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Most Points in a Game - Starter
RankScorePlayerPosNFLFantasy TeamSeasonWeek
160.28Manning, PeytonQBDENMiami Mountaineers, Seattle 7 come 1120131
259.5Charles, JamaalRBKCCNew England Cheat-ahs, Tampa Bay Midgets201315
358.3Brees, DrewQBNOSNew Orleans Nightstalkers20158
457.32Vick, MichaelQBPHINew York Jock Exchange201010
556.78Roethlisberger, BenQBPITDallas Death Dealers, Indianapolis Fat Bastards20148
655.4Johnson, ChrisRBTENBaltimore Felons, Tampa Bay Midgets20092
755.2Martin, DougRBTBBArizona Donkeys, Denver Natural Born Killers20129
853.92Rodgers, AaronQBGBPGreen Bay Storm, New England Cheat-ahs20114
953Marshall, BrandonWRDENDetroit, Miami Mountaineers200914
1052.6Newton, CamQBCARMinnesota Cookie Monsters, Pittsburgh Steelers201515

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