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C4 Friends Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1395.8Big Blue Rocca Crew20203
2359.4The Wolfpack201811
3358.8Son of Sack20204
4355.7The Wolfpack20202
5354.5Rocki's Rebellion202115
6 (tie)352.6Son of Sack20199
 352.6Chillin Chillin Chillin202112
8351.8Big Blue Rocca Crew20193
9351Mind Trippers20215
10350.7Chillin Chillin Chillin201816
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0The Wolfpack202117
 0El Borracho202115
 0Show Me Your TDs202014
486.6King of Kings20197
599.15The Wolfpack20155
6101.9The Wolfpack20158
7103Big Blue Rocca Crew201612
8103.15Show Me Your TDs201511
9105Mind Trippers20165
10110Show Me Your TDs201610
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1137.75Big Ben's Smallz Curtain201514The Lego Exchange (137.75-118.2)
2140.25The Wolfpack201511Show Me Your TDs (140.25-103.15)
3140.5Show Me Your TDs20167The Lego Exchange (140.5-130)
4140.7Big Blue Rocca Crew201511Rocki's Rebellion (140.7-139.4)
5147.05The Lego Exchange20157The Wolfpack (147.05-123.75)
6150.25Evisceration Plague201613The Lego Exchange (150.25-138.25)
7152.1The Wolfpack201710Chillin Chillin Chillin (152.1-141.2)
8152.8El Borracho201712Mind Trippers (152.8-137.9)
9153Mind Trippers201611Show Me Your TDs (153-117.5)
10154El Borracho20154Chillin Chillin Chillin (154-145.45)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1321.2Evisceration Plague20215Mind Trippers (321.2-351)
2316.6Chillin Chillin Chillin20215King of Kings (316.6-332.7)
3302.3Son of Sack20186The Wolfpack (302.3-303.2)
4301.2Mind Trippers202113Chillin Chillin Chillin (301.2-313.2)
5301.1The Wolfpack202012Son of Sack (301.1-320.9)
6298.8Big Ben's Smallz Curtain202015El Borracho (298.8-345.7)
7297.8Big Ben's Smallz Curtain20212Big Blue Rocca Crew (297.8-349.9)
8294.7Son of Sack201915The Lego Exchange (294.7-298.8)
9292.8Big Blue Rocca Crew202110The Wolfpack (292.8-336.9)
10291.5Big Blue Rocca Crew20201The Wolfpack (291.5-302.8)
Most Combined Points
1672.2Mind Trippers vs Evisceration Plague (351-321.2)20215
2649.3King of Kings vs Chillin Chillin Chillin (332.7-316.6)20215
3647.7Big Blue Rocca Crew vs Big Ben's Smallz Curtain (349.9-297.8)20212
4644.5El Borracho vs Big Ben's Smallz Curtain (345.7-298.8)202015
5632Son of Sack vs Show Me Your TDs (358.8-273.2)20204
6629.7The Wolfpack vs Big Blue Rocca Crew (336.9-292.8)202110
7626.6Big Blue Rocca Crew vs The Lego Exchange (395.8-230.8)20203
8626.3Son of Sack vs Big Blue Rocca Crew (346.7-279.6)20211
9626.2Rocki's Rebellion vs Big Ben's Smallz Curtain (338.3-287.9)202012
10622Son of Sack vs The Wolfpack (320.9-301.1)202012
Fewest Combined Points
1243.4The Wolfpack vs Show Me Your TDs (140.25-103.15)201511
2246.6El Borracho vs Show Me Your TDs (246.6-0)202014
3255.95Big Ben's Smallz Curtain vs The Lego Exchange (137.75-118.2)201514
4267.25The Lego Exchange vs Mind Trippers (154.5-112.75)201610
5268.95Show Me Your TDs vs The Wolfpack (169.8-99.15)20155
6 (tie)270.5Mind Trippers vs Show Me Your TDs (153-117.5)201611
 270.5Show Me Your TDs vs The Lego Exchange (140.5-130)20167
8270.8The Lego Exchange vs The Wolfpack (147.05-123.75)20157
9276.65Evisceration Plague vs El Borracho (158.5-118.15)20151
10280.1Big Blue Rocca Crew vs Rocki's Rebellion (140.7-139.4)201511
Victory Margin
1354.5Rocki's Rebellion202115El Borracho (354.5-0)
2318.6Mind Trippers202117The Wolfpack (318.6-0)
3246.6El Borracho202014Show Me Your TDs (246.6-0)
4190.1The Wolfpack20197Big Ben's Smallz Curtain (309.8-119.7)
5189.2Chillin Chillin Chillin201811Big Blue Rocca Crew (312.5-123.3)
6188.4The Wolfpack201814King of Kings (315.1-126.7)
7185.1The Wolfpack201811El Borracho (359.4-174.3)
8178.8Chillin Chillin Chillin201810El Borracho (346.4-167.6)
9177.2Chillin Chillin Chillin201816Evisceration Plague (350.7-173.5)
10170.5Rocki's Rebellion202013Show Me Your TDs (342.1-171.6)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Son of Sack20171Big Blue Rocca Crew (208.3-208.2)
 0.10Mind Trippers201713Evisceration Plague (170.7-170.6)
30.30El Borracho20215The Lego Exchange (238.8-238.5)
40.50Show Me Your TDs20182Big Blue Rocca Crew (212.6-212.1)
50.90The Wolfpack20186Son of Sack (303.2-302.3)
61Chillin Chillin Chillin20168Evisceration Plague (185.75-184.75)
71.10Show Me Your TDs20219Rocki's Rebellion (231.9-230.8)
81.25King of Kings201615Chillin Chillin Chillin (223.75-222.5)
9 (tie)1.30Big Blue Rocca Crew201511Rocki's Rebellion (140.7-139.4)
 1.30The Wolfpack201812Big Blue Rocca Crew (252.5-251.2)
 1.30El Borracho20179King of Kings (204.5-203.2)

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