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GLFFL - Joe Kapp League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2201.85*BrownsROCK Kapp20079
3197.7*Ravenous Kosar KATs20072
4193.65*Dirty Duffers200810
5193.4*Ravenous Kosar KATs200712
6183.9King of the Hill20073
8181.95*Ravenous Kosar KATs20071
9181.15*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!)20052
10177.65*Jackets Rock200514
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
144.65*Fat Tire Express 2200710
354.5*BrownsROCK Kapp20048
455*Fat Tire Express 220076
556.9*BrownsROCK Kapp20083
660.1King of the Hill20074
7 (tie)61.2*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!)200616
1062.05*Dirty Duffers20055
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
168.05*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!)20079*Dirty Duffers (68.05-63.15)
275.95*Zero Tolerance20058*ChiefMasters (75.95-71.3)
380.4*Jackets Rock20065*Dirty Duffers (80.4-67)
486.7*Smurfalicious20074*BrownsROCK Kapp (86.7-79.2)
587.05*Dirty Duffers20059*FastFish Daytona (87.05-68.65)
688.2*Kapp DoCoMo200510*Dirty Duffers (88.2-81)
788.3*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!)20046*Ravenous Kosar KATs (88.3-72.65)
888.65*The Crazy Cats20075*Jackets Rock (88.65-87.25)
988.9*FastFish Daytona20083*Scarface (88.9-83.9)
1088.95*Smurfalicious20076*Fat Tire Express 2 (88.95-55)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1160.85*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!)20071*Dirty Duffers (160.85-162.5)
2155.25*Zero Tolerance20048Victorious Secret (155.25-172.45)
3152.9*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!)200711*BrownsROCK Kapp (152.9-157.65)
4151.65*Smurfalicious200712*BrownsROCK Kapp (151.65-168.6)
5150.55Prozac Nation200412*Kapp DoCoMo (150.55-170.05)
6149.85*Smurfalicious200815*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!) (149.85-156.4)
7147.9*The Crazy Cats20073King of the Hill (147.9-183.9)
8147.8*BrownsROCK Kapp200612*Dirty Duffers (147.8-158.7)
9146.6Mr. Momma's 'Burgh Boys200413*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!) (146.6-154.85)
10145.8*Dark Knights200511*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!) (145.8-163.85)
Most Combined Points
1337.6*BrownsROCK Kapp vs *Ravenous Kosar KATs (201.85-135.75)20079
2331.8King of the Hill vs *The Crazy Cats (183.9-147.9)20073
3327.7Victorious Secret vs *Zero Tolerance (172.45-155.25)20048
4323.6*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!) vs *Zero Tolerance (181.15-142.45)20052
5323.35*Dirty Duffers vs *Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!) (162.5-160.85)20071
6323.25*Ravenous Kosar KATs vs *The Crazy Cats (193.4-129.85)200712
7321.95BumRap vs Vermont Kapp Cats (207.15-114.8)200413
8320.6*Kapp DoCoMo vs Prozac Nation (170.05-150.55)200412
9320.25*BrownsROCK Kapp vs *Smurfalicious (168.6-151.65)200712
10312*Jackets Rock vs *Zero Tolerance (177.65-134.35)200514
Fewest Combined Points
1131.2*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!) vs *Dirty Duffers (68.05-63.15)20079
2143.95*Smurfalicious vs *Fat Tire Express 2 (88.95-55)20076
3147.25*Zero Tolerance vs *ChiefMasters (75.95-71.3)20058
4147.4*Jackets Rock vs *Dirty Duffers (80.4-67)20065
5151.05*BrownsROCK Kapp vs *Fat Tire Express 2 (106.4-44.65)200710
6151.35*Ravenous Kosar KATs vs *BrownsROCK Kapp (96.85-54.5)20048
7155.7*Dirty Duffers vs *FastFish Daytona (87.05-68.65)20059
8158.3*Mathew's Best vs *Wiggles (97.1-61.2)20079
9159.3*Fat Tire Express 2 vs *BrownsROCK Kapp (102.4-56.9)20083
10160.9*Dirty Duffers vs *Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!) (99.7-61.2)200616
Victory Margin
1108.15*Ravenous Kosar KATs20071*BrownsROCK Kapp (181.95-73.8)
2104.85*Ravenous Kosar KATs20072*FastFish Daytona (197.7-92.85)
392.35BumRap200413Vermont Kapp Cats (207.15-114.8)
487.55*Dirty Duffers200611*Smurfalicious (153.95-66.4)
586.65*Jackets Rock200512*FastFish Daytona (154.75-68.1)
685.4*D Kappitator20068*MEAN MACHINE (162.9-77.5)
785.15*Jackets Rock200510*MEAN MACHINE (160.25-75.1)
883.75*Kapp DoCoMo20045BumRap (145.5-61.75)
982.45*Dirty Duffers200810King of the Hill (193.65-111.2)
1076.95*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!)20056*Kapp DoCoMo (170.55-93.6)
Least Victory Margin
10.05*Mathew's Best20078*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!) (100.85-100.8)
20.20*BrownsROCK Kapp20072King of the Hill (126.5-126.3)
30.45*Kapp DoCoMo20046Vermont Kapp Cats (127-126.55)
4 (tie)0.50*BrownsROCK Kapp20069*ChiefMasters (97.8-97.3)
 0.50*ChiefMasters20063*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!) (98.65-98.15)
60.65King of the Hill20065*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!) (110.5-109.85)
70.70*ChiefMasters20059*MEAN MACHINE (97.95-97.25)
80.75*Mathew's Best200712King of the Hill (109.9-109.15)
9 (tie)0.90*MEAN MACHINE200511*Zero Tolerance (133.4-132.5)
 0.90*Mutt Cutts (Who Dey! Go Bengals!)20087*Fat Tire Express 2 (117.4-116.5)

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