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Single Game, Season, Career, Postseason and "you saw it here first" Milestone records for YOUR fantasy football league. MFLHistory.com allows you to store an unlimited number of past seasons’ worth of FFL game history, AND automatically updates with scores from your MyFantasyLeague league throughout the season.

The League History application was developed by me during the summer of 2005 as a featured offering at MFLAddons.com.

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62 Leagues Found Beginning with G

G.O.A.T League
GLFFL - Dick Butkus League
GLFFL - Don Meredith League
GLFFL - Draft Day Fanatics
GLFFL - Draft Day Guru League
GLFFL - Draft Day Guru League 2
GLFFL - Guru Dynasty League
GLFFL - Jim Brown League
GLFFL - Joe Kapp League
GLFFL - Otto Graham League
GLFFL - Paul Brown League
GLFFL Champions League
Gallitzin Dynasty League
GameFace Football League
General Manager League
General Manager League
Gentlemen's Organization of Dynasty Stalwarts
Ghost of 10 League
Ghost of 13 League
Ghost of 18 League
Ghost of 23 League
Ghost of 25 League
Ghost of 26 League
Ghost of 3 League
Ghost of 34 League
Ghost of 36 League
Ghost of 4 League
Ghost of 42 League
Ghost of 45 League
Ghost of 48 League
Ghost of 49 League
Ghost of 53 League
Ghost of 55 League
Ghost of 58 League
Ghost of 8 League
Ghost of 9 League
Giants Fans League 1
Gods of Autumn 2017
Gordie Lockbaum
Great Lakes Classic 1
Great Lakes Classic 2
Great Lakes Classic 3
Great Lakes Classic 4
Great Lakes Classic 5
Great Lakes Classic 6
Great Lakes Classic 7
Great Lakes Classic 8
Great Lakes Gurus 1
Great Lakes Gurus 2
Great Lakes Power League
Great Northern Snow League
GridIron Dynasty League
Gridiron Assassins League
Gridiron Gladiators
Gridiron Greats
Gridiron Greats Fantasy Football
Gridiron Gurus League
Gridiron Immortals