-52.35)
482.5Hornick Hunters20076Reno Rage - Gametime (139.4-56.9)
582.4Maui Wave Riders 20077Sonoma Swamp Dawgs (165.5-83.1)
681.55Raleigh Rough Riders 200712Toledo Starz (142.65-61.1)
779.75Gloucester Racoons 20074Chicago FootLong (126.7-46.95)
876.15Marlboro Mustangs 20087Raleigh Rough Riders (113.65-37.5)
975Sharon Tigers 20084Lansing Sparties (126.5-51.5)
1073.05Sonoma Swamp Dawgs 200812New Orleans Crawdads (135.6-62.55)
Least Victory Margin
10.20Alameda Hornets 20087Sonoma Swamp Dawgs (99.4-99.2)
20.45Gloucester Racoons 20073Raleigh Rough Riders (103.05-102.6)
30.60Monroeville Mafia 20081Ingersoll Irish Assassins (112.15-111.55)
40.70Fortuna Bovines 200811Sioux City Musketeers (87.65-86.95)
5 (tie)0.75Seattle Sangre 20089Fortuna Bovines (75.6-74.85)
 0.75Fortuna Bovines 20073Seattle Sangre (104.5-103.75)
 0.75Gloucester Racoons 20081Dayton River Bandits (84.1-83.35)
80.80Alameda Hornets 20081Seattle Sangre (75.6-74.8)
90.85Hudson Dragons20076Alameda Hornets (123.9-123.05)
10 (tie)1.10San Diego Surfdawgs 20084Northfield Disciples (107.85-106.75)
 1.10Las Vegas Gamblers 20074Bay Area Dawgs - Mogemengez (99.35-98.25)

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