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Arizona Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2203.9The Stampede20186
3201.9The Stampede201810
4199.74Second Foundation20193
5188.28Second Foundation20178
6178.78Bad Intentions20131
9173.66Spaceballs: The Fantasy Team20145
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
115.2The Gift of Pain20219
217Substitute Teacher20216
422.2The Pigskinformatics201913
624.6The Gift of Pain202111
724.75The Pigskinformatics20199
824.8The Gift of Pain20217
925.16Hard Target201811
1025.56The Stampede201314
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
137.35Last Chance U: A Fantasy Team20189BiPolar Express (37.35-35.04)
244.5Hard Target202111The Gift of Pain (44.5-24.6)
350.1Substitute Teacher202110The Jerk Store (50.1-40.1)
450.25Last Chance U: A Fantasy Team201610Flutie Forever (50.25-44.92)
551.66Kim Jung Un's World Best #1 Team20189Hard Target (51.66-31.16)
652.58Hard Target201812Street Credentials (52.58-47.1)
752.7The Pigskinformatics201910BiPolar Express (52.7-30.62)
853.66Buckeyes201710Flutie Forever (53.66-43.77)
954.49Stonecutters20145Substitute Teacher (54.49-35.57)
1054.6Stonecutters20218The Gift of Pain (54.6-50.5)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1168.46Nonpareil Neophytes20139Cartel (168.46-178.28)
2154.62Cartel20178Second Foundation (154.62-188.28)
3153.36The Stampede201813Second Foundation (153.36-157.3)
4151.66Gators20184The Stampede (151.66-161.66)
5150.46Gators20161The Human Wave Attack (150.46-160.07)
6147.19BiPolar Express20153Gators (147.19-155.5)
7144.6Kim Jung Un's World Best #1 Team20204Gators (144.6-167.8)
8143.09The Gift of Pain20189Gators (143.09-170.85)
9141.02Last Chance U: A Fantasy Team20131Cartel (141.02-142.52)
10138.04Nonpareil Neophytes20148The Gift of Pain (138.04-141.46)
Most Combined Points
1346.74Cartel vs Nonpareil Neophytes (178.28-168.46)20139
2342.9Second Foundation vs Cartel (188.28-154.62)20178
3313.94Gators vs The Gift of Pain (170.85-143.09)20189
4313.32The Stampede vs Gators (161.66-151.66)20184
5312.83The Stampede vs Second Foundation (203.9-108.93)20186
6312.4Gators vs Kim Jung Un's World Best #1 Team (167.8-144.6)20204
7312.2Gators vs Stonecutters (217.4-94.8)202016
8310.66Second Foundation vs The Stampede (157.3-153.36)201813
9310.53The Human Wave Attack vs Gators (160.07-150.46)20161
10309.9Gators vs Stonecutters (175.8-134.1)20211
Fewest Combined Points
169.1Hard Target vs The Gift of Pain (44.5-24.6)202111
272.39Last Chance U: A Fantasy Team vs BiPolar Express (37.35-35.04)20189
378.8Gators vs The Gift of Pain (63.6-15.2)20219
482.82Kim Jung Un's World Best #1 Team vs Hard Target (51.66-31.16)20189
583.32The Pigskinformatics vs BiPolar Express (52.7-30.62)201910
689.77Cartel vs Buckeyes (68.05-21.72)20142
790.06Stonecutters vs Substitute Teacher (54.49-35.57)20145
890.2Substitute Teacher vs The Jerk Store (50.1-40.1)202110
995.17Last Chance U: A Fantasy Team vs Flutie Forever (50.25-44.92)201610
1097.43Buckeyes vs Flutie Forever (53.66-43.77)201710
Victory Margin
1133.92Second Foundation20193The Pigskinformatics (199.74-65.82)
2132.66Gators20183BiPolar Express (163.41-30.75)
3122.6Gators202016Stonecutters (217.4-94.8)
4118.83Cartel201513The Human Wave Attack (144.48-25.65)
5118.1Gators20215Substitute Teacher (153-34.9)
6115.02Bad Intentions20131Da Nasty Dynasty (178.78-63.76)
7104.89The Human Wave Attack201811BiPolar Express (141.27-36.38)
8103.98The Stampede201810The Gift of Pain (201.9-97.92)
9102.36The Stampede201712Buckeyes (156.02-53.66)
1098.88Cartel201310Bad Intentions (138.72-39.84)
Least Victory Margin
10.08Flutie Forever20156The Moops (63.02-62.94)
20.12Da Nasty Dynasty201314Last Chance U: A Fantasy Team (91.06-90.94)
30.20The Gift of Pain202013The Jerk Store (74.6-74.4)
40.23Stonecutters201511Kim Jung Un's World Best #1 Team (69.07-68.84)
50.25The Human Wave Attack201611Buckeyes (87.25-87)
60.30The Human Wave Attack201813Cartel (94.89-94.59)
70.32The Moops20183You Know Nothing Justin Snow (94.32-94)
80.42The Human Wave Attack20176Spaceballs: The Fantasy Team (72.84-72.42)
90.47Last Chance U: A Fantasy Team201611Street Credentials (106.53-106.06)
10 (tie)0.50The Human Wave Attack202013Spaceballs: The Fantasy Team (82.2-81.7)
 0.50The Jerk Store20204The Moops (104.7-104.2)
 0.50The Jerk Store202012Second Foundation (108.3-107.8)

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