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First World Football Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1292.7Greene Machine20187
2291.9Dat White Dude! 20153
3276.4Snageltooth Tigers20126
4275.1Seattle Stoners201916
5275Greene Machine201810
6272.5Gridiron Sleepers20164
7268.9The Megaboners20193
8 (tie)267.8Above Average Sex Vikings20153
 267.8Greene Machine201811
10264.9Above Average Sex Vikings20149
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
161.4All The Bo Pelinis20197
375.4Cocraine Cowboys20188
486.6All The Bo Pelinis20137
691.7Seattle Stoners201510
896.5Snageltooth Tigers20149
999.3Above Average Sex Vikings20195
10103.7Seattle Stoners20168
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1118.9Bald Dawgs201511Cocraine Cowboys (118.9-114.1)
2122.9Snageltooth Tigers20143Beard Brigade (122.9-122.5)
3132.4All The Bo Pelinis201913Dat White Dude! (132.4-120.6)
4132.8All The Bo Pelinis20164Dat White Dude! (132.8-119.7)
5132.9The Grantham Tantrum201511Gingers-R-Us (132.9-92.6)
6134.4All The Bo Pelinis201514Above Average Sex Vikings (134.4-111.5)
7135.7Crimson Conspiracy201610Above Average Sex Vikings (135.7-129.9)
8137.7Above Average Sex Vikings20177Dat White Dude! (137.7-109.4)
9138.7Seattle Stoners201211All The Bo Pelinis (138.7-131.1)
10139Gingers-R-Us201510Beard Brigade (139-132.4)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1238.2Greene Machine20132All The Bo Pelinis (238.2-245.1)
2234.2Seattle Stoners20148The Grantham Tantrum (234.2-252.5)
3226.5Greene Machine20153Dat White Dude! (226.5-291.9)
4225.1Seattle Stoners201811Greene Machine (225.1-267.8)
5223.5Above Average Sex Vikings201816The Grantham Tantrum (223.5-250.1)
6219.9Cocraine Cowboys20131Bald Dawgs (219.9-238.6)
7219.1Greene Machine20183Above Average Sex Vikings (219.1-243.5)
8215.5Seattle Stoners20177Gridiron Sleepers (215.5-236.7)
9215.4Crimson Conspiracy20182Gridiron Sleepers (215.4-220.9)
10214.8Dat White Dude! 20158The Grantham Tantrum (214.8-227.8)
Most Combined Points
1518.4Dat White Dude! vs Greene Machine (291.9-226.5)20153
2499.8Greene Machine vs The Grantham Tantrum (292.7-207.1)20187
3492.9Greene Machine vs Seattle Stoners (267.8-225.1)201811
4486.7The Grantham Tantrum vs Seattle Stoners (252.5-234.2)20148
5483.3All The Bo Pelinis vs Greene Machine (245.1-238.2)20132
6473.7Seattle Stoners vs Above Average Sex Vikings (261.7-212)20184
7473.6The Grantham Tantrum vs Above Average Sex Vikings (250.1-223.5)201816
8473.4The Megaboners vs Greene Machine (268.9-204.5)20193
9462.8Gridiron Sleepers vs Bald Dawgs (272.5-190.3)20164
10462.6Above Average Sex Vikings vs Greene Machine (243.5-219.1)20183
Fewest Combined Points
1216.2Greene Machine vs Cocraine Cowboys (140.8-75.4)20188
2225.5The Grantham Tantrum vs Gingers-R-Us (132.9-92.6)201511
3233Bald Dawgs vs Cocraine Cowboys (118.9-114.1)201511
4241.6Cocraine Cowboys vs Seattle Stoners (149.9-91.7)201510
5245.4Snageltooth Tigers vs Beard Brigade (122.9-122.5)20143
6245.9All The Bo Pelinis vs Above Average Sex Vikings (134.4-111.5)201514
7247.1Above Average Sex Vikings vs Dat White Dude! (137.7-109.4)20177
8247.9Crimson Conspiracy vs All The Bo Pelinis (161.3-86.6)20137
9251.9Crimson Conspiracy vs All The Bo Pelinis (190.5-61.4)20197
10252.5All The Bo Pelinis vs Dat White Dude! (132.8-119.7)20164
Victory Margin
1148Greene Machine201810All The Bo Pelinis (275-127)
2135.8Snageltooth Tigers20126Crimson Conspiracy (276.4-140.6)
3 (tie)129.1Crimson Conspiracy20197All The Bo Pelinis (190.5-61.4)
 129.1Gridiron Sleepers20191Above Average Sex Vikings (255.2-126.1)
5125.8Dat White Dude! 20165Gingers-R-Us (193.4-67.6)
6123Above Average Sex Vikings20149All The Bo Pelinis (264.9-141.9)
7114.4The Megaboners20182Cocraine Cowboys (243.7-129.3)
8110.6Gridiron Sleepers201810Above Average Sex Vikings (252.5-141.9)
9110.3Bald Dawgs201612The Grantham Tantrum (249-138.7)
10108.8Above Average Sex Vikings20157The Megaboners (246.5-137.7)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Snageltooth Tigers20123All The Bo Pelinis (167.5-167.4)
20.30All The Bo Pelinis20128Gridiron Sleepers (180.7-180.4)
3 (tie)0.40Crimson Conspiracy201715Dat White Dude! (163.4-163)
 0.40Gingers-R-Us201312Crimson Conspiracy (164.9-164.5)
 0.40Snageltooth Tigers20143Beard Brigade (122.9-122.5)
 0.40Snageltooth Tigers201515Beard Brigade (194.3-193.9)
70.50Gridiron Sleepers201710Crimson Conspiracy (147-146.5)
8 (tie)0.60The Megaboners20138Gingers-R-Us (156.3-155.7)
 0.60All The Bo Pelinis20161Above Average Sex Vikings (208.6-208)
100.70Above Average Sex Vikings201216Bald Dawgs (183.7-183)

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