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The Longest Yard Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2242Osky Assassins202211
3236.6Brook Circle Timberwolves20193
4234.2Dallas Champs20195
5233.3Demolition Inc.20194
6232.2Grim Reaper202016
7227.2Grim Reaper20195
8223.9Osky Assassins20227
9218Demolition Inc.202111
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
331Dallas Champs201511
432Daddy's Domination20154
533Bounty Hunters20087
6 (tie)35Boondock Saints201614
 35Pigskin Bandits201511
 35Osky Assassins20104
936Knox Vegas Anarchy201013
1037Knox Vegas Anarchy20098
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
146Dallas Champs20137FoxUup (46-40)
255Dallas Champs20094Wolverines (55-46)
357Osky Assassins201014Spartans (57-54)
459FoxUup201310Brook Circle Timberwolves (59-52)
560Knox Vegas Anarchy20125Dallas Champs (60-57)
662Pigskin Bandits20126Knox Vegas Anarchy (62-58)
7 (tie)63Knox Vegas Anarchy201512Wolverines (63-51)
 63Brook Circle Timberwolves201212Fear Factory (63-53)
 63Daddy's Domination20164Grim Reaper (63-59)
10 (tie)64Dallas Champs20089Redheads (64-54)
 64Wolverines20084Redheads (64-42)
 64Pocahontas All-Irish20131Boondock Saints (64-49)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1188.8Demolition Inc.20216Osky Assassins (188.8-190.5)
2184.6That One Team20225Osky Assassins (184.6-214.9)
3182.7Grim Reaper20203Wolverines (182.7-199.2)
4180.8Brook Circle Timberwolves20221Demolition Inc. (180.8-214.4)
5179.1Demons201916Demolition Inc. (179.1-203.2)
6175.1Demons20228Vagilantes (175.1-205)
7173.7Dallas Champs20193Demons (173.7-185.2)
8173.6Demons20204Grim Reaper (173.6-192.3)
9173.3Demolition Inc.20228Grim Reaper (173.3-180.5)
10172.2Dallas Champs20198Grim Reaper (172.2-190.2)
Most Combined Points
1402.7Dallas Champs vs That One Team (234.2-168.5)20195
2399.5Osky Assassins vs That One Team (214.9-184.6)20225
3399Demons vs That One Team (248.3-150.7)20198
4395.2Demolition Inc. vs Brook Circle Timberwolves (214.4-180.8)20221
5383.3Osky Assassins vs Knox Vegas Anarchy (242-141.3)202211
6382.3Demolition Inc. vs Demons (203.2-179.1)201916
7381.9Wolverines vs Grim Reaper (199.2-182.7)20203
8380.1Vagilantes vs Demons (205-175.1)20228
9379.3Osky Assassins vs Demolition Inc. (190.5-188.8)20216
10374.5Vagilantes vs Osky Assassins (209.2-165.3)20222
Fewest Combined Points
176Fear Factory vs Redheads (76-0)20081
286Dallas Champs vs FoxUup (46-40)20137
3100Wolverines vs Dallas Champs (69-31)201511
4101Dallas Champs vs Wolverines (55-46)20094
5105Wolverines vs Boondock Saints (65-40)201611
6106Wolverines vs Redheads (64-42)20084
7109Osky Assassins vs Knox Vegas Anarchy (73-36)201013
8 (tie)111Osky Assassins vs Spartans (57-54)201014
 111FoxUup vs Brook Circle Timberwolves (59-52)201310
 111Pigskin Bandits vs Boondock Saints (70-41)201316
Victory Margin
1139Redheads20096Pigskin Bandits (184-45)
2120.1Grim Reaper202016Pigskin Bandits (232.2-112.1)
3115.3Demons20183Knox Vegas Anarchy (174.9-59.6)
4107.6Grim Reaper20195Knox Vegas Anarchy (227.2-119.6)
5106.1Demolition Inc.20211Knox Vegas Anarchy (193.8-87.7)
6101.8Brook Circle Timberwolves20193Knox Vegas Anarchy (236.6-134.8)
7101Demolition Inc.200910Boondock Saints (142-41)
8100.7Osky Assassins202211Knox Vegas Anarchy (242-141.3)
999.1Pigskin Bandits20214Grim Reaper (211.5-112.4)
1097.6Demons20198That One Team (248.3-150.7)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Demolition Inc.201816Wolverines (132.1-132)
 0.10Grim Reaper20174Boondock Saints (133-132.9)
30.30Boondock Saints201712That One Team (116.7-116.4)
40.50Demolition Inc.20209Osky Assassins (163.8-163.3)
5 (tie)0.60Pigskin Bandits20181Demons (135.9-135.3)
 0.60That One Team202110Demons (103.6-103)
7 (tie)1Boondock Saints20092Fear Factory (100-99)
 1Fear Factory200811Pigskin Bandits (70-69)
 1Dallas Champs20109Demolition Inc. (81-80)
 1Dallas Champs200812Fear Factory (83-82)
 1Dallas Champs201010FoxUup (83-82)
 1Dallas Champs20096Boondock Saints (84-83)
 1Demolition Inc.20161Dallas Champs (105-104)
 1Pigskin Bandits201311Dallas Champs (84-83)
 1Pigskin Bandits20088Bounty Hunters (102-101)
 1Pigskin Bandits20094Boondock Saints (103-102)
 1Osky Assassins201513Pigskin Bandits (81-80)
 1Osky Assassins20112Wolverines (114-113)
 1Bounty Hunters20083Fear Factory (94-93)
 1Brook Circle Timberwolves20159Demolition Inc. (90-89)
 1Brook Circle Timberwolves20138Wolverines (95-94)
 1Pocahontas All-Irish20143Pigskin Bandits (80-79)

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