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Michigan League 10 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1174*Upstate SacTech20067
2169Killer Klowns III20066
3163.45*Upstate SacTech200812
4160.05Chaos All-Stars200810
5160Hail to the Redskins20072
6153.55*BLACK MAMBA 20084
7151.45*Upstate SacTech20081
8 (tie)150*Annihilators20084
 150*Dick Buttkiss200614
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
146Everyone's Whipping Boy200611
2 (tie)51*The Nine Riders200611
 51Everyone's Whipping Boy20064
453*The Nine Riders200613
554.65*Dick Buttkiss200813
756.2*Llano Estacado200811
9 (tie)59Hail to the Redskins20069
 59Night Owls20078
 59Everyone's Whipping Boy20061
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
168.4*Llano Estacado20083*BLACK MAMBA (68.4-64.75)
270*The Nine Riders20078Night Owls (70-59)
375Hail to the Redskins20065*Upstate SacTech (75-62)
476*Lone Mountain Wolves20062*Endzone Campers 5 (76-74)
577Night Owls20076Everyone's Whipping Boy (77-76)
678*Upstate SacTech20074*DT58 (78-66)
779.05*Lone Mountain Wolves20087*BLACK MAMBA (79.05-69.65)
880*Lone Mountain Wolves20066*The Nine Riders (80-79)
981*Hammers20068*Endzone Campers 5 (81-80)
1081.7Chaos All-Stars200815*Eagle eye ML10 (81.7-80.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1128.2*Endzone Campers 5200812Everyone's Whipping Boy (128.2-130.85)
2125.2*The Nine Riders200816*Annihilators (125.2-126)
3124.9*The Nine Riders200812*Upstate SacTech (124.9-163.45)
4124*DT5820072*Hammers (124-124) TB
5121*Upstate SacTech200711Hail to the Redskins (121-133)
6 (tie)120*Endzone Campers 5200712Everyone's Whipping Boy (120-132)
 120*The Nine Riders20072Hail to the Redskins (120-160)
 120*The Nine Riders20079Everyone's Whipping Boy (120-128)
9119.5*The Nine Riders200813Chaos All-Stars (119.5-122.85)
10117.85*Lone Mountain Wolves200810*Franks & Beans (117.85-125.45)
Most Combined Points
1288.35*Upstate SacTech vs *The Nine Riders (163.45-124.9)200812
2280Hail to the Redskins vs *The Nine Riders (160-120)20072
3265*Upstate SacTech vs Chaos All-Stars (151.45-113.55)20081
4259.05Everyone's Whipping Boy vs *Endzone Campers 5 (130.85-128.2)200812
5258.15Chaos All-Stars vs *Annihilators (160.05-98.1)200810
6 (tie)257Killer Klowns III vs *DT58 (169-88)20066
 257Hail to the Redskins vs *Annihilators (147-110)20079
8254Hail to the Redskins vs *Upstate SacTech (133-121)200711
9252.85*BLACK MAMBA vs *Dick Buttkiss (153.55-99.3)20084
10252.15*BLACK MAMBA vs Everyone's Whipping Boy (137.3-114.85)200810
Fewest Combined Points
1129*The Nine Riders vs Night Owls (70-59)20078
2133.15*Llano Estacado vs *BLACK MAMBA (68.4-64.75)20083
3136*Upstate SacTech vs Everyone's Whipping Boy (90-46)200611
4137Hail to the Redskins vs *Upstate SacTech (75-62)20065
5 (tie)144*Upstate SacTech vs *DT58 (78-66)20074
 144Hail to the Redskins vs *The Nine Riders (93-51)200611
7146*Hammers vs *Annihilators (89-57)20067
8147*Endzone Campers 5 vs Everyone's Whipping Boy (88-59)20061
9148.7*Lone Mountain Wolves vs *BLACK MAMBA (79.05-69.65)20087
10 (tie)150*DT58 vs *The Nine Riders (97-53)200613
 150*Lone Mountain Wolves vs *Endzone Campers 5 (76-74)20062
Victory Margin
1103*Upstate SacTech20067*Dick Buttkiss (174-71)
281Killer Klowns III20066*DT58 (169-88)
380Killer Klowns III200715*Hammers (136-56)
477*Annihilators200712*The Screaming Eagles (138-61)
575.6*Annihilators200813*Dick Buttkiss (130.25-54.65)
673Everyone's Whipping Boy20069*Endzone Campers 5 (139-66)
770Night Owls20061Hail to the Redskins (130-60)
869Hail to the Redskins200610*Hammers (135-66)
968.6Everyone's Whipping Boy200811*Llano Estacado (124.8-56.2)
1067.85*Annihilators20083*Franks & Beans (144-76.15)
Least Victory Margin
10.15Everyone's Whipping Boy20085Chaos All-Stars (96.4-96.25)
20.80*Annihilators200816*The Nine Riders (126-125.2)
3 (tie)1*The Nine Riders20071Everyone's Whipping Boy (92-91)
 1*The Nine Riders200710*Upstate SacTech (93-92)
 1*Dick Buttkiss20063*Hammers (88-87)
 1Night Owls20076Everyone's Whipping Boy (77-76)
 1Night Owls20064*Endzone Campers 5 (84-83)
 1Everyone's Whipping Boy20077*Hammers (107-106)
 1*Hammers20068*Endzone Campers 5 (81-80)
 1*Lone Mountain Wolves20066*The Nine Riders (80-79)

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